Retouching Tools Of Photoshop

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Information about Retouching Tools Of Photoshop

Published on February 24, 2018

Author: jackdaw


Slide1: RETOUCHING TOOLS Slide2: Blur Sharpen Smudge The "Blur Tool" is used to soften or harden the uneven Portions of an image. The "Smudge tool" is used, to blend the portion of an image together. The "Sharpen tool" is used to increase the contrast, Clarity of an image. Slide3: Spot Healing Brush Spot Healing tool is use for Removes imperfections. Healing Brush Brush tool use for Paints the foreground color. Patch The Patch tool is used to remove unwanted image elements. Slide4: Content Aware Content-Aware Fill works by analyzing a photo and filling in a selected area with similar Texture and Color from the rest of the image. Use red eye tool to remove the red eye in images in Photoshop Red Eye Eraser The "Eraser Tool" is used to erase a portion of the image Slide5: Background Eraser The "Background Eraser Tool" is used to erase the background of an image. The "Magic Eraser Tool" is used to erase the interconnected portion of the image. Magic Eraser Clone Stamp Paints with a sample of the image. Slide6: Pattern Stamp The Pattern Stamp tool paints with a pattern defined from your image,another image, or a preset pattern. The "Dodge or Dodging Tool" is used to lighten the pixels or area in an image. Dodge Burn The "Burn or Burning Tool" is used to darken the pixels or area in an image. Slide7: Sponge The "Sponge Tool" is used to change the color saturation of an image. Slide8: Thanks for watching

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