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Published on August 25, 2014

Author: RachaelMcGowan



Retail Management project choosing a selected store of our choice and analysing it in order to propose new ideas to better it so that it can compete alongside it's competitors

Rachael McGowan Level 5 Fashion Marketing Retail Management



DNA Michael Kors luxury collection and MICHAEL Michael Kors accessible luxury collection. The Michael Kors collection was first launched in 1981 reflecting the pinnacle of luxury which is carried throughout most of retail stores as well as luxury department stores. The MICHAEL Michael Kors collection was launched in 2004 after identifying the opportunity to capitalize on the brands existing strengths and the significant demands for accessible luxury goods, it is also targeted at a younger demographic who “appreciate luxury goods but aren’t rich yet”. He has also won multiple awards such as CFDA Women’s Fashion Designer of the Year (1999), the CFDA Men’s Fashion Designer of the Year (2003), the ACE Accessory Designer of the Year (2006) and the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award (2010) (phx.corporate: 2014) 4

Michael Kors is recognized as one of America's pre-eminent designers for luxury sportswear and accessories. The company's heritage is rooted in producing polished, sleek, sophisticated American sportswear with a jet-set attitude. Michael Kors operates a network of retail stores in premiere locations throughout the world, with flagship boutiques located in New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, London, and Milan. Michael Kors also stocks in a number of Luxury fashion department stores with a combined figure of 489 locations worldwide. (phx.corporate: 2014) : 2014 : 2014 DISTRIBUTION Michael Kors is stocked in 521 stores globally therefore giving it the advantage of attainability. The appeal of Michael Kors is a result of there distribution methods, they have opted for a direct approach therefore allowing all of their stores and concessions to be completely controlled by them, therefore allowing them to have full access to what they sell where and when and in what colours and styles. This direct approach is something that a lot of luxury retailers use in order for them to have complete control over their company. ( 2014) 6

TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC 82% of Michael Kors audience are Female 36% of Michael Kors Audience are aged between 26-35 Statistics show that Michael Kors audience’s top three interests are Fashion, Art and Music Statistics via PeekAnalytics : 2014 These statistics show that the core audience for Michael Kors are female and the majority of these are young. Whilst Michael Kors is a luxury company they can also be considered as affordable and attainable which is one of the main reasons as to why they’re audience is a younger consumer. It also states their core interests of Fashion, Art and Music which is something that Michael Kors should consider within the delivery of their products and stores. 7


COMPETITORS Here you can see the anaylsis of the competitors. Burberry is the competitor with a higher price point, therefore you can see how their prices range, the same applies for them with customer interaction and also store as they are very technological based aswell as modern keeping in line with their ever growing customer. In comparison to this we have Michael Kors who exceed in certain areas such as product but fall behind slightly when it comes to environment (in terms of store) and also store (in terms of appeal) – these two aspects are sections that Michael Kors could work on in a way to represent their target customer to it’s best potential 9

BUSINESS GOALS In its last reported quarter, Michael Kors' management team said that it had a few goals for the end of 2013. First of all, it was looking for a strong showing from its watches over the holidays. That's good news for Kors investors as well as Fossil (NASDAQ: FOSL) investors. Fossil has been the exclusive licensee for Michael Kors' watches since 2004, and the jewelry licensee since 2010. With Kors' watches making up more than 10% of all of Fossil's revenue, this product's success over the holidays will mean a lot to both companies. The second priority for the end of 2013 was to increase the sale of small leather goods. The company is hoping to increase those sales to eventually represent 10% to 15% of retail store sales. That's a plan to keep customers coming through the door, which should hopefully keep comparable-store sales high as well. Last quarter, comp sales increased 45%. Due to this, investors should expect that year-over-year comp sales will have tapered off at the end of the year. Management was expecting mid-20% growth for the end of 2013, due to the fact that the company posted such huge growth the year before. As a result, the earnings release that comes out next week will likely show more subdued growth. (Business Goal’s taken from Marder via 2013) Also they want to create a coherent brand concept on all level from online to instore by using their key factors of innovation which can be perceived online through the website and Destination Kors (Business Goals taken from – Michael Kors Holdings LTD: 2014) 10


SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: 2014 Twitter: 2014 Instagram: 2014 Here you can find detailed their current social media statistics, as you can see they have a huge following for their online social presence generating an even wider awareness. This idea of creating an online persona helps them to generate ‘hits’ without sales and still therefore creating a wider brand knowledge. Due to their large following on these websites it enables them to interact and engage with their fans, therefore this is something which they can promote or perhaps translate within their stores. 12 2014 MICHAELKORS.COM showcases the passion and the inspiration behind the brand as well as offering notes which they have titles ‘Michaels Notes’ making it seem more personal. Their website integrates the interests of their consumers through the likes of Art and Music and ties in their key styles as well as integrating their e-commerce site. Their online presence is one of their strongest factors as it appeals to a younger audience and brings in a more playful aspect which can’t be seen or isn’t displayed as well as it should be in stores. 13

DESTINATIONKORS.COM 2014 Destination Kors acts as a type of blog and inspiration hotspot for the company. It allows the customer to understand the behind the scenes roles of the brands aswell as update them on new projects or engage them with their traveling and campaigns. This is a great way for them to truly understand more information about the brand without having to search through other sources. It also connects the brand to the customer and vice-versa. 14 2014 FAME FRAME Fame Frame focuses on celebrity style involving the Michael Kors brand, it allows customers to gain inspiration from the different celebrity spotting’s so that they can understand how certain items can be styled. It also allows them to look at their inspirations making the brand again more relatable to them and creates the idea of being able to achieve this celebrity style or look. 15 2014 TRAVEL DIARY Travel Diary focuses informing their customers about the various cities and destinations which have inspired them throughout the journey to the collection looking at various different locations and also the different findings of the location. It entices the customer and allows them to believe that they too were on the trip exploring the different locations. 16 2014 RUNWAY The runway section of their site breaks down the different aspects of the collection from close up detailing to back stage information. It adds quotes from Michael Kors about the inspiration allowing you to understand his thought process throughout the entire journey, from start to finish. This is a perfect way for customers to engage and interact with the brand on a much deeper level. 17 2014 MICHAEL’S CHANNEL Michael’s channel is an area specific to the inspiration of the man behind the brand. It focuses on the key factors and must haves for the season which he has picked out especially, whether that’s an ad-campaign, a video or even a specific item, it is personalised each season so hat his customer knows more about him. It allows him to truly share his feelings on the season which is deeply appreciated by his fans. 18 2014 #WATCHHUNGERSTOP This section is one of the core and most important sections of destination kors. Watch Hunger Stop is a collection that has been designed to aid those in need, it focuses on a collection of watches and each watch bought is enough to fund 100 meals. This kind of charity work and depth is something that truly resonates with customers and allows them to emotionally get involved with a brand. 19

SUMMARY From this we can gather that Destination Kors is a huge area for Michael Kors. It is a platform which allows them to interact fully with their customer sharing interests of fashion, music and travel. These aspect appeal most to the customer due to the concept of being able to invest yourself within beautiful imagery. As a customer you want to feel like you are a huge part of the full process and feel that the brand is communicating all aspects of this with you. Destination Kors appeals mostly towards a fashion enthusiast yet it has aspect on it, such as travel, that can appeal to a wider customer – it focuses on not just the fashion pictures but also the core information that the customer would want to know about shows and inspirations and therefore allows them to understand the process of the collections from season to season. Aswell as part of the Destination Kors section you also have all the information about the #WatchHungerStop which is an aspect of their brand which they have publicised throughout their main website. This kind of brand interaction is something which consumers want to be included in and by displaying all the information needed on this section of their website it allows them to make an informed decision. Also #WatchHungerStop is an area which has allowed the to broaden the range of watches which they offer again adding an extra appeal to the cause. 20


VIA DELLA SPIGA Via Della Spiga is the location of one of the two stores situated in Milan. This store is tucked away behind the busy shopping area of Montenapleone, located within the golden square. The surrounding shops are Dolce & Gabbana and Tiffany & Co. with Prada, Hermes and Fendi just around the corner. This is prime location for this store as it is surrounded by designer shops and attracts the right type of customer to the area. However that being said it also could be classed as a flaw due to the fact the shops surrounding are of a high price point therefore the store could get overlooked in comparison to these. Inside the store you have handbags and accessories on the first floor as you walk in with stairs following going downstairs to women’s clothing and shoes as well as additional handbags. The store layout is small yet clean so that all products are getting properly displayed without anything being cramped. The staff within the store are very polite offering water and coffee upon entry and allowing you to browse the shop whilst offering their assistance and opinions when needed. They also are very comforting to the clients needs offering to source bags from different locations or offering to ring up and put a bag on hold from the other Michael Kors stores and concessions within Milan. Overall the staff within this store are very attentive making the experience pleasurable and enjoyable giving the customer an excellent first impression and making them therefore want to go back time and time again. The location of the store is beautiful as it isn’t busy and creates the perfect atmosphere for shopping and also browsing. Within the store the staff don’t pressure you to feel like you have to buy something as well as not judging the client if they may not fit the specific criteria of the brand, all people are welcome within the store. 23

CORSO VITTORIO EMANUELE This store differs dramatically in comparison to Via Della Spiga. The store is located just behind Duomo and therfore is surrounded by some of the largest number of tourists in comparison to Via Della Spiga. The streets outside are crowded and cramped with tourist traffic perhaps corrupting the entire shopping experience. Once entering the store you are greeted by a security guard and this is then where the greeting stops, unlike at Via Della Spiga where you are treated to feel welcome, here you are treated to feel as if you aren’t unless you fit their specific criteria. The staff in addition to this do not go above and beyond their roles in order to satisfy their customer but merely stand around in groups and chat amongst themselves allowing the customer to aimlessly peruse. The store is considered as their flagship store yet there isn’t any key differences between the store layout and design at Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Della Spiga. Both stores have two floors, the layout being almost identical in terms of product placement. The key difference in terms of display is that they feature rails for their most popular bag. Displayed cramped on a rail this style resembles the way that high street shops would display their bags. The store is only a small store and doesn’t offer a lot of space yet they have a lot of merchandise on display making it difficult to focus properly on the products as you end up feeling bombarded by products, colours and sizes. The shelving is also cramped with bags stacked behind bags therefore harnessing the view of the product. Overall this store doesn’t have any distinct differences in order for it to gain the worth title of Flagship store. The store only opening in 2013 therefore allowing it time to work out any kinks in the process and allow them to clean the store up slightly however overall the store was a disappointment considering it’s location and the surroundings. 24

vs Pros Staff are a lot friendlier and a lot more willing to help with products and service Just off Montenapoleone so could generate a higher end of customer and consumer Cons Limited Stock Not a lot of brand history or concept identity Pros Popular and tourist location A good sized store without being too over whelming Cons Staff didn’t seem willing to help or offer alternatives for products. Welcomed when you first enter but staff were stood about talking rather than helping customers. MICHAEL KORS MILAN SPIGA Via Della Spiga 8, Milan, 20121 P: 39.027.634.1381 MICHAEL KORS MILAN EMANUELE Corso Vittorio Emanuele Angolo Via Galleria San Carlo Milan, 20122 P: 39.027.341.378 25


ABOUT THE STORE The store opened in 2013, the second Michael Kors store to open in Milan. This store was taken to stand as the flagship store due to it’s prime location and high tourism traffic that it will generate. The store is surrounding by not only history and and beautiful architecture of the city but also the golden square, Milan’s main shopping district. The reason than I have chose to create a new retail strategy for this store is due to the fact that it doesn’t have any distinct features that make it more appeal than the store on Via Della Spiga which is in a quieter area and located just minutes away from the centre. Due to it being a flagship store it should have an aspect to it that the other stores don’t, it should draw in the customer and appeal to them more than what it currently does, Due to the fact that it has only been open since 2013 means that it could still be undergoing changes making this the perfect opportunity to adapt certain aspects of the store so that it can evolve and grow in order to benefit not only the brand of Michael Kors but also the customer. 28

STRENGTHS Products ranging from €40-€10,000 is reflected clearly by their broad customer base. Heavy focus on accessories as they are their key sellers, this is showcased on the first floor as you walk in, attracting attention as your walk by. Prime location just behind Duomo which attracts a lot of tourists. WEAKNESSES The store itself doesn’t showcase well where the brand is at at the moment or the future, it offers a brand which doesn’t relate to that of Michael Kors. Staff also weren’t as helpful as the staff in Via Della Spiga, just a short 5 minute walk from this location. A small selection of product with a heavy focus on bags, clothing is then downstairs with no attention in terms of staff or showcasing this. ! ! : 2013 29

OPPERTUNITIES Development of atmosphere within the shop, there audience is interested in art & music also so this could be brought into the store experience like how it has been integrated on to their online world. They could showcase advertisements & lookbooks as well as new artists & musicians making the shop more interactive with the consumer THREATS Threat of Via Della Spiga store as the staff is much more welcoming and helpful and only a short walk away. In comparison to the likes of Burberry who have a focus on art & music they don’t offer much insight like they do on their website and are falling behind in terms of promotion for this. Small screens used to showcase runway show but in a poor quality, again the likes of Burberry have a much better atmosphere for this Rachael McGowan: 2014 30

RETAIL MIX The pricing within this store is no more than what the product would be anywhere else, it combines both Michael Kors and MICHAEL Michael Kors giving both luxury and accesbility which ties in the brand ethos and DNA. The product focuses mainly on their leather goods and jewellery with fewer items of clothing in comparison which is something that could be considered or showcased more. The Location is key as it just behind Duomo offering a lot of tourist traffic so in order to generate more people into the store they could consider higher forms of promotion or maybe even more captivating displays to draw in the audience. The product is displayed clearly and enabling you to view everything however it isn’t set out with the new stock to the front etc ad also the classic styles rather than being displayed on shelves are displayed on a hanging rack which makes them appear cheaper. Promotion of the brand can be seen throughout the city with a lot of billboard advertisements as well as magazine and newspaper however this isn’t specific to this store 2014

PROPOSAL To create a much more atmospheric experience involving art and music To showcase inspirations and portray their brand personality Have a wider focus on the Ready to Wear collections and their clothing rather than sole focusing on their leather goods and jewelry Staff should have more presence and brand knowledge as well as more information regarding stock and new products Staff could be more attentive A separation of Michael Kors and MICHAEL Michael Kors Have some look books present in store to showcase new collections and to keep it in with the season rather than just having a reoccurring ‘look’ each season Use visual merchandising to demonstrate interests of art and music as well as new RTW collections 2014 32


MCQ FLAGSHIP STORE, DOVER STREET, LONDON The McQ flagship store bursts with innovation and modernity. The store features an interactive table which allows customers to search, see and share past McQ shows and catwalk looks, or control the imposing video wall in the store's entrance. Floor-length mirrors include inbuilt cameras - enabling customers to take pictures of themselves trying on clothes, which they can then email to their friends. It is a three-storey boutique featuring both men's and women's wear pieces - with some of the most spectacular designs from the brand’s London Fashion Week show debut on display. The store focuses on an emphasis on texture and luxury to create the perfect shopping environment. This store encapsulates the innovation of the brand and features new aspects to engage the customer. (Vogue: 2012) : 2012 34

BURBERRY FLAGSHIP STORE, REGENT STREET, LONDON The Burberry Flagship store combines the label's physical and digital achievements. Designed to reflect its website, the impressive 44,000 square-foot space is divided into rooms that mirror sections from its online counterpart - such as Bespoke, Acoustic and Experiences. Burberry use the flagship as an events and innovation hub, as well as the ultimate shopping destination, with a huge screen where they live stream their catwalk shows and use is as a permanent stage - on which Burberry's pick of the best music talent will perform one-off gigs. (Vogue: 2012) The store acts as a museum for the brand, it focuses on the display of the product and how the customers percieve this product. It is the perfect display of their online store and the innovation that is represented within this. : 2012 35

OVERVIEW To further the development of the Michael Kors flagship I want to incorporate some of the core aspects of their website so that customer interaction and engagement can be generated. I want to focus on the concept of the ‘DestinationKors’ section so that they can establish a strong brand presence and continuity. As it stands now their stores do not correlate with their online website and this is something which can break up a brand. A strong identity needs to be perused on all platforms which it currently is not. By focusing on showcasing their online presence in store it will attract new customers and allow them to interact fully with each other. I want to do this by involving the concept of an interactive screen that will feature the ‘DestinationKors’ aesthetic with some of their core feature, this will allow customers to come into the store and interact and engage with the brand without having to worry about the brand pushing them into buying something. It will display consumer interest and hopefully generate a much more coherent environment. In addition to this staff will be fully knowledgeable on all aspects of the brand and the website/ DestinationKors so that they can offer their full services to the customer when needed. They will be able to help the customer when needed and excel within their field. 36

THE FLOOR PLAN For my concept I want to open up the floor allowing it to a much clearer space. As it stands now the floor is over crowded and focuses a lot on heavy merchandise display. I want to create a space which allows each bag to be showcased properly therefore I have added more shelving display units on the outsides so they the center areas can be a lot more open and easier to navigate. I have also added a projection screen at the back of the stores which will be directly in front of you when you walk in. The key difference is going to be the stairs, at the moment they are tucked away and hardly noticeable creating the assumption that there is just one floor. By creating wider stairs and actually focusing them so that they’re vertical it allows them to be a lot more noticeable. Within the stairs, mid way down, will be clothing displays so that they signify what is downstairs. This concept will attract more people within the store due to the display on the screens and the wider, more open space.

Here is a quick sketch of what the floor will look like, as you can see the shelving surrounding the edge with the screen at the back taking up a large majority of the wall in order for it to attract attention. At the front of the store we also have the interactive screen, this will combine their online presences and allow them to interact with the customers this way and display their inspirations etc. 38



INTERACTIVE TABLE The interactive table within the store will allow Michael Kors to bring in their online presences and integrate it with their store experience. They have such a strong presence through this and engage the customers from all aspects of their collection as well as informing them on the whole thought process. By bringing something like this in store it captures the customers and creates a space which allows the consumer to learn more about the brand. The store as it stands now is a cold environment making customers feel perhaps uncomfortable to go in and look at the store even if they are a big fan of the designer. Something like this allows the store to truly invite in the customer, it says that they want people to learn about the brand and experience the concept and ideas of the brand without the pressure of buying something or the feeling of not belonging. The main features will be the Runway, Fame Frame, Travel Diary and #WatchHungerStop. This will allow the customer to engage and review the most recent collections, inspirations and travel as well as informing the customer in store about their collaboration in order help world hunger. These aspects are what the customer will look for the most within their brand, engagement and interaction being at the top of the spectrum. By creating something which combines them all it will heavily reflect their customer needs and values. The table will be used as basis to browse with the option to open this wider on a bigger screen which will be opposite where they will be able to see information and view clearly the runway stills and close up details. 41


WALL PROJECTION Here you can see a mock up of what the interactive screen will look like. The reason for including this screen is because it enables the visuals to get projected properly within the store, the choice to use the screen will be optional however when used, as seen, it will focus heavily on visuals and small text snippets. This will engage the audience as well as bring attention towards the store from passers by and hopefully attract them into the store and bring more customers through the doors of the store. As it stands now, from experience, there has always been limited amounts of customers actually within the store. With them being an international brand you’d think that they would generate more traffic however there is nothing within the store that particularly stands out so by creating something like this and putting it in the front it will engage existing and potential customers into the store.

SCREEN SHOWCASING FASHION SHOW Here is the downstairs area of the store, this is the area which has very few adjustments. The floor at the moment is open and allows the customer to clearly and precisely browse through the selection of stock with an additional seating area or a ‘lounge’ area in the middle. The only adjustment here is to add the same style of screen on the wall at the back which will showcase the recent fashion show and interviews behind the scenes so that both floors offer the same continuity. 44

RETAIL STAFF In order to generate a coherent brand strategy the retail staff within the store must be able to have a wide knowledge on all aspects of the store. The will have training sessions with the new interactive table and screen so that they are fully aware on how to properly use the equipment. Also the management of the store will have weekly meetings that will inform them on any new products or features that are being integrated within the store which will then be translated to the rest of the retail team to again form a coherent and strong relationship amongst the worked.. This is so that they are aware about the inspirations and can therefore confidentially sell the product to the customer. In addition to this the staff will also form a stronger relationship with their customers in order to build trust for the store and the brand. They will offer a range of additional services, similar to the retail staff within Via Della Spiga, and will therefore create a nicer and more inviting environment for their customers. By offering the new interactive screen it will bring in new customers and therefore they must treat each customer in the same respectful way offering help if and when it is needed and also allowing the customer to breathe within the shopping environment. They will also promote the core inspirations of the brand when promoting the product so that their enthusiasm will make the customers feel more inclined to buy from the store of revisit the store. 45


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY By creating a coherent brand strategy on all platforms it allows the company to maintain a strong DNA and a strong relationship with their customer. This will enable more customers to purchase and become loyal to the brand as they understand exactly where it is that the brand is coming from on all aspects. The problem within the store on Corso Vittorio Emanuele is that it doesn’t offer any additional services to any of the other stores on concessions within Milan. It is a flagship store yet it doesn’t stand out against the stores and therefore it is unclear to customers that it is of this status. The examples used earlier of Alexander McQueen and Burberry are two key stores that offer additional services and experiences within the store to interact and engage their customer. This is something that Michael Kor’s needs to consider within the stores so that it draws in the customer and creates a lasting experience. As it stands now all of the stores for Michael Kors are of a similar layout therefore none of the flagship stores actually are of a high standard or experience. This is something that needs to be changed so that they allow customers to interact more with the brand, starting with Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The concept of the interactive screen will create a higher buzz surrounding the store enticing the audience and appealing a lot more to the customer. The customer service in addition will again help to build trust within the brand and a better interaction within the store. The retail staff are the only way to fully translate the brand identity therefore without this they are left with minimal assets left. The staff need to fully act in the way that will generate respect from the customers as the customers are the key to success. This level of interaction and appeal will create a lasting impression on the customer making them want to come back to the store and build a relationship with the brand. The unique appeal of this also is that no other stores surrounding or within Milan have this same appeal therefore creating a higher standard for themselves. 47


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