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Published on July 25, 2009

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ANATOMY OFREPRODUCTIVE ORGAN : ANATOMY OFREPRODUCTIVE ORGAN dr.BAMBANG WIDJANARKO. SpOG School of Medicine and Health Jakarta Muhammadiyah University FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN : FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN EXTERNAL GENITAL Vulva : Female genital apparatus that are externally visible in the perineal region. Mons Veneris – MV  overlying the symphisis pubis, is a fatty prominence covered by crisp, curly hair.Labia Majora - LMa   : Contain abundance of adipose tissue. Labia Minora - LMi    : a thin . Firm, pigmented, redundant fold of skin which anteriorly split ti enclose the clitoris FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN : FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN EXTERNAL FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN Clitoris – GC a small, cylindrical, erectile organsituated at the lower border of the symphis Meatus Urethra - UO   Situated upon a slight papilllalike elevation 2 cm below clitoris   Himen - H  a thin, vascularized membrane which separates the vagina from the vestibule Perineum -.PC   a short part between inferior border of vulva to anus . FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN : FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN INTERNAL GENITALIA Vagina : flattened tube extending posterosuperior from hymenal ring at the introitus up to the fornices that sorround the cervik Cervik : lower part of the uterus. Generally 2 – 3 cm in length Uterus  :  consist of the cervix and the uterine corpus, which are joined by the isthmus Tuba Falopii : The oviducts are bilateral muscular tubes about 10 cm in length. Ovary: is an OVUM producing reproductive organ, o found in pairs as part of the Female reproductive system Ovaries in females are homolog to testes in males, in that they are both gonad and endocrine glands Slide 6: FU = Fundus Uteri CU = Corpus Uteri Cx = Servik IO = Ostium Internum EO = Ostium eksternum FV = Fornix Vagina V = Vagina OL = Ligamentum Ovarium BL = Ligamentum Latum FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN : FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN SUPPORT OF UTERUS AND ADNEKSA Ligamentum ROTUNDUM Ligamentum SACROUTERINA Ligamentum LATUM Ligamentum CARDINALE Slide 9: OVARIUM Slide 12: Do AC = Dorsal artery of Clitoris De AC = Deep artery of Clitoris AB = Artery of the Bulb DTP = Deep Tranversus Perineal Muscle IF = Inferior Rascia of Diafragma AC = Artery of Clitoris PA = Perineal Artery PLA = Posterior Labia;l Artery IPA = Inferior Pudendal Artery IHA = Inferior Haemorrhoidalis Artery IRF = Ischio Rectal Fossa TP = Tranverse Perineal Artery Slide 13: PELVIC DIAFRAGMA FROM ABOVE Slide 15: ABDOMINAL WALL MALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN : MALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN Suggested Reading : Suggested Reading Hoyte L Jakab M , Warfeld SK: Levator ani thickness variation in symptomatic and asymptomatic women using magnetic resonancebased 3-dimensional collor mapping. Am J Obstet Gynecol 191:856, 2004 John W. Kimball. Kimball's Biology Pages, and online textbook^ Sexual Reproduction in Humans. 2006. Krantz KE : Anatomy of The Female Reproductive System in Current Obstetric & Gynecologic Diagnosis & Treatment 9th ed McGraw-Hill Co, 2003 Marchetti DL : Gynecologic Anatomy in The Care Of The Gynecologic Obstetric Patient Mosby 1997 Michael H. Ross and Wojciech Pawlina^ Histology, A Text and Atlas by, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 5th ed, 2006 Moore KL: Clinical Oriented Anatomy 4th ed Lippincott William & Wilkins, 1999 Netter FH et al: The Ciba Collection of Medical Illustrations. Vol 2: Reproductive System Novartis Medical Education, 1986 Umek WH, Morgan DM et al : Quantitative analysis of uterosacral ligament origin and insertion point by magnetic resonance imaging. Obstet Gynecol 103;447,2004 sekian : sekian Send Massage and Comment to : dr.Bambang Widjanarko, SpOG

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