Rethink B2B Marketing: Digital Campaign Case Study

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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: IntelligentContent


Rethink B2B Marketing A Case Study in Digital Optimization © 2013 IBM Corporation

Michelle Killebrew @shellkillebrew Program Director, Strategy IBM Social Business Contributing Writer Digital Marketing | Marketing Technologist | Demand Generation 2 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Rethink Digital Marketing Conversation © 2013 IBM Corporation

Always ask yourself: “Is this what my audience craves?” Page 4 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Breaking Through the Noise of consumers don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements. Yankelowich Alain Thys - FutureLab Page 5 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Trusted source of information Dental care vs. Pushing toothpaste Page 6 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Community Advocate Teen Bullying vs. Pushing Deodorant © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Rethink Digital Marketing User Experience © 2013 IBM Corporation

Always ask yourself: “How can we contextually craft the user experience to delight our audience?” Page 9 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Visual Appeal People have to grasp the functionality of the site in an instant Jakob Nielsen Page 10 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Experience Technology is dictating the experience – swipe motion, mouse click, geolocation Page 11 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Personalized Know who your customers are. Personas help your customers self-identify. Page 12 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Sharable People share when they’re delighted… but it has to be easy. Page 13 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Rethink Digital Marketing Engagement © 2013 IBM Corporation

Always ask yourself: What will keep my audience engaged? Page 15 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Crowdsource Include your community in crowdsourcing innovation Jakob Nielsen Page 16 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Find the Emotional Connection Find the emotional connection, then personalize it. Page 17 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Build Mass Participation Mobilize your community around a shared interest that ties back to your product Page 18 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Focus your Content Focus on key concepts your audience cares about – it’s not a library of everything. Page 19 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Rethink Digital Marketing Case Study Components of a Demand Gen Campaign Rethink Marketing Instrumenting the Campaign Measuring the Campaign © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Components of a Demand Gen Campaign Corporate websites Digital Campaigns 1 dimensional Structured content hierarchy /navigation. 3 dimensional Story, theme and experience. Deliver information Educational and reference. Transactional Compel and convert. Drive next action. Company messaging Aligns to product portfolio Compelling Conversation Industry leading hot topics Entry-point: Inbound Natural Search (SEO), direct access. Optimized to nurture. Entry-point: Outbound Paid media, campaign, sponsored links. Optimized to convert. Mindset: Proactive Deliberate, information-seeking. Mindset: Reactive Surprise, delight and intrigue. Desired Outcome: Desired Outcome: Already aware: To intentionally learn about the company and its offering, to qualify legitimacy or finalize a sale. No awareness: To explore new solutions to business problems. Initiates brand engagement and sales cycle. © 2013 IBM Corporation 21

@shellkillebrew Our Challenges • • • • • What to do first How to scale How to leverage technology to get the lowest CPL Educate our extended teams and analysts about acquisitions and vision A polarized spectrum of audience needs SmarterCommerce Spectrum Customer Experience/ Merchandising Trade eCommerce Executives Marketing Retail Planning Service Customer centric Behavior, relationship, customer lifetime value Procurement/ B2B IT Risk Legal Integration Compliance Performance-centric Productivity, efficiency, automatio n, TCO © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Campaign Objectives • Create a digital experience optimized for engagement, personalization, user experience, sharing and conversion • Integrate our own technologies into the experience • Drive huge lead volume through paid, owned and earned media • 11 unique role based landing pages w/ 10+ assets per page • Integrate latest trends in digital marketing, including: • More video-content • Message amplification through social media • Retargeting based on visitor behavior 23 © 2013 IBM Corporation

So, we asked ourselves: What does our audience crave? How do we craft the user experience in context to delight our audience? What will keep them engaged? Page 24 © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew What did our audience crave?  Inspiration from a thought leader – “Show us what’s possible and how to do it”  Content tailored to their specific role – not GTM How did we craft the user experience in context to delight our audience?  Interesting facts they can use right now I want to Rethink Business  Demonstrate leading-edge web design/technology  Show not tell – video, webinars, interactivity, sharing What will keep our audience engaged?  Relevant, focused content – great resource  Easy to share © 2013 IBM Corporation 25 Executive (IVC) Landing Page: Section 1 (vertical scroll) © 2013 IBM Corporation Executive (IVC) Landing Page: Section 2 (vertical scroll) © 2013 IBM Corporation 28 Executive (IVC) Landing Page: Section 3 (vertical scroll) © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew 2 Featured Webinars 1 Custom eBook Live Twitter Feed 3-6 Additional Downloadable Offers 11 Smarter Commerce Role-Based Landing Pages Registration-Capturing Offers Social/Viral Sharing Audience Role Perspective 4 Statistics with one-click Social Sharing SCGS Details – by role SCGS Details Vertical Scrolling Experience: Parallax Design Webinar and Multimedia Portal Launch Social Share Bar Summit Live Twitter Feed Social Connect Footer © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Details Theme • Rethink message customized to each audience role & their interests Role-based Assets • 2 Featured Webinars per role, 1 custom written ebook, on demand webinars, 3-6 downloadable offers, and more in the resource library • Over 90 registration-capturing offers on the initial site launch © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Details Social and PR • #SmarterCommerce & #Rethink___ to join the live Twitter conversation • Blog posts, Social links/hooks, outbound emails, live webinars, social influencer engagement • One-click sharing Links Translation • Globally English, Localization to come © 2013 IBM Corporation

@shellkillebrew Details Mobile-friendly • Vertical and horizontal scroll works with swipe and mouse click • Site built for iPad aspect ratio, optimized to fit phones and desktop screens • HTML – no Flash • Twitter and YouTube APIs for quick site load © 2013 IBM Corporation 32

@shellkillebrew Rethink – Marketing Lead Flow Media drives traffic to specific offers. Email Promotion (or Banner) • White Paper/Kit • Webinar Registration Form Serves 2 Pages Cookies recognize repeat visitors for improved experience Thank You page with requested asset(s) • Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn links for viral marketing Role-based Landing Page (“pop under”) • For additional conversions, self nurturing, sharing © 2013 IBM Corporation 33

@shellkillebrew Action Success Page Unique to each offer Links back to the specific offer Is pre-populated for ease and increase sharing Is tagged with IBM Digital Analytics © 2013 IBM Corporation 34

@shellkillebrew Campaign Consistency © 2013 IBM Corporation 35

@shellkillebrew How it All Works Together Self Nurturing Digital Marketing Campaign LiveMail (Pilot TBD) Personalized Email based on Interaction Email Social Planned or Trigger Based Personalization Email Home website LIVEProfiles Social Analytics Mobile Analytics AdTarget Personalized Banner Ads based on Interaction Internet Search Web Analytics Internet Lifecycle Search Mobile Intelligent Offer Personalized Web content Home website Awareness and insight Decisioning Execution © 2013 IBM Corporation 36

@shellkillebrew Measuring the Campaign  Tagged with Coremetrics web analytics • For optimization of campaign & drive-to strategies while in market  Website behavior-based email retargeting  Leadscoring for webinar attendees  Media attribution © 2013 IBM Corporation 37

So, next time ask yourself: What does our audience crave? How do we craft the user experience in context to delight our audience? What will keep them engaged? Page 38 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Join the conversation! @ibmsmrtcommerce #rethinksupplychain #rethinkmerchandising #smartercommerce #rethinkprocurement #rethinkecommerce #smartermarketing #rethinkB2Bintegration #rethinkContractMgmt #rethinkbusiness #rethinkmarketing #rethinkMFT © 2013 IBM Corporation 39

APPENDIX 40 © 2013 IBM Corporation © 2012 IBM Corporation

Campaign Links Executive Legal Team Supply Chain Trade Planning Procurement Customer Service IT (B2B Integration) Marketing Merchandising eCommerce IT/Compliance & Risk Management Resource Library © 2013 IBM Corporation

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