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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: BenJane



A presentation that is part of the L2 Gym instructor course

CV fitness Theory HPAC04

 Cardiovascular Fitness  Stamina  Endurance  Cardio-respiratory fitness Aerobic Fitness

The ability to take in, transport and utilise oxygen Aerobic Capacity

What activities would constitute aerobic exercises... Devise a generic definition. Aerobic Fitness

Any activity which is rhythmic in nature, continuous and uses Large muscle groups under low to moderate tension over an extended period of time. Aerobic Fitness

 List the benefits of completing regular cardiovascular exercise... Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

 Increase in exercise tolerance  Reduction in body weight  Reduction in blood pressure  Reduction in LDL and total cholesterol  Increase in HDL cholesterol  Increase in insulin sensitivity Benefits of Regular Exercise on Cardiovascular Risk Factors

(McArdle, 2010) Cardiovascular Adaptations

Exercise Prescription Prescribing & Monitoring Effort

Start Active, Stay Active  150 minutes moderate intensity activity in a week, or  75 min vigorous  Minimise sedentary time Activity Guidelines

What HR should be used for a training intensity? Programming Intensity

Programming Intensity Gellish, R.L. et al. (2007); Robergs et al, (2002)

RPE – Borg Scale

Monitoring intensity

Aerobic Zones 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% - 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Moderate Aerobic Zone Weight management Zone Aerobic Fitness Zone Peak Performance Zone Red Line Zone

 How else can we monitor intensity?? Monitoring intensity

CV workouts in different modes of exercise Applying the principles

 In the following modes of exercise what variables can be altered to manage the intensity of activity? Cycling Walking Swimming Aerobics Concept II rowing Aquarobics Managing Variables

Gym  Exercise To Music  Aqua  Feedback on specific modes

 LSD  Interval  Fartlek Managing Variables

Gym based cardiovascular exercise Using the machines

Machine Consoles

Heart Rate Zone Training

Concept II monitor display

Teaching cv exercise Applying the theory in practice

 Know the techniques  Know the progressions  Use the machines (gym)  Demonstrate the exercise  Coach the exercise  Observe and correct  Monitor and control exercise intensity Teaching cv exercise

 I - Introduce the machine  D – Demonstrate the machine  E – Explain the set up and key teaching points  A – Get the client “active”, let them have a go and observe and correct Teaching cv exercise

 Recap what we have discussed. TASK: Plan a CV workout on a piece of gym equipment •Teaching Points •Programme design Ch 14 Robergs, R.A. and Landwehr, R. (2002) The surprising history of the “HRmax=220-age” equation.. JEPonline. 5(2):1-10 [full text] Gellish, R.L. et al. (2007) Longitudinal modelling of the relationship between age and maximal heart rate. Med.Sci.Sports Exerc. 39, 822 Summary More resources here

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