Resources in Information Architecture: Talk at General Assembly SF

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Information about Resources in Information Architecture: Talk at General Assembly SF

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: DanielDrewTurner



A lunchtime talk at General Assembly SF on resources in Information Architecture, from research done for the book "The Discipline of Organizing" (

[If you know how it works, you are not the user. I can make your products work for the user. ] [ ] IS INTERDISCIPLINARY information architecture memex (Bush, Vannevar (Jul 1945),"As We May Think", The Atlantic Monthly 176 (1): 101–8.) [ ] RESOURCES[ ] RESOURCES[ ] ??????? RESOURCES[ ] = what we organize RESOURCES[ ] != "a thing" RESOURCES[ ] categories RESOURCES[ ] it’s tricky! RESOURCES[ ] it’s tricky! is a web page a single resource? is a car? in what context? RESOURCES[ ] always a tradeoff RESOURCES[ ] always a tradeoff reduce recall, increase precision reduce precision, increase recall RESOURCES[ ]wait, what again? 1. identity 2. identification RESOURCES[ ]four distinctions RESOURCES[ ]DOMAIN (Linnaeus) RESOURCES[ ]FORMAT RESOURCES[ ]AGENCY RESOURCES[ ]FOCUS metadata RESOURCES[ ]wait, what again? 1. identity 2. identification RESOURCES[ ] vocabulary (it’s a problem) — Furnas RESOURCES[ ] RESOURCES[ ] homographs homonyms polysemes RESOURCES[ ] control your vocabulary RESOURCES[ ] use your aliases RESOURCES[ ] make identifiers unique RESOURCES[ ] thank you![ ] dan turner @ddt

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