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Published on March 14, 2014

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How to cope when everything around you keeps changing

Resilience Through Change

Liggy Webb

6 Engagement Challenges • Improving resilience and stamina • Reducing stress and absenteeism • Supporting work - home balance • Helping people cope better with change • Promoting positivity and agility • Keep things simple and effective

Best Selling Book - Resilience

Ten Strategies  Take a journey of self-discovery  See the glass half-full  Take control of emotions  Change for the better  Cope well with conflict  Turn problems into opportunities  Look after yourself - wellbeing and lifestyle  Make positive connections  Let go of the past and keep going  Create an effective personal vision

1.Take a journey of self discovery

2. See the glass half full

3.Take emotional control

4. Change for the better

5. Cope well with conflict

6. Embrace probortunities

7. Look after yourself

8. Make positive connections

9. Keep going

10. Create a vision

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