Retro Testing (DevConTLV Jan 2014)

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Information about Retro Testing (DevConTLV Jan 2014)

Published on February 2, 2014

Author: AllonMureinik



Unit testing is easy... In a perfect world.
Our world is not.
This talk will cover a bunch of tips, tricks, and techniques to retrofit ugly legacy applications so parts of them can be unit tested.

(Examples given in Java using JUnit and Mockito)

Retro Testing Allon Mureinik Team Lead, Cloud Storage, Red Hat / @mureinik January 2014 Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 1

TDD Is Easy... Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 2

... or is it? ● The first two part should be ● Write a test ● Make sure it fails ● The question is why it fails. ● In a legacy system, it will often fail for “bad” reasons: ● Unable to access the database ● Some static resource not set up ● Need to spin up an application server ● Etc., etc., etc... Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 3

Will the mistakes of the past haunt me forever? Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 4

It’s not an all-or-nothing situation Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 5

One baby step at a time Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 6

Refactor, refactor, refactor ● ● Your first task would probably be to do some refactoring Resist the urge to improve the code ● ● Frankly, this step may make the code look worse Your only goal here is to create an opportunity to write tests Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 7

Refacroting with no tests is like... Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 8

Example : Bad Code Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 9

Some minimal refactoring Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 10

Now we can start writing tests... ● ● Now we have the tools to separate external resources from logic There are a couple of ways to do so: ● Override the relevant methods in your test ● Use Mockito/EasyMock to spy the tested object ● Use @Rules to set up common mocking once Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 11

I @Spy With My Little Eye Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 12

Some more refactoring Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 13

Let’s modernize our code Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 14

But how can I write asserts? ● Overriding, mocking and all that jazz are fine and well ● But any test boils down to writing an assert... ● ... and I have no idea what this function is supposed to do ● Remember this is a legacy system ● You may not need to test it for correctness ... ● Just for backwards compatibility Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 15

Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 16

The real challenge is changing mindset ● We can discusses refactoring till we’re blue in the face ● But the real challenge isn’t changing the way we code ● It’s changing the way we approach the problem Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 17

It’s all too easy to slip back to bad habits ● This bug is blocking the release... ● It’s a ton of work to refactor this logic out... ● The rest of the code is bad anyway... Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 18

Have the courage to stand up to excuses Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 19

Questions? Allon Mureinik - Retro Testing 20

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