(Revised) CCHIT Town Call: An Exciting Year Ahead An Invitation To Join Us Mar 23 2009

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Published on March 23, 2009

Author: cchit

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Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology Town Call An Exciting Year Ahead for Certification: An Invitation to Join Us Mark Leavitt, MD, PhD – Chair Alisa Ray, Executive Director Kari Taylor-Atkins, Certification Development Director Sue Reber, Marketing and Outreach Director Mar 17, 2009 (updated Mar 23, 2009)

Agenda • Looking back: what you - our volunteers - have accomplished • A turning point in health IT: the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) • Looking ahead: our new environment • An invitation to join us: how to volunteer • Q & A: responses to Town Call questions @ ehrdecisions.com © 2009 | Slide 2 | Mar 23, 2009

Looking Back: What You – Our Volunteers – Have Accomplished

Together, we have... • Started a brand-new certifying organization (2004) • Won a 3 year, $7.5M Federal contract from HHS/ONC (2005) • Met every contractual commitment and deliverable – Developed and pilot tested certification criteria using an open, voluntary, consensus-based process – Developed robust, efficient inspection mechanisms • Gained Federal recognition as a certifying body (2006) • Become an independent, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization (2007) • Launched and updated multiple certification programs – Ambulatory EHR (2006), Inpatient EHR (2007), and HIE (2008) – Expanded to additional specialties, settings, and populations beyond HHS contract, in response to eager stakeholders • Attracted more volunteers every year (>200 now) © 2009 | Slide 4 | Mar 17, 2009

Remember This? Beneficial effects and interoperability assured, unlocking incentives Payers/Purchasers Providers IT Vendors Reduced risk and Growing market availability of incentives attracts investment, accelerates adoption lowers costs © 2009 | Slide 5 | Mar 17, 2009

A Turning Point in Health IT: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

Putting Health IT under ARRA in Historical Context Apollo Program ARRA/Health IT National goal Manned spaceflight to the moon Electronic health records for every American Level of leadership Presidential: Presidential: John F Kennedy Barack Obama 1961 – 1969 (8 years) 2009 – 2014 (5 years) Timeframe Driver Scientific exploration + Enabler of health reform + Economic National security recovery Total government funding $22B (1969 dollars) $19B (2009 dollars, net after anticipated cost savings) NASA (gov‟t agency) HHS/ONC (gov‟t agency) Management Execution Multiple contractors (private sector) Multiple contractors (private sector) [note: educated guess] • Developing multiple, completely • Accelerating deployment of Major challenges new technologies technologies • Safety of astronaut lives • Transforming care delivery to improve quality and reduce costs © 2009 | Slide 7 | Mar 17, 2009

Funding Flows under ARRA Source: “An Unprecedented Opportunity: Using Federal Stimulus Funds to Advance Health IT in Califormia,” California Health Care Foundation, accessed at www.chcf.org/documents/chronicdisease/AnUnprec © 2009 | Slide 8 | Mar 17, 2009 edentedOpportunity.pdf

ARRA Certification Language • “The National Coordinator, in consultation with the Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, shall keep or recognize a program or programs for the voluntary certification of health information technology as being in compliance with applicable certification criteria adopted under this subtitle.” • To be eligible for the Medicare or Medicaid incentives, a professional must be a “meaningful EHR user” and satisfy each of the following requirements: – “Meaningful use of certified EHR technology” – “Information exchange” – “Reporting on measures using EHR” © 2009 | Slide 9 | Mar 17, 2009

CCHIT under ARRA • We are confident CCHIT will be a Federally recognized certification program under ARRA – CCHIT has been Federally recognized since 2006 – Certification has high uptake in the vendor marketplace and high recognition in the provider community – A substantial number of EHR products are currently certified and „adoption-ready‟ • We do not believe ONC would choose to reinvent certification – ARRA‟s aggressive timeline -- adoption incentives start in 20 months – requires purchases and implementations to begin immediately – ONC has many other challenging new programs to develop • But CCHIT must be flexible and responsive to its new environment © 2009 | Slide 10 | Mar 17, 2009

Looking Ahead: Our New Environment

Previous Environment American Health Information Community and AHIC Workgroups Office of the National Coordinator Strategic Direction + Breakthrough Use Cases Standards Harmonization Harmonized HITSP CCHIT: Standards Accelerated Certification adoption of robust, Certification Network of Health IT NHIN Prototype interoperable, of EHRs Architecture & Implementation products and and HIEs privacy-enhancing Projects services health IT Privacy Privacy & Security Policies Policies, Laws, Regulations Volunteer Participation & Public Comment from Multiple Stakeholders Health IT market insight and research © 2009 | Slide 12 | Mar 23, 2009

New Environment Office of Health Reform Secretary of HHS Office of National Coordinator (established by ARRA; budget $2B HIT Standards Committee HIT Policy Committee ( established by ARRA; ( established by ARRA; FACA-compliant) FACA-compliant) Recommended Approval/Recognition Priorities Certification Criteria *Accelerate adoption Other Contracting CCHIT entities TBD *Reduce risk Certification *Ensure interoperability of EHRs and HIEs *Protect privacy Other Contracting +Qualify EHRs for entities TBD incentives totaling $34B Volunteer Participation & Public Comment from Multiple Stakeholders Health IT market insight and research © 2009 | Slide 13 | Mar 23, 2009

Recognition of Criteria by HHS/ONC HHS/ONC Recognized Certification Criteria (late 2009?) HHS/ONC has alternatives: – 09 criteria – 08 criteria Existing New criteria criteria – Subset (e.g., omit some that must that may CCHIT 09 Criteria be added functionalities -- if HHS be omitted that are recognized to the from the goal is to increase number recognized recognized of available products) set set – Superset (e.g., advanced interoperability, quality measurement – if HHS goal is to accelerate interoperability, quality 09 CCHIT Criteria measurement) (Published May 2009) © 2009 | Slide 14 | Mar 23, 2009

Meeting Even Higher Expectations • Increased level of responsibility – Guardian of a major public investment – Size of funding brings increased risk of fraud and abuse – „fake EHRs‟ – Privacy concerns heightened by speed and breadth of EHR adoption – Expectations of certification no longer end with product testing – responsibility extends to usability, meaningful use, quality measurement, data exchange – and ultimately health IT‟s role in health reform • Increased scale – Expand to new domains – EHRs must be available for all providers and facilities eligible for incentives – Volume of EHR suppliers will increase – expect new capital investments, new entrants to the field • Economic stimulus as a goal – Ensure a vibrant, competitive marketplace; address questions regarding open source EHRs, self-developed EHRs, modular EHR technologies © 2009 | Slide 15 | Mar 17, 2009

Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology An Invitation to Join Us: How to Volunteer

Help Update Existing Programs Base Domain Certification Options History/Status (Add-on to Base Domain) Ambulatory EHR Launched May 06 Updated May 07 Updated July 08 Ambulatory Child Health Launched July 08 Ambulatory Cardiovascular Medicine Launched July 08 Inpatient EHR Launched August 07 Updated August 08 Emergency Dept Launched August 08 Amb+Inpt+ED Enterprise Launched August 08 HIE Launched Oct 08 PHR To be launched July 09 Stand-alone ePrescribing To be launched July 09 © 2009 | Slide 17 | Mar 17, 2009

Expansion Roadmap Updated - March 23, 2009 Base Domain Certification Options 09 10 11 12 (Add-on to Base Domain) Ambulatory EHR Behavioral Health (as add-on) D L Behavioral Health (as stand-alone) D L Clinical Research D L Dermatology D L Eye Care R D L Oncology R D L Advanced Interoperability D L Advanced Quality D L Advanced Security* D L Advanced Clinical Decision Support* D L Long Term Care Spectrum D L Obstetrics/Gynecology R D L *Note: Advanced Security and Advanced Clinical Decision Support have been accelerated from previous version of Roadmap published in February Legend: R = Research (staff level); D = Start Development; L = Launch (tentative) © 2009 | Slide 18 | Mar 23, 2009

Volunteer Workgroup Organization For Development of ’10 (launch 2010) Criteria Develop Behavioral Cardiovascular Clinical Advanced Criteria for Dermatology Advanced Child Health Health Medicine Research Inter- Optional Work Group Quality Work Group Work Group Work Group Work Group operability Additional (DER) (AQ) (CH) (BH) (CV) (CR) (AIO) Certifications Advanced Contribute Advanced Clinical Inter- Security Privacy Security Decision Criteria for operability Work Group Work Group (AS) Support Specific Work Group (Sec) (PRI) (ACDS) Attributes (IO) New Work Groups and Panels being formed Identify Stand-alone Criteria for ePrescribing Modular Work Group Applications (eRx) Long Term Emerg Dept Ambulatory Inpatient Develop Base Care PHR HIE EHR EHR EHR Criteria for a Spectrum Work Group Work Group Work Group Work Group Work Group Domain Work Group (PHR) (HIE) (ED) (Amb) (IP) (LTC) © 2009 | Slide 19 | Mar 23, 2009

Volunteer Application Process and Schedule • Application process – Applications accepted March 26 to April 20, 2009 – Applications only accepted online: find link at www.cchit.org – Indicate all positions you are interested in – member and/or co-chair roles – Existing volunteers must re-apply and supply updated resume – More detailed information on the application page on Mar 26 – Notifications in late May; public announcement in June • Strengthened conflict of interest policy – Applicants must disclose any financial relationship with a vendor of certified or certifiable technology; if so, they are assigned to Vendor stakeholder group © 2009 | Slide 20 | Mar 23, 2009

What to Expect • Term of service is July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 • Face-to-face kickoff meeting in July – date to be announced • Regular meetings by teleconference – May be weekly, biweekly, or less frequently, depending on the group (new groups generally meet more frequently) – Meetings usually last 60-90 minutes • No alternates or substitutes may stand-in for the member • Volunteers are responsible for their own expenses • Volunteers may also be invited to serve on various panels or task forces during the course of the year • We are in a dynamic new environment – expect changes! © 2009 | Slide 21 | Mar 23, 2009

Summing Up • Congratulations to our volunteers who have brought us to this day – you have had a phenomenal impact • ARRA has transformed our world: more responsibility, larger scale, new stakeholders • We expect new challenges, but we also expect to thrive in this new environment • We invite you to join us, or continue your contributions with us! © 2009 | Slide 22 | Mar 17, 2009

Thank you! For more information: www.cchit.org www.ehrdecisions.com

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