Responsibilities & Duties of A Flag Person

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Information about Responsibilities & Duties of A Flag Person

Published on November 17, 2019

Author: truenorthlabour


1. Responsibilities & Duties of A Flag Person The quality of being responsible such as moral, legal, or mental accountability is the legal responsibility of a person. The person directing or controlling an organization is accountable for maintaining the safety and efficiency of workplace traffic. A Flag person has the most vital roles assigned by the concerning authority in the organization.

2. A flag person who is monitoring road work, must be easily visible to traffic and must be able to direct traffic around the work of the crew. A traffic control person in British Columbia commonly known as a flag person is someone who signals with flags. They make use of flags of different colors. The primary responsibility of the flag person is to stop, slow and safely direct traffic through work or construction site. Safety equipment is also vitally important for a flag person in order to lead movement of traffic through the site, using sign boards, hand, and flag signals. As a flag person, your duties are to secure the work area and signal cars to either stop, go or proceed slowly. A flag person has vital responsibility and obligation to perform the job being in front line contact with the public. A flag person must direct traffic to a safer area where construction or traffic incident are taking place. Mainly he controls movement of vehicular traffic through construction projects. The primary duties of the flag person are as follows: Be stay alert Be visible Be alert for emergency vehicles Keep visual contact Do focus on assigned tasks

3. In British Columbia the training of traffic control person is provided by many institutes so you must ensure a high level of training for this risky occupation. Traffic control personnel is trained in a 2-day course administered by British Columbia. The traffic control person is required to perform their responsibility and duties in all types of situations and weather conditions, ensuring the safety of workers and public alike. A flag person is commonly hired to control traffic when two ways roads were to one lane. A Skilled worker is who have special skills, training, knowledge and ability in their work. A skilled worker is the type of person who has good knowledgeable about a specific profession or trade. In British Columbia’s growing economy required skilled workers in a high demand occupation. The skilled worker’s category is for international skilled workers in professional business and technical. British Columbia has many opportunities for professional growth and development working in British Columbia has many benefits as a skilled worker. Flag person is responsible for directing control traffic safely in and through the

4. work zone. A flag person can work in multi-lane highways controlling the operation of vehicles on sites and ensure safe parking. The main responsibility of flag person is to ensure the safety of workers by controlling the traffic on the construction site.

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