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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: liamgrantham96


PowerPoint Presentation: T arget Audiences And Social Demographic Research By Liam Grantham Member of ‘Blind Feline Productions’ PowerPoint Presentation: Alfred Hitchcock defines a thriller film as- “ placing an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation’. The typical person who can watch a thriller is someone who seeking to escape and indulge into a surreal position that they wouldn’t be able to come across in there everyday life, but could still associate these surreal situations in there everyday life with a lot of aspects in films coming from everyday scenes. However, as in any genre there is a certain demographic group that you associate with that specific genre, this is what the producers do when they categorise there film into the market. PowerPoint Presentation: G E N D E R. . . In our production, ‘Formula’ the representation of the genders are explored vigorously in detail. The masculinity within the production is represented in two contradicting ways. One being the positive view of intelligence and courage that the primary protagonist- professor ‘Nickels’ associates with bringing mind over matter, as he alone represents your traditional man as he isn’t what you’d say it a extraordinary human being on the outside a clear example of this is when we see his mid set deform as his clothing gets more and more creased and un-kept as he walks down the street, this rectifies how even though he is our main protagonist, we still see weakness physically and mentally. The reason for this being to represent the usual male in general as one who does have struggles in life. On the other side, we have a very dangerous, isolated and psychopath, which comes in the form of ‘Billy Connor’s’- the primary antagonist in the production. These negative attributes Billy Connors has is to emphasise the hidden man that may lie with in, as an isolated one that the rest of society doesn’t get, therefore driving him away into insanity. We see the manipulative nature given off when we see him attack ‘Nickels’ from behind this shows the cowardly nature. The twos outfit (One section of mise en scene) connotates two different messages. The purity of the white coat shows the professor as a clean, good human being whereas the black sinister coat Billy Connor’s wears connotates a much more hesitant message as being jaundiced. PowerPoint Presentation: M ISE E N S CENE… And a touch of Camera The primary location within our opening sequence is based around many various suburban land, for example the London University, then the normal suburban street which was used for numerous takes. The use of such a normal location issued how close the film is to everyday life, as these locations are ones that our audience can relate to, a clear example of this is the school; which the younger generation who we are appealing for are attracted to as they are going through the same stage in life, but also the middle aged majority, who are looking back and can associate with the plot as they’ve been there and experienced it at first hand. The costumes used in the production do reach out to both these social groups one again, as ‘Nickels’ wears a very smart and formal clothing range conotating your typical adult whereas ‘Billy Connors’ wears much more gothic clothing, with the heavy handed dull colours rectifying how he's a dark shadow in society that a small minority of teenagers may feel inside, which isolates him from the rest of the crew in the production. The lighting is another aspect in which offers different representations of the two. We often see the high key lighting for the protagonist which explains his positive vibe, however this changes when he is attacked by the antagonist. PowerPoint Presentation: T ARGET A UDIENCE: Person 1; Name- Jack Parsons Age- 17 Occupation- Student at college and working part time at the Co-op Hobbies- gaming, driving, house music and work Socio-economic demographic- Grade D Jack Parsons would come under a ‘struggler’ as he seeks escape from the usual world of a normal teenager. As well as the ‘Exploring’ nature he shows as wanting to explore discovery. Person 2; Name- David Graham Age- 48 Occupation- salesmen Hobbies- Football and golf Socio-economic demographic- grade B David Graham would fit into the ‘Succeeders’ as he wants control over everything he puts himself in to match his work ethic which corresponds with person 1’s who is still growing up and seeks to aspire the latest craze. However they both do Want one thing and that is to be linked into the ‘Mainstreamers’ as seeking a comfort zone for the two to embed into their life's without having to worry on the pre judgement’s being made upon themselves and fellow peers around them.

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