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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: SocialSamosa

Source: slideshare.net


ThoughtBuzz, the social media analytics’ arm of TO THE NEW is publishing a report today that has monitored Twitter feeds across India to scan for these resolutions being mentioned by people .Twitter across the globe stating on what they will or will not follow/work on this year. Now that we’ve entered the next month, it’ll be interesting to look on to what happened on Twitterverse about these resolutions from India.

New Year Resolution Study 2014 - 2013 INDIA Duration :15 Dec’13 – 5th Jan’14

New Year Resolution 2013 vs.2014 6000 5000 4000 3000 2014 2013 2000 1000 0 15th  16th  17th  18th  19th  20th  21st  22nd  23rd  24th  25th  26th  27th  28th  29th  30th  31st  1st  2nd 3rd 4th 5th ‐1000 • • Maximum New year resolutions were posted during the first day of a new year & Last weekend of the year. (vis‐à‐ Maximum New year resolutions were posted during the first day of a new year & Last weekend of the year (vis à vis 2013‐2014) Peak in the posts were observed on the 1st day of the new year 

Men vs. Women 58% 49% 30% 28% 23% 12% Men Women 2013 • • Unidentified 2014 Men were most active in posting their New Year Resolution than women Most of the men were falling under the 22 41 years of age group, while women were of 19 23 years of age group Most of the men were falling under the 22‐ 41 years of age group while women were of 19‐ 23 years of age group

Top Resolution for 2014  No More Relation  Ships 47% Social Welfare Serious Love 100% 23% Less Flirt/Ditch 30% Relation ship  5% More  Serious/Generous/Stu dy Social 7% Personal 6% 55% Eating Addiction 36% Smoking 26% 13% Financial 14% Stay Calm Drinking 45% 61% Health/Fitness / 32% oan/Credit, Payout/Inve st Running/Fitness 26% Sleep on time/wake‐up  early Spending Less/ Saving 30% 74% Weight Gain/loose 20% 51%

Top Resolution Discussed Vis‐à‐vis 2013‐14 Smoking 3% Serious Love 8% 23% Addiction'14 36% 65% / Less Flirt/Ditch No More Relation  Ships Social work  18% 8% 13% 30% Eating 41% 26% 51% Drinking 17% 47% 61% Addiction'13 26% Social'14 7% Relation ship'14  l i hi ' 5% Social'13 3% 36% Stay Calm 45% Personal'14 P l'14 6% 64% More  Serious/Generous/Study Relation ship'13  7% Personal'13 7% Health/Fitness'14 32% Financial'13 Health/Fitness'13 42% 15% 55% Financial'14 14% Sleep on time/wake‐up early 4% 20% 31% Loan/Credit, Payout/Invest 26% Weight Gain/loose 69% Spending Less/ Saving 74% *Note: • Darker One’s : 2014 resolutions • Lighter One’s : 2013 resolutions running/Fitness 33% 51% 62% 29%

Top findings Majority of new year resolutions were initiated by men however as compared with the previous year  Majority of new year resolutions were initiated by men however as compared with the previous year this year more women have shared their New Year Resolution for 2014 • Addiction : Of the hundred approximately every 4th netizen is not happy with their drinking, smoking  g & eating habits  • Health & Fitness: Almost Every 3rd netizen who posted about their resolution were fitness conscious • Every 2nd Fitness freak was concerned about loosing & gaining weight • Of the fitness freak every 9th netizen was concerned about routine running, fitness workout &  Scheduled diet • Rest were not happy with their routinely sleeping habits • Financial : Most of the men have also promised to spend less and invest more while women were  mostly discussing about saving money in 2014 • Personal : Netizen facing personal issues promised to stay peaceful in 2014 while many Netizen’s have  also resolved to get more serious and generous; A few students planned to be more serious towards  their studies th i t di • Relationship : Many people also promised not to flirtatious, ditch their partners & break hearts, the  rest planned to find serious love in 2014 • Social / Public Welfare : Netizen requested politicians for dropping corruption & working for the  public welfare

Top findings : Comparison 2014 vs‐a‐vis 2013 • As compared to 2013, People are more ardent toward social & political changes, as  per 2014 new year resolution data • Almost 3 out of every 10th person has discussed about their smoking drinking or Almost, 3 out of every 10 person has discussed about their smoking , drinking or  junk food addiction in 2013 resolution buzz, Whereas every 4th out of 10th was  struggling with their poor obsession habits as per 2014 new year resolution  discussions • Financial resource planning discussions were less in 2013, whereas people were  more straight towards saving more money • Personal problems related discussions were less in 2014 as compared to 2013 • Poor Sleeping Habits & discussion related to weight loss/gain were more frequent in  2014 resolution vis‐à‐vis 2013 resolution 2014 l i i à i 2013 l i

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