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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: ryanmauldin



Initial presentation build for One Spark 2014 in Jacksonville, FL. Come vote for me in Jacksonville at the event:

Resurrection: The Tyrant King Ryan Mauldin

Purpose • To create a video game that gives a meaningful storyline and fair gameplay. • To bring gaming jobs and the gaming community together in Jacksonville, FL. • To create a game that does not portray foul language as kids are exposed to adult games.

Storyline • The storyline for “Resurrection: The Tyrant King” starts in the middle of an ongoing war between realms. The most powerful and destructive realm is the dragon realm known as “The Crux”. Their goal is to conquer and possess all realms.

Storyline: Watchers • Another such realm is a realm of mystical beings known as “The Watchers”, who have intense magical powers and can reanimate beings at will. Watchers are friendly beings who strive to free all realms from evil.

Storyline: Watchers cont. • “The Watchers” travel through wormholes seeking out help from the most fierce and powerful creatures from each realm they can find to challenge the dragons of “The Crux”. However, each attempt for “The Watchers” thus far has failed.

Storyline: The Tyrant King • Enter our main character, a T-Rex with a history of violence. A Watcher finally visits present day earth and scours from pole to pole until it stumbles across a T-Rex skeleton. The Watcher reanimates the T-Rex back into existence granting it intelligence and the ability to learn and use magic.

Storyline: The Tyrant King cont. • “The Watcher” coaxes the T-Rex into the wormhole to the realm of “The Crux”. This is where the player takes over as the T-Rex fighting “The Crux” in a battle to save all realms.

Screen Captures • Screen captures from the game were provided and modified through Paint.NET.

Game Plan • The game will include main quest goals as well as side quests to keep the player busy and happy. • The map of the dragon realm will be huge with distinctive territory aesthetics. – – – – – There will be rocky mountainous areas. Volcanic areas with tougher bosses. Swamp areas. Desert areas. Tropical grass lands.

Perks • Each of the perks in the game can be leveled up. The perks benefit the player as each new perk level is unlocked. There are several different categories: – Sneak: There will be on-screen indicators that determine whether or not enemies detect your presence. A higher sneak level decreases your chances of getting seen. – Smell: Enables the player to see enemies through sense of smell, even through objects. The higher the smell level, the further away you can detect enemies. – Strength: Enables the player to carry more loot and pick up heavier objects as well as jump higher. – Endurance: Player can run further, run faster, run longer and regenerate stamina faster.

Perks cont. – Agility: Player gains tighter turning radius while running and slips less on slippery surfaces. – Aggression: Player combos are easier to pull off with less chance of being interrupted during combo sequences. – Attack: Improves biting damage, claw damage, stomp damage, and tail whip damage. – Armor: Increases players defenses against enemy attacks. – Health: Increases player’s overall health points and health regeneration.

Perks cont. – Fire Magic: Player’s fire magic capabilities are heightened, strengthened, and require less magic stamina to use. – Ice Magic: Player’s ice magic capabilities are heightened, strengthened, and require less magic stamina to use. – Lightning Magic: Player’s lightning magic capabilities are heightened, strengthened, and require less magic stamina to use. – Regeneration Magic: Restores players overall health, stamina, and/or magic stamina.

Combos • After a succession of certain attack types, the game allows the player to engage in a combination move that is stronger than individual attack moves alone. • This allows the player to take an opponent down quickly with game controlled animations that cannot be accomplished without performing the correct combination sequence. • Players will feel a sense of accomplishment after performing a complex combination move as this will take some skill to memorize the set of actions required to perform certain combo moves. • Note that the aggression perk alone determines what level of enemy can break certain level combo moves.

Combos cont. • Here are some examples of combination moves that can be unlocked by opening certain treasure chests through “The Crux” realm: (Note: these moves are subject to change and are an example of what is possible to achieve). – Tail Thrash: Bite, Bite, Tail Whip, Tail Whip – Arial Stomp: Run Towards, Jump, Jump, Bite – Fire Storm: Left claw fire magic, Right claw lightning magic, Jump, Jump, Both claws. – Devour: Bite, Bite, Back, Tail Whip, Forward, Bite. If the enemy is not close to death or is too big, this will not work. This will also increase the players health and stamina while fighting.

Navigation • There will be a world map available to aid in navigation to different quest locations as well as an on-screen compass to help with direction. There will be on-screen indicators of where to go to finish quests. • Areas travelled to before, can be travelled to instantly through the navigation menu as long as the player is not in the heat of battle.

Respawns and Persistence • Enemies and certain loot may respawn after a determined length of time to keep the player happy and hunting. This will also lower the amount of storage space required for each player profile during saves. • The player may save their current game status at any given time as well as using the autosave feature that will happen after quest completions. • Autosave may also happen when switching between indoor arenas as well as the outside world.

Trade • Their will be shops/caravans available to trade loot for valuable resources to help the player out in the game. • Shops/caravans are permitted in “The Crux” realms only for the sake that the dragons do not do slave work. • The player may trade any non-quest items to any friendly shop/caravan.

In-game Items • Treasure Chests: Different types of treasure chests will hold different types of items. – Gold Chest: Will hold gold and gems which will be handy for trading with the random shops throughout “The Crux” realm. – Scroll Chest: Will hold different scrolls that grant the player certain abilities for a limited time. – Supply Chest: Will hold different random supplies that may have healing properties or stamina restoration properties. – Magic Chest (Fire/Ice/Lightning): Will hold free perk upgrades or will unlock certain types of magic. – Combo Chest: Will unlock or free upgrade the next combo in a combo sequence or a separate combo chain type.

In-game Items cont. • Common Items: These are items that may be found in abundance throughout “The Crux” realm or when defeating smaller enemies. – Health items: Healing ointments, Healing Herbs, Animal Meats. – Magic items: Health/Magic potions, Perk Modifying potions, Perk Modifying stones (of varying degrees of strength including magic resistance).

In-game Items cont. • Special Items: These are items that may be quest specific that cannot be sold or items that are rare to find and worth a lot to shops/caravans or can be obtained by beating bosses. – – – – Gems (Lonsdaleite, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Jade) Ancient Artifacts Realm Keys Claw Uprades: (Lonsdaleite, Diamond, Carbon Steel)

In-game Items cont. • Named Items: There are going to be bosses that drop special items with names of the owner or names characteristic to the item’s function. – Named Perk Modifying Stones with unmatched strength/resistance properties. – Named Claws with unmatched damage. – Named Ancient Relics with higher value. – Named Gems with higher value.

Release Platform • The target platform will be Steam as this will be a PC game. Steam currently has over 70 million active users. • Windows • Mac • Linux

Stats and Achievements • Statistics of overall gameplay and things accomplished in the game will be saved. – Number of Kills (Broken down by types). – Total length of time played. – Shortest length of time to beat the game’s campaign quest storyline. – Favorite combo moves. • Achievements will be awarded for completing certain combo moves for the first time and for beating certain bosses or quests in general.

Single-Player • This will be a single player campaign/freeroam game. • Unless at some point, enough funding is received to implement multiplayer online features, this will not be included in the game. • Careful thought will be put into the code to allow for multiplayer online capabilities if this becomes a necessary facet.

Online/Offline • The player will be able to store stats online through the Steamworks API as well as offline in their local gamer profile in the event an internet connection is not present while they are playing.

Technology – Everything used to produce “Resurrection: The Tyrant King” is fully licensed and legal. – Unity3d Pro – uFrame – Marmoset Skyshop – All in-game content thus far is fully licensed and has been purchased through the Unity asset store. – Visual Studio.NET 2012 – C# .NET

Technologies Needed • • • • • • • • • • • • • Business License 1 Development box (Multiple Screens) 1 Laptop (for mobility and demos) 1 Macbook (for testing) Photoshop Maya 3ds Studio Max World Machine Pro Boom Effects Library MSDN Subscription Music More characters, effects and in-game content Servers, SSL Certificates and a main website

Pledge Needed • To get good headway on “Resurrection: The Tyrant King”, a pledge of $24,000 will be needed to obtain computers and additional software licenses for development and for initial marketing. • After a year or two in development, additional investment will be up in the air for interested parties as an all out marketing effort will be needed to ensure the game’s success. • At this stage hired help for in-game content and storyline programming will be a priority.

About the Author • Ryan Mauldin is a 32 year old software developer actively working in Jacksonville, FL. • He conceptualized “Resurrection: The Tyrant King” over Christmas 2013 and is now in the active development stage. • For Contact:

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