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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: virpardo



Writing - connectors - upper-intermediate level


Result What is the most common way to show result? SO It was freezing cold, so I wore a thick coat. As a result, therefore, consequently are more formal than so. They are usually used at the beginning of a sentence or clause. It snow really hard all night. As a result, the airport was closed. Unfortunately, you do no have the necessary qualifications. Therefore, we are unable to offer you the position.

So+adjective+that We use so +adjective+that-clause to express result. The table was so heavy that I couldn’t move it. Last night it was so hot that I couldn’t sleep.

So+adverb+that We use so +adverb+that-clause to express result. He runs so quickly that I can’t keep up with him. He walked so slowly that we arrived late.

So + much/little/many/few So much/little + Uncountable noun So many/few + Plural countable nouns They have so little food that they are starving to death. There was so much noise that it was impossible to have a conversation. There were so many people that it was hard to find a seat. She has so few friends that she hardly ever goes out.

Such + noun Such a/an + adjective + singular countable noun Her father was such a rich man that she’s never taken the bus. The concert was such a big success that they decided to give another one. He told us such a story that we found it difficult to believe. (possible no adjective) Such + adjective + plural/uncountable noun They charge such high prices that students can’t afford to eat there.

So/such Notice the difference SO LONG/SUCH A LONG TIME I haven´t seen her for so long that I´ve forgotten what she looks like I haven´t seen her for such a long time that I’ve forgotten what she looks like. He was such a good teacher that we all passed the exam. My teacher was so good that we all passed the exam. It was so cold that the water in the lake froze. It was such a cold day that the water in the lake froze.

Practice 2 such 2 so late that 3 such a 3 sleeping so soundly that 4 so 4 such exciting news that 5 so 5 such a clever girl that 6 such a 6 so little time studying that 7 so 7 so much work 8 so 8 such heavy luggage 9 such an 10 such 11 such an

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