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Published on May 5, 2010

Author: mukeshduke


Slide 1: Research Methodology BY DUKE GROUP UNDER THE CANDID SUPPORT OF: Dr. ANKIT SINDHAV Dr. HARSH BINDAL Dr. AKANKSHA SHARMA Dr. MUKESH SINGH UNDER THE GUIDENCE OF ALL OF MY CLASSMATES & RESPECTED “PRIYA MAM” Contents : Contents What is research? Objective of research. Scientific research process. Research planning. Research design Slide 3: RESEARCH Research is a quest for knowledge through diligent search or investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of new knowledge. (WHO) Research is an art of scientific investigation. Definition Slide 4: RESEARCH A systematized effort to gain new knowledge (Redman). A careful investigation or inquiry specially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge (Advanced learners’ Dictionary) Definition OBJECTIVES:- : OBJECTIVES:- To portray accurately the characteristics of a particular Individual, Situation or Group. To determine the frequency of occurrence of Situations. To gain familiarity with a phenomenon or to achieve new insights into it. To test Hypothesis. Slide 6: Scientific Research Steps Formulation of problems Setting research objectives Designing the study Methods of data collection Statistical analysis Interpretation and dissemination of the results research design : research design It indicates a plan of action to be carried out in connection with a proposed research work. It is a basic guidelines for research which ensures that the action & activities are going in the right way or not. Research design is the logical, systematic and sequential planning and directing a piece of research. Components of research design : Components of research design Title of the problem. Nature of the study. Objective of the study. Scope of the study. Survey of literature. Conceptualization of term used. Formulation of hypothesis. continued ……… : continued ……… Selection of hypothesis. Selection of sample. Data collection. Report writing. Bibliography. Factors affecting research design : Factors affecting research design Availability of sufficient data. Availability of time. Availability of resources. External factors. Result desired. Presentation in brief : Presentation in brief Title of the Article Abstracts A brief summary of the work done. Major observations and results. Introduction Name of the problem Clear reasons for understanding the particular research. Put forward the hypothesis. Enumerate aim and objectives of the study. Slide 12: 4. Review of Literature 5. Materials and Methods Definition of population under study Selection of sample Nature of study Ruling out the observational and instrumental errors. 6. Results Presentation of data. Slide 13: Analysis of the results Unbiased statistical analysis 8. Discussions Compare the results obtained in your work with those in the literature. Discuss the reasons for differences and similarities Mention pitfalls in your study. Slide 14: 9. Conclusion: A short account of findings. 10. Recommendations or constructive suggestion 11. Acknowledgements 12. Bibliography or References 13. Appendices Slide 15: CONCLUSION Slide 16: QUESTION SESSION Slide 17: Thank you all

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