Revision of BR1M 2018 Decision Application Status or Update Status

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Information about Revision of BR1M 2018 Decision Application Status or Update Status

Published on June 21, 2018

Author: mypt32018


Revision of BR1M 2018 Decision Application Status or Update Status: Revision of BR1M 2018 Decision Application Status or Update Status Slide 2: New applicants and existing recipients can review the 1Malaysia 1Malaysia People's Assistance (BR1M) status online in 2018 to find out whether an Application or Update has been previously approved or successful However, the Application Status or Application Status Approval will take time as the applicant's information will go through several checking and verification procedures of the relevant agencies set by the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia Slide 4: HOW TO CREATE REVIEW OF APPLICATION APPROVAL OR APPLICATION STATUS BR1M 2018 The BR1M 2018 (Passed or Failed) application approval status can be reviewed starting from February 19, 2018 (Monday), 1200 noon Applicants can make such reviews online (online) by following these simple steps How to check the approval status is easy. Applicants or recipients only need to login the MyBR1M application page. Guides are included below Slide 5: PAY MYBR1M APPLICATION SYSTEM SITE i . Please enter or complete no. MyKad / your Identity Card in the available space ii. Then click on the Log In button Before being allowed to fully access the MyBR1M ( semakan brim ) application system for review, you are required to answer security questions such as in the above appendix Slide 7: SAFETY QUESTINS The applicant must answer 2 security questions correctly before allowing full access to the MyBR1M application system The security question and answer to the question are based on the latest information filled in by the applicant when making a new application or update Point DescriptionPlease select two security questions that you really remember the answer to avoid any problems such as failure to access the MyBR1M system to check BR1M application status status Slide 9: If the answer to your first security question Send is correct, the second security question will follow. Please do the same, answer correctly and click on the Submit button If you are uncertain about the answer to the security question, please click on the Change Question button and select another question If the answer is wrong, the applicant can only try 3 questions to answer the security question Slide 11: If the answer given is incorrect, the following reminder will be displayed After successfully passing the security question level, the applicant will be taken to the MyBR1M main page To review BR1M 2018 application results, click on the Status Check image menu. Information and details about BR1M 2018 application status will be displayed Please refer to the example in the appendix below Slide 13: For more update , visit us http://

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