Reusable Shopping Bags – 8 reasons that makes the case for them!

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Information about Reusable Shopping Bags – 8 reasons that makes the case for them!

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: plasticbagsource


PowerPoint Presentation: Reusable Shopping Bags – 8 reasons that makes the case for them! With the rising economic crisis and global warming, it’s the time to sack the plastic bags – one of the major contributors for heating up the earth’s surface. Instead, it’s time to go green with promotional and reusable plastic shopping bags. If you are curious on how using these bags will benefit you and the nature, Here are some reasons making a strong case for these reusable bags: PowerPoint Presentation: Cost-effective: Reusable plastic bags are cost-effective and with as little as 5 cents, these bags could be reused for so many times. Moreover, the cost of production of these bags is also quite low maintaining the same quality of plastics. Petroleum and natural gas used for plastic bag production are non-renewable unlike reusable bags. PowerPoint Presentation: Reduced Petroleum Extraction The cost of extraction of petroleum is too high and with the use of reusable bags, it is noteworthy that the extraction of petroleum shall deplete. Moreover, if these non-renewable sources will be used less the future generation will have fewer problems in sustaining. PowerPoint Presentation: Decreased load on Landfills: Cities are becoming over-crowded and having less space for emptying the waste. Millions of plastic bags crowd the landfills and keep polluting the environment. These landfills can rather be converted into parks with tall trees and plants. PowerPoint Presentation: No Recyclability The recyclability cost of plastic bags is very high, almost up to $4000 per bag. Reusable bags don’t require a recycling as they are made up of materials that are reusable already. PowerPoint Presentation: Wildlife Friendly The reusable plastic bags are made up of durable material. Some of these reusable bags are made up in a way that if animals eat it up, they do not feel suffocated and die. The normal plastic bags could not be digested by animals and as they stuck up in their throat. PowerPoint Presentation: Visually Pleasing Promotional and reusable plastic shopping bags can be made using a variety of colors and patterns unlike regular white plastic bags. These bags become eye-candy and at the same time promote nature’s health and as some of them are bio-degradable they decompose and do not increase the earth’s temperature. PowerPoint Presentation: Incentive and Motivation Most online stores incentivize the use of reusable plastic bags. With these incentives, users can feel motivated and these incentives turn to penalties for the normal plastic bags. It is the biggest motivation for using reusable bags. PowerPoint Presentation: Multi-purpose Unlike the plastic bags that are one time used to carry groceries or food items, reusable plastic bags can be used over time for a variety of purposes. Reusable bags can be used for shopping, carrying items, packing clothes and do a lot more. With the multi-purpose uses, it becomes popular among consumers and retailers. PowerPoint Presentation: Wrapping it all up, promotional and reusable plastic shopping bags are really helpful and comparatively quite cost-effective. Considering these bags over the other normal plastic bags will ensure a bright future of the upcoming generation and sustainability of the non-renewable resources. If you want to buy reusable plastic bags in wholesale at best price ever, call us or request a QUOTE

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