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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: kriskirova


Representation Made by Kris Kirova

Introduction In order to understand representations we must understand the choices that are made when it comes to portraying something or someone in a mass media text. Looking at the Teen Movie genre we can easily identify 5 main stereotypes portrayed throughout the duration of the movie. These include:

The Nerd The typical nerds often have glasses that are way bigger than their head, suspenders, braces, huge bags, short/long frizzy hair. They often carry a lot of books in their hand whilst walking through the hallway. They are often really shy and awkward people who tend to use sophisticated language and scientific terms when it comes to communicating with their peers. The typical nerds are often found in the school library, science/math club, outside carrying out experiments or at a science fair. In movies such as: She's All That, Kick Ass and Spiderman we can often see a similar trend in fashion and representation of geeks/nerds.

Mean Girls The mean girls often wear short skirts, and are obsessed with the colour pink. Their daily attire consists of tops that are way too tight for their body which exposes their cleavage, high heels and the new and 'trendy' bag everyone wants to have but can't get. They wear a lot of makeup and their hair is styled until perfection. The 'Mean Girls' are usually very rich and spoilt girls which don't care about education, their main focus is their looks and making sure everyone else knows that they are the best. The mean girls are often seen at the mall, hallway and/or house party.

The Jock The jock is often seen with a baseball jacket and is a 'team captain' of a sport. He usually has jelled hair and the newest trainers/clothes in town. The Jock is usually wealthy and owns a nice sports car . He's quite tall and has the 'winning smile' almost every girl falls for in high school. The Jock is usually at a party, field, gym or diner hanging out with his group of friends. Other movies such as High School Musical, A Cinderella Story, and 21 Jump Street show similar ideas of 'Jock' characters.

The Weirdo/ Outcast The representation of the weirdo/outcast are usually goths, scenes and emos. They are represented to be very dark and 'satanic' people which usually stick with others which have similar interests. They wear black clothing, spikes, 'flippy' hair and lots of piercings. The goth kids usually don't interact and are often bullied by the jocks and more colourful individuals however, their intentions are always good if they're given a second glance and not a judgement based on their 'looks'. The goths, emos and scenes are usually found at home listening to music, or at a school hallway with other people having genuine discussions. Other movies in which this certain representation can be found are Easy A, 21 Jump Streets and Jennifer's Body.

The Token Black Guy The token black guy usually has an afro, oversized t-shirt, saggy trousers and snapbacks. They are usually on the sideline observing and using words like "Damn" , " dope", "yo" etc. The guy usually follows the crowd and tries to blend in and not create a lot of attention. These characters are represented in a very stereotypical way. They can be seen in Scream 3, Step Up & 21 Jump Street.

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