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Published on December 29, 2016

Author: BethanyHomecare


1. Residential Care home Livermore Part – I At BethanyHomes, we realize each ofour residents has unique needs andwishes. Our RELATIONSHIP-BASED CARE PROGRAM ensures that a familiar staff member is always onhand to assist everyresident andensure that theyare exceedinglysatisfied with their qualityof life at our facility. For more details onour products and services, please feelfree to visit us at BoardandCare concord, ca, Alzheimer’s Care concord, ca & Alzheimer’s Care Facility concord, ca For more details, please feel free to log onto: Whether you are lookingfor anassistedliving boardandcare, or Alzheimer’s anddementia care home, we are confident that we can provide the care andlove your familymember needs. ASSISTED LIVING & CARE BethanyHome is a lovelyplace to call home. Here, residents canenjoythe pampering andcare of assistedliving and receive the extra helpthat theyneed. Our residents live ina comfortable home environment and have the assistance of qualifiedcaregivers availableto themat all times. Inour care program, we customize service plans to meet individualneeds. We focus ongiving eachof our residents their independence, while stillproviding the care theyrequire. ALZHEIMER'S & MEMORY CARE We trainour loving team-members to make sure eachresident is safe, dignified, andthat we maximize their quality of life in anywaywe can. Inour Alzheimer’s andMemorycare programs we offer peace ofmindto families, ensuring that their loved one is properlycaredfor in a loving andnurturing environment. PARTNERING WITH HOSPICE CARE Workingwith hospice professionals, we provide compassionate comfort care to patients livingwith a serious or terminal illness. We offer a wide range ofsupport that focuseson the physical, emotional, andspiritualneeds of our residents andtheir families, helping themmake the most of everyday. SHORT-TERMSTAYS A short-term stayis convenientlyavailable to provide familieswithpeace ofmind. Whether a loved-one needs post hospitalization care, the caregiver goeson vacation, or you simplywant to tryout living at BethanyHome, a short-termstayin one of our care homes is a convenient option. IN-HOME CARE

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