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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: benjyj1997



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Media Representations Ben Jackson

Class A great example of class representation would be downtown abbey due to most of the characters being of a upper class, throughout the episodes we can understand this representation through their clothing (expensive, posh etc) and also through dialogue, their accents and the words that they say would stereotype as upper class speech in contrast to a lower-class worker who would be stereotyped to probably use slang. This shows that an upper class representation is very stereotypical of how they would dress/speak or act when with others as they usually have „gatherings‟ whereby they drink tea etc. Moreover a representation of a lower class is obviously much different, a perfect example of this would be in The Wire – a bunch of lower class African Americans are included in this drama, they are represented as poorly clothed struggling citizens who have to commit crimes just to feed their family, moreover they use bad language and most do not have proper jobs, this is similar to how a lower class representation would be in Britain however the clothing and language are changed slightly, this is most probably due to cultural differences.

Sexuality In recent episodes of Eastenders, the son of a very recently new character Mick has turned out to be gay – the mother (Linda) doesn‟t accept the fact that he is a homosexual and is very unsure about it, however the father Mick assures Johnny (the son) that it is fine to be the way he is and he will love his son no matter what, this is an effective representations of homosexuality because by some people it is still not accepted (i.e. – Linda) moreover it is starting to be more widely accepted more and more everyday in the present and to show audiences of Eastenders that he is accepted as a homosexual is a strong message

Disability In Coronation Street, a disabled character called Izzy Armstrong has a disability whereby she must use a wheelchair, however the representation of this character is very clever because the whole of character is portrayed for her and not her disability, for example she is given sympathy for her disability or shown being saddened or annoyed by the fact she is disabled, instead she is portrayed as a strong character who just wants to be accepted for a normal human being and not someone who needs help – Cherylee Houston the actor who plays this character quoted “They are keen on making it about the character and not the disability” this is also another strong message to the audience of Coronation street because it shows that someone with a disability does

Regional Identity In terms of regional identity, a good example of this type of representation would be CSI: Miami, as the location of the drama is already included in the title – an idea of how the characters will play out and what will happen would already hit the audiences heads before they even watch the show. Furthermore, most of the main characters in the show are seen as detectives or workers for the police department in the area – they are represented as high-class, important people who take their jobs seriously, moreover the citizens (when shown) also seem to be high-class (mainly) and serious people, this is a regional identity representation because the citizens of Miami, USA in this drama are mainly rich, important high-class workers. This would be different to a lower class representation, an example of this would be in Shameless, a drama set in Manchester, England – a lot of „rough‟ and poor characters are shown and this representation is seen from their clothing, speech (dialogue), houses and areas they live in and what they do: for example drink beer at a pub in the morning and stay there all day is not something an upper class worker would be seen doing, of course this is in terms of their stereotype.

Age Age representation is again a good example in Eastenders, because the characters vary so much in terms of their age the representations of all these characters are very different and also very effective. Young characters such as: Liam Butcher or Cindy Williams , these characters are both very mischievous in Eastenders – this is obviously a stereotype due to belief that teenagers are nothing but trouble, furthermore Liam is also presented in some good ways, for example he is very helpful to his Nan - Carol Jackson as she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. However Cindy on the other hand has only really been seen causing trouble, for example she has also found out in recent episodes that she is pregnant with TJ‟s baby. The representation of the younger characters in Eastenders is mainly stereotypical and not exactly great, however some good appearances of these characters are shown, reviving the stereotype that they‟re only trouble and portraying them as mature people who can be useful. As for older characters in Eastenders two characters who have recently been getting along much more and are seen talking in many more scenes than in previous years – Cora Cross and Patrick Trueman are both in very complicated and stressful situations with their families, this shows a representation that as you get older life doesn‟t ever get easier, some symbols of this are both characters usually seen very upset or angry, furthermore the characters are vulnerable because they are usually being walked all over by younger characters and aren‟t looked out for or cared for as much as they should be. The representation in terms of age for Eastenders is complicated however it does stick to stereotypical means mostly, however showing some different representations also – this would probably be to create a twist, but can also be an encouragement for change if

Ethnicity Ethnicity representations can be an exceedingly controversial topic in dramas, generally because of discrimination/stereotypical representations of characters which obviously can deeply offend some viewers, moreover representations are still made just not in terms of racist portrayals etc. Moreover, in The Wire, ethnicity is a very controversial representation; detectives and policemen (the law) are mostly white, important people who have dangerous tasks and help keep crime off the streets, the people causing this crime is mainly the African-American gangs and other citizens (the street), this is a big representation because it is showing a huge difference in black Americans to white Americans, some could even go as far to say the drama could be racist, however this would be un-realistic because a variety of ethnic groups are seen to be in „The Law‟ and „The Street‟ however this representation is in terms of the majority. Furthermore, this may be a clear and understandable representation of ethnicity for Americans. I feel if this were to a British show the representation would be much different, this is due to a lot of young white people in Britain who would also commit crimes and basically repeat what is shown in The Wire from the African American people.

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