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Published on September 24, 2015

Author: cindywhitebcms




3. What are these words talking about?


5. Negative numbers have a value smaller than 0.

6. Negative numbers are written with a minus sign in front of the number. You will use the word “negative” to name the minus sign.

7. Positive numbers have a value greater than 0.

8. Positive numbers can be written with a plus sign in front of the number. However you do not have to use any sign and can name the integer by speaking the number without saying the word “positive”.

9. Integers can describe situations using keywords

10. + - Write as many words for each as you can!

11. •My mom gave me $5. •I lost the $5 my mom gave me. •The mountain is 5 miles above sea level. •After lunch the temperature dropped 15 degrees.

12. Which situation would represented by a negative integer? a. A mountain climber descended 50 feet. b. The price of the bike increased $100. c. Jimmy Sue won $50. d. The elevator went up 5 floors.

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