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Published on September 19, 2016

Author: amruthatechnologies


1. We build brands, you bag orders! RESULTS & REAL TIME ANALYTICS

2. Results & Analytics This Announcement was made on 15.09.2016. for old posts already in circulation. For new articles results could far exceed those above. S.A.1 S.A.2 (bitly shortened links)

3. Results & Bitly Analytics of S.A 1 Sept 15-Sep18 This is an old blog post, which got 94 Clicks in 4 days from making the announcement

4. Results & Bitly Analytics of S.A.1 Out of the 94 clicks our email received 54% were accessed through Linkedin the rest were through third party email servers

5. Results & Bitly Analytics of S.A.1 39% of Clicks were from the USA USA - 37 Canada - 7 UK - 6 Other 22 Countries - 44

6. Results & Bitly Analytics of S.A.2 Sept 15 –Sept 18 This was one of our recent blog posts which received 70 Clicks

7. Out of the 70 Clicks our email received 47% were accessed through Linkedin the rest through third party email servers Results & Bitly Analytics of S.A.2

8. Results & Bitly Analytics of S.A. 2 34% of Clicks were from USA USA - 24 UK – 7 India - 5 Other 19 Countries - 34

9. Conclusion  Each of these clicks are 100% Qualified and Relevant from a curated community of Professionals.  Make an Announcement Instantly converts social media contacts into a Qualified Leadgeneration Email Marketing campaign.  Just one Order would pay many times for your Annual membership.  1000 impressions on Google/Linkedin would cost $50 and fetch you 1 click if your lucky.  Measure real time analytics for every S.A. (bitly shortened) link you send us across metrics.  If your still not convinced about ROI, Good Luck and Keep Looking!

10. Credibility and Trust Valve Solutions were winners of emerging startup in B2B Digital Space in 2012

11. VALVE SOLUTIONS For more details visit us at VALVE SOLUTIONS is owned by AMRUTHA TECHNOLOGIES

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