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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: mollieafh



Other – The video linking with the lyrics.

Results write up. I wanted a range of ages for my results. However, I want the majority to be around 17-20 as this is going to be my target audience, and I wanted a varied male and female response. From this questionnaire I got a good insight of what people expect and want to see within an alternative music video. For example, people expect to see a lot of the artist within the video, either singing/playing an instrument or even just close ups on their face. While also others have said they expect to see a narrative within the story. The song seems to be the main feature for people within the video, so although having a video just of the artists it should always link back to the song and lyrics. People are slightly split with liking a narrative or not. However, it seems to be that people prefer a narrative within the video, and I think this is because it adds meaning to the song, and brings out more emotion within the lyrics. From the questionnaire I also found out people expect/like to see a mixture of locations within the video. Instead of it all being held in one location.

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