Review of verb tenses - EF Pre-intermediate 6C

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Information about Review of verb tenses - EF Pre-intermediate 6C

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: raulcabezali


Review of Verb Tenses EF Pre-intermediate 6C

Habits Routines Present Simple I live in the city centre She doesn’t smoke On Mondays I usually wake up at 7.00 How often do you go to the gym? Things that happen always or usually

Future arrangements At this moment Now Present continuous I’m wearing a skirt and a blue blouse She isn’t looking for a new job In the picture the woman is sitting next to the door What are you doing tomorrow morning? Things that are happening now or the near future

Last night In 1992 Two days ago Past simple We saw a film last night He didn’t do anything yesterday Were you born in 1992? I finished my assignments two days ago Finished actions in the past Specific time reference

At that moment Past Continuous What were you doing at seven yesterday? I was working in Paris when I met Loulou What were you doing when he took the photo? In the photo I wasn’t wearing a scarf Actions that were in progress at a past time

Future plans Be going to + infinitive I’m going to see Tom tonight Look at the clouds. It’s going to rain. Predictions based on present evidence

Predictions Instant decisions (know, guess, think) Will/won’t + infinitive Promises You’ll love New York I’ll phone her later I won’t help you, unless you help me first I’ll pay you back as soon as I get the money Offers

Recently finished actions /recent past– YOU DON’T SAY WHEN NO SPECIFIC TIME REFERENCE. EVER/NEVER CONNECTION WITH THE PRESENT How long? Past experiences Present Perfect JUST ALREADY FOR/SINCE YET I’ve just finished the book Have you ever been to Iran? How long have you lived in Spain? For 30 years/since 1983 Have you finished your homework? Not yet.

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