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Published on March 12, 2014



Last Updated: Jan. 2014 Pla$orm  Evangelist   Chris  Haddad   Reshape  Integra8on   Beyond  The  ESB  

2   About  the  Presenter   ๏  Worked  with  Enterprise  Architecture   Teams  for  many  years  and  on   transforma8ve  ini8a8ves   ๏  Success  and  Failure  of  SOA   ๏  Applica8on  Pla$orm  Strategy   ๏  Learn  more  about  me   ๏  Profile   ๏  @cobiacomm  on  TwiMer   ๏  Blog    hMp://   ๏  On  Google+  too  

Why  Think  Beyond  the  ESB?         Increasingly  Complex  Requirements

Join  The  Now  Genera8on   ๏  Time  to  create  project  workspace   ๏  Time  to  build,  integrate,  test   ๏  Time  to  approve,  promote   ๏  Time  to  deploy,  release   ๏  Dwell  8me  –  8me  wai8ng  for  the  next   opera8on  to  commence  or  complete

Web  1.0  Presenta.on   •  Web  sites   •  Brochure-­‐ware   •  E-­‐mail   •  Mass  marke8ng   •  Sta8c  informa8on   delivery   Web  2.0  Transac.onal   •  E-­‐Commerce   •  Social  networks   •  So]ware  as  a  Service   •  Search   •  Recommenda8ons   and  status     Web  3.0  Community   •  Massive  Data-­‐driven   •  Mobile   •  Ad  hoc  groups   •  Self-­‐Selec8on  and   Social   •  Ecosystems   •  Contextual  and   Personalized   3/12/14   5   Evolve  with  The  Web  Channel     Social  Community,  Context,  and  Ecosystems  

Today,  APIs  Drive  Everything   Source:

Enterprise  Integra8on  Core   §  Business  compe88veness  is  defined  by  being  more  agile   and  able  to  create,  manage  and  handle  new  business   processes   §  Systems  should  be  integrated  to  work  together   §  Enables  free  data  flow  across  the  organiza8on   §  Improves  produc8on  and  management  efficiency   §  Applica8on  users  can  make  beMer  decisions  

Accelerate   interac.ons   inside  and   outside  the   organiza.on     Reduce   interac.on   fric.on  and  cost     Increase   engagement  and   enhance   produc.vity           Sense     business  ac.vity   and     automa.cally   adapt     Beyond  Breaking  Down  Silos

Connected  Business  Reference  Architecture  


Integra8on  accelerates  interac8ons  inside  and   outside  your  organiza8on   1  1  1    

Enterprise  Service  Bus     Component  Architecture  

14   Enterprise  Integra8on  PaMerns   ๏  Na8ve  Support  for  ALL  Enterprise  Integra8on  PaMerns   ๏  Content-­‐based  Router   ๏  Command  Message   ๏  Message  Filter   ๏  Message  SpliMer   ๏  Message  Aggregator   ๏  EIP  Reference  available  at  :  hMp:// Integra8onPaMerns/Enterprise+Integra8on+PaMerns+with +WSO2+ESB  

15   Think  Beyond  the  ESB  

16   Accessibility:  API  Centric  Reach  

API-­‐centric  Focus   A  Managed  API  is:   ๏  Ac8vely  adver8sed  and  subscribe-­‐able   ๏  Available  with  SLAs   ๏  Secured,  authen8cated,  authorized  and  protected   ๏  Monitored  and  mone8zed  with  analy8cs  

API-­‐centric  Integra8on  Capabili8es   ๏  Expose  APIs  for  public  consump8on   ๏  Extend  your  business  through  APIs.   ๏  API  Branding   ๏  Expose  APIs  for  internal  consump8on   ๏  Manage  the  APIs  used  in  internal  applica8ons   ๏  Detect  Usage  PaMerns   ๏  Internal  Mone8za8on   ๏  Control  Access  to  Cloud  Services   ๏  Manage  and  Secure  access  from  internal  applica8ons  to  cloud  services  (SalesForce,   Google  Apps,  etc.)  and  between  cloud-­‐to-­‐cloud  interac8ons  

Open  API  and  Collabora8on  

Think  Beyond  Interoperate,  Route,  Transform  

Cau8onary  Warning   When  teams  don’t  communicate   Teams  re-­‐build  rather  than  re-­‐use   •  APIs  proliferate  (100s  of  APIs)  and  are  minimally  re-­‐used     •  Minimal  communica8on  and  coordina8on   •  Who  is  consuming  API?   •  Who  is  wri8ng  re-­‐usable  APIs?   •  Prevalent  SOA  An8-­‐paMerns   •  Not  Invented  Here  (NIH)   •  Tight  Coupling  and  Build  again   •  Shared  API  invisibility   •  Teams  do  not  know  about  API   •  Non-­‐func8onal  and  func8onal  requirements  are  not  well  documented   •  Teams  can  not  easily  map  API  to  needed  business  capability  

22   Applica8on  Service  Governance     ๏  Govern  all  aspects     ๏  Descrip8ons   ๏  Consump8on   ๏  Usage   ๏  Discovery   ๏  Lifecycle   ๏  Policies   ๏  Dependency  Management  &   Impact  Analysis  

Adopt  Best  Prac8ces   From  SOA  lessons  learned,  best  prac.ces  roles     • Creator   •  Builds,  manages,  and  versions  API   •  Understand  business  and  technical  requirements   •  Cares  about  usage  and  scaling   •  Seeks  feedback,  ra-ngs,  usage   • Publisher   •  Publishes,  Promotes  and  encourages  consumers  to  adopt  APIs   •  Determines  usage  paMerns  and  how  to  best  mone8ze  asset   •  Monitors  and  secures   • Consumer   •  Understands  the  interface  defini8on     •  Subscribes  and  connects  applica8on  to  API   •  Monitors  own  usage  and  cost  basis   •  Provides  feedback  and  ra8ngs  

24   API  Access  Tokens   ๏  OAuth2  standard  compliant   ๏  Pre-­‐generated  Access  Token:  can  be  used  from  an   applica8on,  to  iden8fy  the  applica8on  itself   ๏  On-­‐demand  Access  Token:  generated  via  API  call,  using   Consumer  Key  and  Consumer  Secret  -­‐  Iden8fies  the  end   user  of  an  applica8on  (web  applica8ons,  mobile   applica8ons)    

25   Access  Token  Management  

Beyond  Point  to  Point  Integra8on  Flows   26  

27   Ac8on  Step:  Monitor  And  Analyze   ๏  Monitor  millions  of  events,   leveraging  highly  scalable  NoSQL   database   ๏  Common  Events  Collector     ๏  Take  decisions  in  real  8me   through  Complex  Event   Processing   ๏  Create  dashboards  for  both   technical  and  business  monitoring  

Integrate  Messaging  with   Batch  Analy8c  Founda8on   28  

Monitor  Business  Ac8vity  

Integrate  Real-­‐8me  Analy8cs   ๏  Processing  Data  on  the  fly,  while   storing  a  minimal  amount  of   informa8on  and  responding  fast   (from  <1  ms  to  few  seconds)   ๏  Idea  of  Event  streams     ๏  A  series  of  events  in  8me     ๏  Enabling  technologies     ๏  Stream  Processing  (Storm)   ๏  Complex  Event  processing     (Siddhi)  

Complex  Event  Processing  Affinity  with  Messaging  

Gain  Insight,  Take  Ac8on   32  

Bring  Integra8on  Flows  into  your  standard   lifecycle  

34   Adop8on  Roadmap   ๏  Create  APIs   ๏  WSO2  Applica8on  Server,  Data  Services  Server  and  ESB   ๏  Find  and  subscribe/buy  APIs   ๏  API  Store  and  Governance   ๏  Manage,  secure  and  protect  APIs   ๏  API  Management  and  Gateway     ๏  Monitor  and  Mone8ze  APIs   ๏  API  Monitoring  and  Analy8cs   ๏  Gain  Insight  and  Take  Ac8on   ๏  Complex  Event  Processing,  Business  Ac8vity  Monitoring,  Business  Process  Workflow   ๏  Host  integra8on  flows  and  APIs  on  Integra8on  as  a  Service   ๏  WSO2  Private  PaaS,  WSO2  App  Factory,  API  Cloud  


36   WSO2  Business  Model   Making  You  Successful!  

Recommended  Reading   ๏  SOA  and  API  Convergence   ๏  hMp://­‐whitepaper-­‐soa-­‐and-­‐api-­‐convergence-­‐strategy-­‐ and-­‐tac8cs/   ๏  Applica8on  Services  Governance   ๏  hMp://­‐services-­‐governance-­‐automate-­‐it-­‐best-­‐ prac8ces-­‐and-­‐enforce-­‐effec8ve-­‐and-­‐safe-­‐applica8on-­‐service-­‐delivery/     ๏  Promo8ng  Service  Re-­‐use  with  API  Management   ๏  hMp://­‐service-­‐reuse-­‐within-­‐your-­‐enterprise-­‐and-­‐ maximizing-­‐soa-­‐success   ๏  Reshape  Reference  Architecture:  Why,  What,  How   ๏  hMp://­‐reference-­‐architecture-­‐why-­‐ what-­‐how/  

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