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Information about Resource consumption and supply

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: nicolabenson


Patterns of Resource Supply and Consumption

Skill Zone – Patterns of Resource Consumption Use the resource consumption by country map to complete the questions below 1. Which two countries regularly appear at the top of resource consumption? 2. What do the top 4 countries of cotton consumption have in common in terms of development? 3. Why do you think the two biggest consumers of rice are India and China? 4. What percentage of the worlds oil does the USA consume? 5. Wealth and population have a big impact on the amount resources consumed by a country, explain why. 6. China is known as the ‘worlds factory’ due to the huge amount of goods that are produced there and shipped around the world, bearing this in mind why do you think it is the world’s biggest consumer of coal? (clue: think about what the coal would be used to create). 7. Name 3 resources that the USA is the world’s biggest consumer of. 8. The USA doesn’t have the worlds largest population but yet it is often the world’s largest consumer of resources, why? 9. What are the environmental consequences of coal, oil and natural gas? 10. The largest consumers of energy (oil, natural gas, coal and electricity) are all MEDC’s (wealthy countries), why do you think this is?

The Global Export and Imports of Metals 1. Look at the world what’s the difference? 2. Name 2 regions (parts of the world that export more than they import? 3. Name a region that imports more metals than it exports. 4. Summarise the global pattern of metal imports and exports. 5. Metals are a nonrenewable resource (although some can be recycled), what do you think will happen to the price of them in the future and why? Global exporters (sold overseas) of metals (zinc, iron, nickel, copper and aluminium) Global importers (bought from overseas) of metals (zinc, iron, nickel, copper and aluminium)

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