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Information about Research Areas and CRPs for CIAT Asia

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: CIAT


Research Areas and CRPs for CIAT and CIAT in Asia Certainly, CASSAVA has a huge potential to improve farm productivity for the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. Need to develop appropriate strategies for cassava sector.

Cassava production systems Dissemination of the best adopted cassava varieties and better agronomy (including IPM and soil), to boost profits as well as yields while maintaining natural resources and its environment. Therefore, cassava systems should apply “ReduceRecycle-Reuse” concept in cassava-based systems: ecoefficient agriculture.

Our CIAT roles  Testing/evaluating/ recommendations with national partners (agriculture research and extension staff) and local farmers.  Promoting and advocating best adopted varieties and agronomic practices (up coming farmers’ cassava manual).  Educating about cassava-based crop and livestock systems and participating in the policy making process.

Recommendations: for improved cassava-based cropping systems options in the specific agro-ecological location.  Those recommended management options should be technical and economically feasible, socially acceptable, and environmentally sustainable.  Building capacity into research and extension systems in participatory ways.

Development / Technical Assistance Grant Projects funded by the Nippon Foundation and IFAD • Nippon Foundation Support for Cassava-Based Research for Development – 4 phases – – – – • 1993 to 1998 1999 to 2003 2004 to 2008 2009 to 2012 (Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia) (Thailand, Viet Nam, China) (Cambodia, Laos, -- with some activities in Myanmar, Viet Nam, China) (Cambodia, Laos) IFAD – “Participatory Research for Development in the Uplands” (PRDU): 2003-2008 – Viet Nam, China, Laos – In Viet Nam: Tuyen Quang & Ha Giang – Cassava, Forages, Livestock, other crops, participatory research methods • IFAD – “Biofuels Project” (managed by ICRISAT): Viet Nam and China 2008-2010 • IFAD – “Food, Feed, Fuel, and Fibre for a Greener Future” (4FGF): 2009-2013 – Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Laos – In Viet Nam: Bac Kan & Quang Binh – Cassava Production, adding value through processing, livestock feeding, and improved market linkages – Research partnerships in Viet Nam: RCRDC, NOMSFSI, NIAS

Roots, Tubers, and Bananas (RTB) Consortium Research Project (CRP) on Cassava Postharvest Processing “Driving livelihood improvements through demand-oriented interventions for competitive production and processing of RTBs” Oct 2013 to Dec 2015 • Part 1 – Livestock Feeding with Cassava Starch Processing Residues – Partners: Livestock Feeding Consultant National Institute of Agricultural Sciences • Part 2 – Crop Management for Sustainable Increase in Cassava Production (in areas supplying small-scale cassava processing enterprises) – Partners: Root Crops Research and Development Center (FCRI, VAAS) Northern Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (VAAS)

RTB Post-Harvest Project Site Selection and Preparatory Activities • Scoping Visit to Yen Bai and Phu Tho provinces -- Dec 2013 • Focus Group Discussions with stakeholders (Cassava Farmers, Smallscale wet starch processors, Livestock feeders) at selected sites – Vinh Kien and Phuc An communes in Yen Binh district, Yen Bai province – Dec 2013 • Cassava crop harvest sampling in Vinh Kien and Phuc An communes – Jan 2014 • Processing Efficiency Survey (input-output analysis) with CIRAD in Vinh Kien and Phuc An communes – Jan 2014 • Formation of Livestock Feeding Farmer Groups in Vinh Kien and Phuc An communes – Jan 2014 • Focus Group Discussions with stakeholders to understand potential gender issues -- Feb 2014 • Baseline household surveys – Mar 2014

RTB Post-Harvest Project Livestock Feeding – Trainings and Trials (2014) • Farmer Training on Feed Preparation and Feeding Trial Management in Vinh Kien and Phuc An communes – Jan 2014 • Feed preparation for Feeding Trials in Phuc An commune – Feb 2014 • First Round of on-farm demonstration feeding trials in Phuc An commune – Mar-Jun 2014 • Farmer field days at conclusion of feeding trials – Jun 2014 • Analysis of 1st round of feeding trials, design treatments for 2nd round • Second Round of on-farm demonstration trials in Phuc An commune – Aug-Nov 2014

RTB Post-Harvest Project Crop Management Trials (2014) • Formation of Cassava Farmer interest groups in Vinh Kien and Phuc An communes, Selection of collaborating farmers and training on trial implementation & management – Mar 2014 • Planting on-farm demonstration trials Varieties / Fertilizers -- RCRDC – Variety trials (5 vars: KM 21-12, Rayong 9, Rayong 72, controls: KM 94, La Tre) 4 HH/commune * 2 communes = 8 trials, 4 replicates each – Balanced fertilizer rate comparison trials (5 treatments: ??? ) 4 HH/commune * 2 communes = 8 trials, 4 replicates each Sloping lands management trials -- NOMAFSI – Intercropping / forage grass strip hedgerows (5 treatments) 4 HH/commune * 2 communes = 8 trials, 1 replicate each (sites as reps) – Conservation tillage / forage grass strip hedgerows (5 treatments) 4 HH/commune * 2 communes = 8 trials, 1 replicate each (sites as reps)

RTB Post-Harvest Project Integration of Variety Improvement and Crop Management Research • Part 2 of Post-harvest Project includes funding for a Cassava Breeder in Asia (HAN) and funding for laboratory equipment for molecular breeding at AGI • (?) After arrival of breeder -- Organize a national workshop in (cassava breeders and agronomists) from research institutions in Vietnam for breeders and agronomists to discuss strategies and activities for “sustainable yield increase”. Possible topics (among others): – breeding strategies and collaborative work to systematically evaluate varieties in multi-locational trials – yield gap analysis for selected sites (including socio-economic and gender studies) – (previous, on-going, and planned) soil fertility management trials and technologies for soil erosion control • (?) Similar workshop organized regionally in following year

RTB Post-Harvest Project Opportunities and Implementation Challenges Opportunities • work programmatically as interdisciplinary team to improve cassava-based livelihoods (agronomy, breeding, gender, processing, livestock feeding) Implementation Challenges • Multiple partnerships (coordination, contracts, etc.) • Develop research for development platforms for scaling-out • Improving quality of data in on-farm research • Increasing farmer participation in on-farm research (learning from farmers) • Developing technologies with significant impact for up-take (livestock feeding) • Understanding and responding to gender relevant issues for equitable development • Interaction with other CRPs ? (Humid Tropics, CCAFS-CSV)

SNV-CIAT Project: Inclusive Business Models to Promote Sustainable Smallholder Cassava Production (IBC) • Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam Jan 2013 to Jun 2015 – Cambodia: Kampong Cham (2 companies) – Laos: Champasak (2 companies), Salavanh (1 company) – Viet Nam: Quang Binh (2 companies) • Objective: To develop and promote sustainable production and business models in which smallholder farmers adopt sustainable cassava production methods and are integrated into the value chains of processing enterprises to form profitable long-term business relationships with increased environmental sustainability for both production and processing • Cassava Witches Broom Disease (with CBB) is a serious threat to livelihoods of smallholder cassava farmers and viability of industries in Cambodia and southern Laos.

Proposed Immediate Interventions to Address CWBD Crisis at IBC sites in Kampong Cham and southern Laos (some activities) -- (1 of 2) • Farmer/Extensionist Field Days on identification of diseased cassava and selection and management of planting materials (3 IBC communes in early Mar 14) – – – – Farmers, extensionists, factory representatives, traders Pictures as posters / handouts to participants Compare yields from infected and asymptomatic plants (5 each) Recommendations for destruction of diseased plants, replanting from asymptomatic plants • Locate / Verify “clean” planting material (early Mar 14) – As source for replacement planting (stems) and rapid multiplication (minimal node cuttings at BU, another facility in Laos ?) – Sampling & laboratory analysis by EPDP partners (Cambodia, Laos, VN)? • Replacement Planting (contiguous block) with “clean stems” (3 IBC communes in Kampong Cham in April/May) …

Proposed Immediate Interventions to Address CWBD Crisis at IBC sites in Kampong Cham and southern Laos (some activities) -- (2 of 2) … • National Stakeholder Workshop on Emergency Actions to Rehabilitate Cassava Production (Cambodia – April 2014?) – GDA, PDA from cassava-growing provinces, companies and traders (in Kampong Cham), CIAT, SNV, donors: IFAD (Cambodia, Lao, Viet Nam, Rome?), ADB, AusAID, USAID, others ? – Organized by CIAT-SNV and CIAT-EPDP – Awareness raising – Present options and action plans for large-scale response • Seed systems • Roll-out (with government and private sector) -- replacement planting • Monitoring impacts – Appeal for Emergency Project Funding: “Developing Clean Seed Systems to Safeguard Sustainable Cassava-Based Livelihoods and Viability of Starch and Livestock Feed Industries”

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