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Published on February 28, 2013

Author: jinsjoseph184028166


PowerPoint Presentation: Responsive Website Design Tips Emonde PowerPoint Presentation: In these days most of the clients wants a mobile version of their websites. It’s practically essential after all :— and screen resolutions must be compatible, too. For upcoming years we will likely need to design for a number of inventions. The solution, of course, is to make a website that works equally well on every device. Enter responsive web design. PowerPoint Presentation: Responsive Website Design In simple terms, a responsive website design uses “media queries” to figure out what resolution of device it’s being served on. Flexible images and fluid grids then size correctly to fit the screen. If you’re viewing this article on a desktop browser, for example, try making your browser window smaller. The images and content column will shrink, then the sidebar will disappear altogether. PowerPoint Presentation: Tips for responsive website design Media Queries Use Templates Flexible Grids Flexible Images PowerPoint Presentation: Media Queries Media queries, along with other techniques such as flexible grids and flexible images, are integral to responsive web design. Media queries allow a developer to apply CSS to a webpage based on device parameters, such as display height, display width, device orientation and screen resolution. PowerPoint Presentation: Use Templates Making use of a template is the first bit of advice that any expert in responsive web design would give you . Templates make it much easier for designers who are learning the tricks and trade of this type of web designing . PowerPoint Presentation: Flexible Grids A grid layout combined with relative values such as % or em (as opposed to absolute values such as pixels), is known as a flexible grid and allows the developer to create web pages that can easily scale up and down. PowerPoint Presentation: Flexible Images Images are one of the most important parts of any website design . In order to make the images of the website more adaptable to the changing resolution requirements it is advisable to use flexible imagery techniques like context-aware image sizing. The use of this technique will allow you to save multiple sizes of an image. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Us Emonde

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