Reviewing the Benefits of a Small Town

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Information about Reviewing the Benefits of a Small Town

Published on November 7, 2013

Author: SamGoesPlaces



There are so many great characteristics of small towns that benefit many different people. While small cities usually have a much larger population than small towns, small cities are able to maintain many of the good qualities of a small town.

Reviewing the Benefits of a Small Town There are many good qualities of small towns that benefit many different people. While small cities have a considerably larger population than a small town, they are often able to maintain many of the positive qualities of small towns. Benefits of a Small Town As a result, they are often able to receive many of the benefits that come with these small town qualities. One of the many things that small cities benefit from quite often is a small town feel. Big cities are filled with skyscrapers that make their inhabitants feel small and unimportant. However, a smaller city may manage to keep the smaller buildings. This can foster citizen pride and self esteem. In addition, things are much closer together when they are smaller. Tourists and citizens will not have to walk nearly as far to get to their intended destination. This can save a lot of time and will provide more time to do more things or to enjoy the things you do visit longer. It can also make traveling possible for those who do not walk long distances very well. In addition, the buildings in a smaller city tend to match each other in style more. The Personality of a Small City This creates a personality and style for the small city. A city personality can be quite attractive. In addition to a more personal feel, a smaller city may still be able to avoid the problems that often trouble a larger city. Larger cities have numerous problems, even though they are often thought of as prestigious and exciting. Some of the problems that can plague a large city include crime, traffic congestion, parking shortages and prices, and so forth. Many who live on the outskirts of a large city tend to try to avoid it as much as possible due to these things. These things may be okay for a day when traveling through a city to see the sites, but a whole week of dealing with these things can make a vacation very stressful. A vacation is usually supposed to be an escape from the stress of everyday life, not an addition of stress.

Historical Sites In addition, small cities are often able to preserve their historical sites in a more natural condition than big cities. In big cities, historical sites will pop up here and there, but they are surrounded by tall, modern buildings and technology. This often takes away from the experience of the historical site, unless the site is connected to technology in some way. However, in a small city, these historical sites often fit into the scenery still. They may be surrounded by much of the original landscape and buildings that existed when it was established. The preservation of the atmosphere around the historical site can add a tremendous amount of perspective and appreciation to the experience of your visit. Smaller cities not only are able to preserve the atmosphere around these historical sites, but they tend to have more historical sites within them. Many modern cities demolish a lot of their old buildings in order to make room for larger, newer buildings. This has removed many historical sites from the large cities. These historical sites really added a lot to the city before they were removed. It is not only what a small city has that a large one does not that can make smaller towns an attractive vacation and living site. What a small city does not have can also add to the value of a small town. Small Cities Tend to Not Have Large Projects Small cities tend to not have large, signature projects. These kinds of projects are manifest all over a large city though. While many small cities want to get to the stage where they can create these projects, these projects often take away from the overall feel of the city. In addition, once these projects start going up, the smaller businesses and buildings will begin to lose their small town value. Another admirable quality of small towns is that they have smaller businesses. They have fewer fast food chains and grocery stores that are found all over the nation. Instead, they have authentic home started restaurants that are high in quality. These restaurants also tend to have wonderful, relaxing or fun atmospheres that can add a lot to a vacation. Some of the best times occur when you are enjoying good food with your family. Other smaller trinket shops are also more prominent in smaller cities and they often provide a wonderful selection of souvenirs related to local sites that you can take home to share with your friends. If you are looking for a great place to travel to, the city of Louisburg is a wonderful small town to visit. Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:

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