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Published on September 29, 2015

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1. Mobile restaurants - more than online ordering October 2015 1

2. The mobile trend has the power to replace online restaurants review sites & advertisements. 2 100% 192% 320% 617% 844% 100% 145% 214% 286% 386% 117% 136% 164% 191% 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Mobile Messaging MAU* # Yelp Reviews Online Marketing Expenditure *Combined #MAU of: Whatsapp, FB Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Snapchat, Viber, Line, Kakaotalk

3. Mobile app usage and messaging combined, offer a new contact channel for the restaurant industry 3 • 70%+ of OECD citizens own smartphones • 1200 messages sent per Whatsapp user per month* • Messaging app providers advance into new verticals, including payment (e.g. Line) • Mobile payments / wallets pushed by technology providers Mobile / Messaging Usage Restaurants’ possibilities Develop a mobile infrastructure with context-driven social features • Engage with mobile users, and advertise your products/locations • Share content, pictures, events with customers • Enable mobile ordering/reservation or payment • Integrate reviews, instant feedback *Source: index. php/whatsapp-statistics/2/

4. Our vision – Supply the infrastructure for context-based customer interaction for restaurants. 4 How to attract customers through tailored direct marketing? How to leverage customer satisfaction for future sales? How to use the mobile channel to facilitate restaurant processes? White Label Messenger Secure encryption Content & Data Sharing GPS locations & Geo-Fencing Performance by design

5. Exclusively designed for large organizations, covering a vast feature bandwith while providing an open platform. Introducing MDK: a white label messaging infrastructure for payment & context rich applications. Highly scalable infrastructure, capable of absorbing any growth needs and designed to seamlessly integrate with third party services. High quality data throughput and storage infrastructure, minimizing data loss and supplying on-the-go hosting scenarios. All communication and data is encrypted and hosted, using industry security standards, to prevent privacy and data breaches. Emphasis on geolocation services to allow for unique application scenarios in the geofencing context. Process payments and support mobile transactions through third party payment wallets, such as Google Wallet or PayPal. 4

6. Possible Use Case: Order to cash – All business steps captured in one app. 1 Browse 4 Confirmation In-app menu available  Shared & uploaded content Receive real-time updates  Push notifications 2 Order 5 Tracking Order - via instant message  Contacts & messaging Live – GPS delivery tracking Location services 3 Payment 6 Review Pay with your phone Encryption & payment Review the restaurant instantly Third party integration Has the power to transform the way restaurants/businesses operate

7. Possible Use Case: Proximity advertising – Area specific direct marketing. 7 Location / Need dependent  Adapt set-up range  All-for-one or tiered approaches  Plan campaigns ahead  Date/time/location dependent  Action/sign-up dependent  More than coupons - newsletter, pictures and more Undiluted Growth  Target your walk-in audience in real-time  No cannibalization of future sales, by pre-filtering existing customer base  Leverage the mobile connection after initial establishment How does it work ?  A restaurant wants to boost sales and increase awareness  Via push notifications all users of the app/platform within proximity receive a coupon  The range can be set freely, or be adapted to match local areas  The coupons can be made valid for a certain time period, even for just several hours  The redemption is made via the app, MDK’s analytic capabilities directly giving feedback about conversion% and more  With MDKs full integration a coupon user can be added to the restaurant’s customer database

8. Possible Use Case: Full mobile presence – Engage your clients professionally.  Share special menu items and new creations  Upload multiple content formats on MDK’s platform  Advertise fast, inexpensively and with social feedback  Spread new dish arrivals through connected services 8  Develop a loyalty program to tie your customers closer to the brand  Engage with clients everywhere, not just at the dinner table  Profit from social media advertising  Outpace Yelp with instant social messaging feedback  Couple purchase history, coupons and reviews in customer accounts  Build analytics and statistics on customer reviews or distributed questionnaires  Offer mobile reservations and manage support instantly for mobile clients  Use customer profiles & messaging to organize availability  Create special offers/events through mobile Reward Program Real-Time Reviews Mobile Reservations Seasonal Creations

9. MDKs feature set is to provide opportunities to build messaging platforms and allow third party integration. Messaging Send text, audio, picture and video messages to single contacts or groups. User Profiles Provide complete user profiles, including customisable themes and third party social media integration. Location Services Share specific location data and geo- tag messages by activating the location services functionality. Content & Data Storage Securley upload, store & send content within the MDK infrastructure or through third party services. Authentification & Verification Secured user authentication via validated phone numbers or social media profiles. Notifications Push notifications for messages and events to specific contacts or groups. VOIP Transmit voice data and set up mailboxes for missed calls. Third Party Services Integrate third party content platforms, such as YouTube and allow sharing of internal data to outside web properties. Events Create and manage events for private and public audiences. Polls & Reminders Allow the creation, sharing and exporting of context based polls and reminders. Streaming & Conferencing Stream video and voice live to follower audiences or within a private and secure environment. Location Search & Discovery Implement any number of location based search and discovery features. Payments Send and receive money through third party payment wallets, such as Google Wallet or PayPal. Content Platforms Build a content platform and marketplace, to allow the exchange of user generated content. Voice Recognition Transform audio into text. Follower Chats Enhanced administrative capabilities for VIPs, themes and events. Analytics Advanced user administration and analytic capabilities. Translation Services Enhance your communication capabilities with translation from services such as Google Translate. CoreFeaturesLogisticsFeaturesExtendedFeatures 8

10. The MDK architecture – Providing a full stack mobile environment solution. 1 2 3 4 2. MESSAGING BACKEND Highly available server cluster 3. SERVER INFRASTRUCTURE Lightweight communication protocol based on MQTT 1. MESSAGING PROTOCOL Client integration via APIs and cross platform SDKs 4. CLIENT INTEGRATION Highly scalable messaging application server 10

11. The MDK architecture is flexible and designed to integrate third-party sources and content providers. MDK Services Databases Messaging Third-Party Services & Content Providers Cloud based On-premise Location Services Notifications Profiles Content ... Analytics Administrative Services MQTT / HTTP API MQTT/HTTPAPI MultiChannelMessaging Restaurants 11

12. US Office 101 West Broadway, Suite 110, 9101 San Diego, California, USA German Office Borsigstraße 9 10115 Berlin, Germany MDK Labs GmbH Kilian Thalhammer Email: Phone: +49 160 47 84995 Russian Office Sheremetyevskaya 6 bld. 1 129594 Moscow, Russia 12

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