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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: matildefernandes


PowerPoint Presentation: India, Brazil, the Middle East, and China were projected to be the important emerging markets to offer growth opportunities in 2013 Market uncertainty, rising competition, regulatory changes, and responses to pricing pressure emerged as the leading business concerns for the global power industry in 2013 Overall, for 2013, average size of the annual procurement budget for global power industry buyer respondents was projected at USD 127.4 mn compared to USD 177.3 mn in 2012 and USD 168 mn in 2011 Price, level of service and delivery lead times are considered to be the most important factors for supplier selection in the global power industry Report Insights Report: Global Power Survey 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: Brand reputation, environmental records and CSR were considered to be the least important factors While 15% of buyer respondents from the global power industry were willing to implement e-procurement in 2013 or beyond, 46% were already at different stages of implementation (partially implemented, completely implemented, and evaluation or pilot use) Capital expenditure towards green initiatives, employee training and facility expansion was estimated to increase in 2013 The top three priorities for global power industry buyer respondents comprised improved operational efficiency, expansion of current market and focus on sustainability in 2013 Report Insights (Continued) Report: Global Power Survey 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: A total of 31% of respondents from fossil fuel generator companies, 68% of respondents from alternative power generator companies, and 51% of respondents from power industry supplier companies anticipated an increase in their current workforce in 2013 Survey results showed that respondents from the global power industry identified Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the US, and Australia as regions expected to offer the highest growth potential among developed countries during 2013 and 2014 Report Insights (Continued) Report: Global Power Survey 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: Extensive survey drawn from ICD Researchers exclusive panel of leading global power industry executives Data and analysis on buyer expenditure, procurement, and developments within the global power industry Key topics such as global power industry buyer expenditure and procurement behaviors and strategies Identification of threats and opportunities within the global power industry, economic outlook trends and business confidence within global power industry executives Report Coverage Report: Global Power Survey 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: Project industry trends and revenue growth expectations Understand business confidence to make informed business decisions Drive revenues by understanding future product investment areas and key growth regions Uncover key challenges and opportunities, and identify the key actions required to maintain and win buyer business Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by identifying how buyer budgets are changing and the direction of spending in the future Report Benefits Report: Global Power Survey 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: Effectively promote your business by aligning your capabilities and business practices with changing customer requirements Secure stronger customer relationships by understanding the behavior and changing strategies of industry buyers Report Benefits (Continued) Report: Global Power Survey 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: Table of Contents Introduction Executive Summary Dynamics Market Growth Outlook Threats and Opportunities Buyer Expenditure Activity Procurement Behaviors and Strategies Appendix Report: Global Power Survey 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: Publish date: Mar 23, 2013 Number of slides: 160 Geographic coverage: Global Available format: PDF, CD, Hardcopy Price for Single User License: USD 2,000 Price for Site License: USD 4,000 Price for Global User License: USD 6,000 Delivery Time: Within 1 business day Payment Modes: Credit/Debit Card, RTGS/Wire Transfer, Google Wallet, PayPal Report Details Report: Global Power Survey 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: Interested in this report? About Us Research on Global Markets is a leading source for market research on various sectors globally offering premium research content from worldwide publishers of market research reports For further information, get in touch with us: E-mail: Call: US: +1 866 325 7446 UK: +44 203 514 2363 Others: +91 22 4098 7600 Industry Segments Automotive & Transport Consumer goods Agriculture Food and Beverage Energy and Utilities Public Sector Manufacturing & Construction Healthcare Media & Entertainment IT, Telecom & Electronics Services Others To view more details regarding this premium market research report, Please click here

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