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Published on November 17, 2013

Author: CharlieHall3



Screenplay which has been tweaked.

Hero Film Written By Charlie Hall Based on, if any PRODUCTION DRAFT Blue Revised Nov 15, 2013 Long Road Sixth Form College Phone Number

1 Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013 1. FADE IN: 2. EXT. THE SCHOOL CAR PARK - MORNING Nick stares off towards the school entrance. His heart is beating fast and he is shaking slightly. His Mother is beside him and waves him off for his first day at College. 1 NICK Jesus Mum, I can't go in there, I won't know anyone. Please don't make me. MOTHER Do you want to have a good job Son? * NICK Of course I want a good job but I don't know anybody and I won't fit in. I really don't want to start here. * * MOTHER You will be fine, now off you go! 3. INT. THE SCHOOL ENTARANCE * The camera is above Nick and is looking down on him looking around the place. He is hot and is still nervous. STAFF MEMBER Hi there, do you know where you are supposed to be? * * NICK No, i don't have a clue. * Nick hands over his paperwork. STAFF MEMBER Everything seems to look fine. But you are in the wrong place. NICK Thanks, where do I go from here? STAFF MEMBER You take the next door on your left and you will see someone in there and they will take you to your tutor. 4. INT. THE CLASSROOM Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013 * *

1A Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013 Nick is standing in the doorway with his papers out. The teacher invites him into the room. The camera is at the back Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013

2 of the room looking to Nick at the door. TEACHER Hello ... You must be Nick? NICK Yes I am. The teacher has a power to float. She floats over to the doorway where Nick is. TEACHER Come on in, were showing the class eachothers special powers. NICK I don't have a 'special power' miss. Nick shrugs his shoulders. 2 3

3 1 Spelling mistakes corrected. Charlie Hall Nov 15, 2013 1:42 PM 2 Ben thinks that the correct word to use is levatate. Charlie Hall Nov 15, 2013 1:37 PM 3 The super powers may have been introduced too early. Charlie Hall Nov 15, 2013 1:38 PM

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