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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: ho1mes1996



Banner • The ‘IN CINEMAS’ banner has a very clear font with a very apparent house style with the colours of white, black and orange being used for the whole page with the two boxed with the colours inversed either side.

Picture • They always have a picture above the review of the film which they are talking about. This can be either a still from the film or a picture taken in advertisements for the film. • There is a small box to the left of the picture which has little behind the scenes facts. • In the bottom right there is a small box detailing what's within the picture

Title • The title of the film is always in bold block capitals and jut bellow they have a reference from the film or a quote from the article.

Film Details • At the left side of the article in this one the top left, there is a facts about the film including the actors involved and the plot. This gives the reader an insight into what to expect of the film.

Review Content • The article is wrote in four columns which are all inline. • There is a drop box in the bottom corner of the article with a quote from a reviewer but this does not affect the alignment of the font and only goes across two columns.

Verdict • There is a small box in the bottom left corner which has a small summary of the article and involves a 5 star rating of the film giving their personal opinion. • This also has two lines above and below which are in the colours of the house style.

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