Residential care home livermore part ii

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Published on December 30, 2016

Author: BethanyHomecare


1. Residential Care home Livermore Part - II WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING I had triedhomes fromhospital-like settings to veryplushatmospheres. None gave mybrother the personal care that Bethany Home gives him. WhenI first walkedinto the house, it smelled clean, with the smell of fresh, homemade food. I was immediatelygreeted witha big smile from the caregivers. Meeting the management wasdelightful and validatedthe feelingof “home awayfrom home” that I had whenI first walked in. I’m a firm believer that anAngel was lookingover mybrother and me whenI foundBethanyHome. For more details onour products and services, please feelfree to visit us at MemoryCare concord, ca, MemoryCare Facility concord, ca & Dementia Care Facility concord, ca Mitra K. We are grateful for your helpinso quicklyarranging things sothat Dadcouldmove inon veryshort notice. We are alsograteful for the excellent andprofessionalcare provided for our father there. After Dadenteredhospice care, the staffmembers were his most dedicatedadvocates, workingwith the hospice folks to make sure that Dadwas comfortable andpain-free. That mattereda great deal to myfamily, and we are grateful. BethanyHome is a pleasant and cheerful place, andthe staff sees to nice touches like cutting some of the beautiful rosessothat there are prettyandfragrant flowers inthe house. I would recommendBethanyHome without reservation. Jill Y. I shall be forever grateful for the lovingcare myfather received at BethanyHome Care. It was a most difficult time but the love the caregivers showed myfather was trulyexceptional. Myfather’s needs were manyandat times complex. The caregivers were extremelykind, gentle and attentive. Bethanyfelt like family. Their prioritywas for myfather’s comfort anddignitya nd their guidance andsupport to me was wonderful. I felt a great sense of relief knowing he was so beautifullytaken care of and blessed that his final months were spent at Bethany. Catherine B. My sister andI believe our aging mother receives the most loving andcompassionate care that she couldpossiblyreceive anywhere at her BethanyHome residence. We were fortunate to findsucha wonderful facilityandstaff. We knowshe's in good hands, whichputs our minds at ease. KathleenJ. My familyandI are so pleasedto knowthat our mother is well cared-for andsafe at BethanyHome. The owners andcaregivers show genuine concern for the residents and get to knowthem well. The home is always veryclean, and attentionis givento serving fresh foods. Mymother especiallylikes the activities. I highlyrecommendBethanyHome for their individualizedcare. Linda L.

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