Requirements for IoT platform technology

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Information about Requirements for IoT platform technology

Published on December 29, 2016

Author: marikkie


1. Requirement What should you be asking as an OEM? Why is this important? SECURE Is the network secure by design? 2015 was “The Year of the Cyber Attack”. 2016 wasn’t any less confronting. Cyber Security should be a concern for any user or owner of connected devices. Adding network connectivity to any “thing” can certainly provide great value but also brings with it potential risks. SCALABLE How scalable is it and is that scalable enough? What determines scalability? Depending on your business case/ use case you would want to scale up and integrate new devices simple and easy - with as little reconfiguration, extra interfaces, gateways, routers as possible. RESILIENT How resilient is the network? Does it have self-organizing/ self healing qualities? Are there single point of failures? (number of master/ slave relations in the network?) The level of resilience impacts your down-time, maintenance costs, operational costs and the end-user experience. MOBILE How easy can moving assets and people be tracked and traced? And with what accuracy? And how important is this to you now and in the future? Buildings are highly dynamic environments. Assets and people move everywhere all the time. Can your IoT platform handle that (most can't - > IP based) ADDRESSABILITY How many nodes (smart assets) can be addressed in 1 group? (e.g. Can lights can be a part of more than one light scene) The addressability impacts the scalability but also the simplicity of commissioning and the flexible application of nodes to fit one or more purposes. INTEGRATED (publish + subscribe) Can nodes also communicate with each other? (Can sensors and actuators exchange real time set-points and states? ) If nodes can both publish and subscribe to messages, the network becomes highly agile (easy to commission/ flexible) INDEPENDENT Does the network depend on the cloud/third party providers? Or can it operate as self-operating network? How much control do you have over the ownership of the data/ network? The level of independency impacts the security and operational costs. Depending on the infrastructure (back office in the cloud?) and the business model of your solution provider you will have more or less control over your data, the network and its costs. RADIO AGNOSTIC On what frequency does the protocol operate? And at what strength (mWatts)? What are the duty cycles? It can get crowded at certain frequency. Can the protocol operate on other frequencies, and what are the parameters that influence its reliability and its distortion rate? OVER-THE-AIR VERSION UPDATES How easy can devices be updated. In case of a system update, would you need to update devices manualy? Or does the network allow for OTA updates? Depending on the amount of nodes and updates an OTA update feature can have a huge impact on operational costs and down time. Imagine having to manually update all devices? IoT Technology for Smart Building Services (OEM)

2. Benchmarked MYRIA MESH ZIGBEE ZWAVE LORA 6LOWPAN WIFI BLE MESH** SECURITY Strong encryption and authentication (Aes CCM) protects the network traffic from eavesdropping and tampering. Each node has a unique id, allowing it to obtain authenticated updates.Chess Wise uses Hardware security Modules (HsM), similar to those used in the banking industry. This provides optimal protection of all product keys, both public and private, with a 128 bit AES encryption standard. SCALABILITY Contrary to iP based, hierarchical networks, MyriaMesh is heterarchical and scalable to more than 10,000 different devices, allowing one network to control ‘everything’ for seamless platform integration. RESILIENCY The network’s collective intelligence deploys and restores (new) nodes automatically. in short: MyriaMesh is self-organizing and self- healing and has no single point of failure. MOBILITY Contrary to IP based connectivity platforms, MyriaMesh allows for easy tracking of mobile of nodes for example to support track & trace applications. ? ADDRESSABILITY MyriaMesh can address 65k nodes in 1 group. All nodes are equally able to reach peers, groups or all nodes. One device can be a member of 8 groups simultaneously. PUBLISH & SUBSCRIBE CONTROLLAYER MyriaMesh’s universal network language enables sensors and actuators to exchange real time set-points and states (e.g turn light at 70% during daylight-state) that allows for simple (re)configuration. ? INDEPENDENCY A MyiaMesh network can operate independently. Its nodes have a collective intelligence that -together- manage the network’s individual applications. Connection to complementary cloud (management) applications is simple but optional. OVER-THE-AIR VERSION UPDATES MyriaMesh is radio agnostic. Its protocol operates on short range (smart building) as well as long range frequencies (smart city/ outdoor). No legal liability or other responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of Chess-Wise for any errors, omissions, or statements on this benchmark, or any sheets of this presentation. Please contact us if you have relevant input or remarks for updates.

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