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Published on June 11, 2008

Author: Meetior



An aggressive repositioning strategy for a well-known, yet struggling brand.

A New Age is dawning… … let’s Start on a New Page! a production ?

Key Strategic Indicators • Brand Awareness – Gestetner has lost considerable share of mind, when considering the competitors and options in the marketplace – The brand identity itself is becoming dated – Limited target customer spectrum • Product Perception – Vague – Audiences are not totally aware of what „Gestetner‟ stands for, and what they provide – Dipstick research shows that most respondents‟ top of mind awareness regarding the product range, varies from “I‟m not sure” to “…those really expensive printers” – Bearing in mind this this is a perception – and perceptions can be changed • Key Strategic Alignment – Imperative to align your brand with strategic alliances which wider audience can identify with and relate to – Currently niche target audience – Perceived as aloof ?

Brand Awareness • Requirements – It is an imperative that Gestetner achieve a modicum of top of mind awareness before the launch of the new gelsprinter – The product is affordable to a wide spectrum of consumers and unless the consumer is aware of the product proposition – you will be the last brand they approach (especially bearing in mind the current affordability and product range perceptions) – The gelsprinter is a „funky‟, „techno‟ product, which would appeal to a younger target audience (who will first be able to understand the technology) – these will be your trendsetters • Objectives – Highly visible brand – Contentious, to a certain degree (I want to be the brand, in my field, people talk about) – Reposition the brand to include a wider audience spectrum – Messaging that will „speak‟ to the desired target audience, versus talk down to them ?

Product Perception • Requirements – Change the „new‟ target audience‟s perception of the product ranges and assortment – Accessibility to every sector of the market (physical and psychological) – User-friendly interfaces at every touch-point – Reassess the tone and manner in which you communicate the product promise – take it to a „conversational‟ level (after all, the purchaser still only wants to know what the bottom line is… and the relationship the is created) – There are very few customers who know the difference between competitive technologies (and possibly who care) • Objectives – To ensure a Gestetner „presence‟ in every office or home – This, in itself, will create cross and up-sell opportunities – Create a „psychological doorway‟, through the products, for prospective customers (this way please…) – KISS – “Keep it simple stupid” – find out what the customer wants from the product, and sell them only those F&B‟s ?

Key Strategic Alignment • Requirements – You lay with dogs, you wake up with fleas… – Recent studies have shown that who you associate with, largely determines who you are or what you stand for – Part of this study concentrated on brands who were associated with various social segments, i.e. Standard Bank with cricket, MTN with Soccer, Coca-Cola with everyone, etc – The study revealed that audiences have very distinct preconceived ideas about the associations brands have – One specific result was for Standard Bank and their alliance with cricket – The result was that audiences (by and large, though inconclusive) associated Standard Bank as being aloof, merely by the company they keep – The best results from the studies show that „responsibility for the environment‟ has a far greater appeal than does sport • Objectives – Strategic alliances are – Create associations that appeal to wider target audiences – Create a sense of belonging through associations – Develop associations which would create emotive trigger mechanisms, that will allow audiences to identify and empathise with the brand ?

Market Strengths • Whenever one is asked to audit a brand, you tend to focus on the negative aspects of the its failings, rather than isolate the strengths and embellish those • One aspect that is so transparent (using the 3 main competitors as comparison), is service • Just by looking at (1) which services you offer and (2) how your services are presented, place you so far apart from your competitors – Spectrum – Types of services – Nature of the services – One-to-one aspects – Perceived efficiency – Human interface • We need to dissect each area of service and analyse where we can adapt them slightly, to ascertain how we can embellish this offering even further, and make this accessible to a wider customer base • This is a segment of the business which could play a vital role in the marketing messaging, going forward ?

Market Strengths • Once we‟ve assisted in the re-launch of the Gestetner brand into the market place, we will be able to speak from a far stronger position when the new Gelsprinter is launched • If we can time it correctly, Gestetner will be perceived as the gel printing leaders in the market place • This will have addressed four of your key objectives: – Accessing a wider target audience – Addressing a younger, vibrant market – Rejuvenating and repositioning your brand – Making leeway into installing the Gestetner brand into a large number of household… • … which further addresses another two key issues – Cross-sell across your other “utility‟ products – Up-sell to your higher-end solutions ?

Iconology • Icons are graphic or visual representations of the brand • When launched thoroughly and sustained, can become a recognisable extension of the brand • The ultimate result is that the icon becomes a „spokesperson‟ for the brand • Brand have always attempted to create means in which they can simplify the psychological barriers of entry to your brand • Icons are easier on the eye, and in this communication saturated environment, an element that is quickly associated with the brand is identified with faster • Colours play a crucial role in iconology • If the colour within the current brand identity does not create the desired response, it‟s advisable to create a stronger, bolder, „call-to-action‟ colour • The objective of an icon is not to distract from the brand or diminish brand equity, but rather to create a single point of identity that works with the existing branding, in harmony, to compliment the brand values – as an endorsement • The icon will, if launched correctly, become indicative of what essence the brand communicates and how the targeted audience responds ?

Gestetner & Iconology • Due to the nature of Gestetner being an established international brand, we cannot reinvent or rejuvenate the corporate identity… – The current corporate identity is described as traditional, conservative (people who‟ve been in the communication industry for many years, recall the brand from their youth, and that it has not „evolved‟)… and for a technology brand, evolution is crucial • But, one can always add an icon to the brand that could be used as an element with which to reposition the brand architecture, which in turn will assist in: – Appealing to a different (in this case – younger audience) – Create new messaging subject and content – Use it as a promotional element to add personality traits to previously „staid‟ products and services – Facilitate huge potential for vial marketing – Top of mind awareness – Reposition your brand in a fast, cost-effective and efficient manner – Lift the tone and manner of your identity, in comparison with your competitor • What we are about to propose, will not only position you on par with your competitors… it will elevate your brand a few steps higher…! ?

Gestetner… The Icon • A short exercise to illustrate and introduce: – What is the most illusive object in the world? – Which subject sparks the most debate? – What object has been idolised? – Which object sparks passion? – Which object induces ecstasy? – What physical aspect has almost been mystified (dare I say disproportionately?) – Which element drives us to go beyond our physical boundaries? – What object ignites dialogue? – What object has generated intense discussion? – What object divides us, yet brings us closer together? – Which element does a man make it his life‟s quest yearning to find? – What object does a woman spend her life wondering why a man can‟t find it? – Have you guessed… ?

The G Spot Design to include new look, colouration and brand attributes… Over a number of pages…? ?

The G Spot – Application… • This is not a campaign • This is an icon that will illicit excitement, passion, debate, humour, aspiration, identification, relation… the list goes on and on • There is not a single person who will not respond to this in some way • The application will never be treated in a overtly sexual manner • The tone will always be tasteful and aspiration (if not inspirational) • Words we would use to describe this icon: – Prior to „touching‟ it • Illusive (through its elevation) • Mystical • Attainable (but through tremendous merit) • Aspirational – But, once you have it: • There‟s no going back • You‟ve reached the pinnacle • You have what everyone else wants • You‟ve made it! ?

The G Spot – Application @ Ground Zero • G Spot • G Files – The dealer network – Software and all outlets • G Ntree (G„nT) • G Suits – Direct Mail – Management • G Force • G Whiz – The Sales Team – In-house Magazine • G Max • G Major – Services – Client Awards • G Wing • G Minor – Service Centre – In-house ERM • G String – Product Ranges ?

April 07 Mar 08 Fiscal Marketing Plan Least Intimate 1 April 2007 – 31 March 2008 ATL MTL Full media & channel solution: Above the line media (least intimate) Below the line media (most intimate) BTL Most Intimate Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 Media Segments TV Least Intimate Radio ATL Press PR MTL Segmented Marketing Database Marketing Direct Mail BTL The View Most CRM Intimate Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 Customer Segment Objectives TV Least Intimate Radio ATL Press Brand Awareness Acquisition PR MTL Acquisition Segmented Marketing Brand Awareness Database Marketing Product Awareness Direct Mail Education BTL The View Retention Most CRM Intimate Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 Push-Pull Strategy TV Least Intimate Radio Awareness ATL Press PR Awareness generates MTL experience between Experience your brand and generates Segmented Marketing potential customers credibility, which Database Marketing generates Direct Mail awareness BTL The View Experience Most CRM Intimate Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 Customer in Media Segments TV Least “I don‟t know these customers at all, but I Intimate Radio would like to expose my brand to as many of them as is „cost-effectively‟ possible. ATL Press These customers are highly unprofitable to my brand.” PR “I possibly know which industry segment these customers fall into. I may know their title, initial and surname, and I may be able to MTL contact them via traditional mail, e-mail or Segmented Marketing mobile visual or text. Database Marketing These customers may become profitable to me, if I can generate the correct response Direct Mail mechanism.” “I know these customers. They have purchased from me and I would like to maintain their loyalty. BTL The View These customers are highly profitable to me, and I Most CRM would retain them at any cost.” Intimate Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 Desired Segment Migration TV Least Intimate Radio ATL Press PR MTL “I want my brand to Segmented Marketing speak for itself!” Database Marketing Direct Mail BTL The View Most CRM Intimate Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 Phase 1 - Anticipation Least Teaser Intimate Campaign Introduction of “The G Spot”, ATL un-revealed! MTL BTL Most Intimate Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 Phase 2 - Introduction Least Teaser Intimate Explained Introduction of “The G Spot”, ATL revealed! MTL BTL Most Intimate Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 Phase 3 - Position Least Teaser Intimate Concluded “The G Spot”, ATL owned MTL Gestetner is the G Spot BTL in office & total document Most solutions! Intimate Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 Phase 4 - Promotion Least Intimate Promotion ATL Begins “The G Spot”, used across all products & promotions MTL Gestetner introduces the new Gelsprinter, BTL the G Spot in home Most printing! Intimate Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 G Spot Drives Communication Least Branding Promotion PR Eventing Sales Intimate ATL MTL BTL Most Intimate Mid-Year

G Spot – Application Across the Board April 07 Mar 08 Least G Spot is Intimate not just a It‟s a driver! ATL campaign… MTL Media Strategy It‟s an It‟s a instant BTL lifestyle! USP! Most Intimate Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 Product/Media Segment Marketing 1 April 07 30 April 07 Least Intimate Brand Public Relations are to play a Teaser major role in creating and ATL Mediums: sustaining the momentum of Public the teaser campaign, by • Major Dailies Relations „planting‟ newsy articles in the • TV Top & Tail most influential channels, i.e. call-in radio, web bloggs, Objectives: marketing websites. • Create mass controversy and awareness (in the shortest possible time) • Create intrigue Target Customer: MTL • A – B+ Income • Male & Female • Business (large solutions – existing products) • Home (small solutions – preparation for gelsprinter, this broadens the target audience extensively) Do not „talk‟ to new database customers until you have something tangible to say or sell! (Especially during the launch of a new identity… you don‟t know how it‟ll be received) During any process of the entire year‟s strategy or Use CRM communication plan, please ensure that you keep Continually BTL to inform & your existing customers informed (included) at all „talk‟ to these times. If you do not, it‟s a bit like “a stranger Most excite! getting to touch your wife‟s G Spot, but you didn‟t customers Intimate even get a shot at it”. Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 Product/Media Segment Marketing 1 May 07 31 May 07 Least Intimate Teaser Explained Public Relation, once again, to maintain and ATL sustain the momentum that the teaser Mediums: Public campaign should have initiated. This can be attained via announcements to all press, • Major Dailies Relations utilising various „angles‟, based on mediums, • TV Top & Tail customers, lifestyles and industry. This is a PR dream project. Objectives: • Position Gestetner as the ultimate “pleasure centre” in its class and industry • Take ownership of the G Spot Target Customer: MTL • Mirror teaser market Do not „talk‟ to new database customers until you have something tangible to say or sell! (Especially during the launch of a new identity… you don‟t know how it‟ll be received) Once again, announce the G Spot to your existing customer base before Continually Use CRM you announce it to the rest of the BTL to inform & country in open market media. They „talk‟ to these Most excite! are the ones who should be the first to customers touch the G Spot! Intimate Mid-Year

April 07 Mar 08 Product/Media Segment Marketing 1 May 07 31 May 07 Objectives: Least Public • Education is key! Intimate Launch Relations gelsprinter •With the G Spot, position Gestetner as the gel printer POC ATL Mediums: •Take ownership of the gel printing in South Africa • One major ATL Medium (I Target Customer: recommend TV purely due to the • Mass market consumer (due to affordability) nature of product‟s visual stimulation) • LSM 7 – 10 Once again, if Gestetner are first to market, PR can turn • Consumer Lifestyle Publications • A – B Income Groups this into a media frenzy. Most • IT and Industry-related Specialist • 50/50 Male/Female Split people haven‟t heard of gel Industry Publications printing… Testimonial PR MTL would be a great opportunity Gelsprinter is not the ideal product to (Celebrities, DJ‟s, industry communicate to a segmented/direct database. leaders, etc are given printers Direct This would be the ideal time to launch an annual to „test‟ before launch… Use them to garner credible Marketing calendar, broken down by industry, by decision- maker, by location, and promote your higher-end exposure. solutions… STRIKE WHILE THE IRON‟S HOT! Create a special offer for your „loyal‟ Continually Use CRM to customers, before launch to market. Allow BTL „talk‟ to these sell… them to experience a new dimension to Most customers „Exclusively!‟ Gestetner. They are the ones who should be the first to experience gelsprinter first! Intimate NB – Please note that we are unaware Mid-Year of the actual launch date for gelsprinter, but this is an indication of cross-level communication, for launch

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