Responsive Mobile Hacks for Email Newsletters

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Information about Responsive Mobile Hacks for Email Newsletters

Published on September 27, 2018

Author: kinshlondon


slide 1: Responsive Mobile Hacks for Email Newsletters slide 2: § Today the online world delivers a plethora of platforms to allow your message to reach potential customers. Email marketing has been a trend throughout the last decade but there is a problem. § Not all email newsletter engage and inspire your customers. Many of them are buggy annoying or downright boring. A lot of bugs and glitches in email newsletter happen because that are not optimized across devices with responsive designs. Since mobile devices have now become more prominent among internet users it is essential to create email newsletters that are mobile-friendly. slide 3: § According to a study by a Website Design Agency in UK it was found that 47 to 60 percent of email is read on a mobile device. If you hire someone to conduct professional web design in UK make sure they are capable of implementing responsive mobile hacks for email newsletters. § If you are planning to design your next newsletter or even get it designed by a professional these are the hacks you can take into account to improve your chances of converting and engaging that email recipient. § slide 4: Create A Captivating Image One of the most impactful ways to capture attention using images is to create a hero image. Filling in too much text may can make your newsletter look cluttered. Customers are not likely to explore your content if it is boring or requires a lot of effort. Include visuals such as a hero image in order to illustrate the information about the product or service you are sharing. Make sure that your main image renders properly on different devices. slide 5: Different Content for Different Devices Any agency offering Responsive Web Design in UK will tell you that it is important to create your content and then optimize it to different devices. Though it responsive design used to be one of the most difficult parts of web and email design the tools available today have simplified the process for developers. There are also contextual marketing platforms such as MailChimp that allow companies to create email content that changes according to the devices opened. Today there is really no excuse why you should not create optimized content for different devices. slide 6: Focus on Font Subject Line Fonts play vital role in delivering your message. Fonts also help to draw customers’ attention. The less readable the font harder it becomes for your customers to grasp your message. Remember what we said about customers not having to put in too much effort That applies to your font as well. Have a clean well-sized readable font in a color that contrasts with the background without hurting your eyes. Also when dealing with emails subject lines are absolutely a show stealer. slide 7: Ensure that the subject line and preheader are working to support each other regardless of what mobile device your customer is using. Keep in mind that mobile devices will cut off very long subject lines. So keep your subject line friendly punchy and short slide 8: Thanks

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