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Published on December 27, 2007

Author: lawson


Slide1:  Dr Gert Retzer Director of Command and Control Systems NATO C3 Agency SHARING OF INTELLIGENCE, SURVEILLANCE AND RECONNAISSANCE INFORMATION IN MULTI-ORGANIZATIONAL OPERATIONS Acknowledgement: This presentation uses information, photographs and other material kindly provided by NATO HQ and by the nations and companies involved in projects at the NATO C3 Agency. Their support is highly appreciated. Slide2:  NATO Consultation, Command & Control Agency (NC3A) Scientific Facilities & Testbeds The Hague, NL Headquarters Brussels, BE Mission: Provide Unbiased Scientific And Technological Development & Support To NATO Conduct Analyses And Prototype Development To Evolve NATO Capabilities To Address Changes In Strategic Concept, Policy, Mission And Technology Act As The Acquisition And Procurement Agent For NATO C3 (1000 m from great food) (1000 m from beach) New Security Challenges :  New Security Challenges NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson: "NATO was transformed after the Cold War to build a new kind of security across Europe. It was transformed yet again to meet and overcome instability in the Balkans. Now it must change once more to deal with the threats of a new century.“ "Terrorism, enlargement, new capabilities, new relationships - this is the agenda of change". Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Reykjavik, Iceland, 14-15 May 2002 NATO’s Strategic Concept :  NATO’s Strategic Concept Nato’s Strategic Concept Includes Means to Enhance the Security and Stability of the Euro-Atlantic Area: Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management Partnership, Cooperation and Dialogue Key Capabilities in the New Security Environment:  Key Capabilities in the New Security Environment Interoperable Command and Control Enabling Forces From Different Countries to Work Effectively Together Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) In-depth Understanding of Situation or Entity Situation Awareness Support of Operations High Degree of Interoperability and of ISR Information Sharing Among Military and Civilian Organisations* *Ref.: NATO/RTA Counter-Terrorism Workshop 2002 Slide6:  WHAT IS INTEROPERABILITY? “The Ability of Alliance Forces, and When Appropriate, Forces of Partner and Other Nations, to Train, Exercise, and Operate Effectively Together in the Execution of Assigned Missions and Tasks.” AAP-6 NATO Glossary of Terms and Definitions UN, OSCE, EU, NATO, Nations,.. GROUND SURVEILLANCE AND RECONNAISSANCE SYSTEMS:  GROUND SURVEILLANCE AND RECONNAISSANCE SYSTEMS 100km 200km 400km Med-High Alt, Long End SIGINT Med-High altitude, long endurance - wide area, moving target radar surveillance - High resolution spot/area SAR 50km Low Altitude - Moving target radar surv. 100km 100km TAC. RECCE- Optical/IR LEO space systems - Optical/IR, SAR GEO/HEO space systems - SIGINT, BMEWS Med-High altitude, Long endurance Optical/IR UAVs Mass Burial Site Near Izbica, Kosovo :  Mass Burial Site Near Izbica, Kosovo Some Lessons Identified From Coalition Operations:  Some Lessons Identified From Coalition Operations Limited Connectivity Between National and NATO Systems Lack of Secure and Interoperable Communications Inability to Pass/Share High Fidelity Digital Data Limited Exchange Capability of Intelligence Information Reluctance of Nations to Release and Exchange National ISR Information NATO Does Not Own Intelligence and Reconnaissance Capability National Sensitivities to Releasing Certain Types of Information Greatly Inhibited Combined Planning and Operations in Some Areas. Data Sharing Challenges:  Data Sharing Challenges Development of a Capability That Allows Sharing of Information Among Disparate Organisations Is a Challenge Information Sharing Is Fundamentally a Matter of Trust, Not Just in the People Handling It, but Also in the Involved Systems and Processes Information Sharing Capability Must Include the Ability to Specify the Classification Level of Information at the Object Level Otherwise Information Will Ultimately Be Stovepiped Slide11:          Shared Tactical Ground Picture (STGP) Initiative STGP is an Initiative by Seven NATO Nations and NC3A to Improve Sharing of Information in a Coalition Environment Includes Development of Concepts, Methods, and - If Necessary - Standards to Make Better Use of Already Existing Information Share Data in an Interoperable Environment Leverage National Operational Picture Capabilities Enable Progressive Development of Interoperability of Data, Databases, Applications, Systems, Networks Summary:  Summary High Degree of Interoperability and of ISR Information Sharing Among Military and Civilian Organisations is Essential in the New Security Environment Security and Information Assurance is a Critical Enabling Capability for Sharing of Sensitive Information

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