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Published on March 21, 2008

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Forum USA 2004:  French Embassy to the United States Office for Science and Technology Forum USA 2004 Madjid Ahbab April 2004 Summary:  Summary 1 – What is Forum USA ? 3 Forum USA in Brief Participants Objectives The Forum USA 2004 Team Organization of the Forum 2 – Evaluation of Forum USA 2004 8 A Few Statistics Post Doctoral Research Day  Boston, April 4 Information and Communications Technology Day San Francisco, April 9 What’s New in 2004 An Introduction to the Science-Odyssee Website Our Exhibitors Who Were This Year’s Candidates? 3 – Testimonials 32 Slide3:  1 – What is Forum USA ? Forum USA in Brief:  Forum USA in Brief International Job Fair organized by the Office of Science and Technology at the French Embassy to the United States since 1990 Financing: the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs (57%), exhibitor registration fees (43%) Partnerships with a range of French organizations including APEC, ANVAR and Genopole, strong ties with UIMM and Bernard Grégory Association In 2004, the Forum took place over one week at the beginning of April in three cities (Boston, Chicago and San Francisco in 2004). We welcomed approximately 1100 candidates and 41 exhibitors For additional information, please visit our website : Forum USA: Who are the Participants?:  Forum USA: Who are the Participants? Exhibitors French companies or large corporations with subsidiaries in France French universities or research organizations Regional agencies, incubators and technopoles Small Businesses APEC et ANVAR Other interlocutors of interest to candidates Candidates Must have science, engineering or management background (with at least a bachelor’s degree) Must have been in North America for at least 6 months working in: Universities Research labs Companies Forum USA’s Partners:  Forum USA’s Partners The Association for the Employment of Executives (APEC) Assist businesses in recruiting executives and work with recent graduates and young executives in career planning. French Agency for Innovation (ANVAR) Thanks to an annual interventional budget of approximately 220 million Euros, ANVAR, finances and counsels small to medium size businesses, labs, and entrepreneurs who are rising to the technical, commercial, and financial challenges that go hand in hand with innovation. Genopole Major player in Genome research, post-genome and related sciences, a hub for teaching life sciences, and encouraging biotechnology advancement L’Association Bernard Grégory (ABG) Providing information (web and print) for Ph.D students, recent graduates and post-docs Assistance with career planning and resume writing Preparatory training for Ph.D’s entering the job market, as well as providing training on staff management L’Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie Professional organization for the metallurgy industry The Forum USA 2004 Team:  The Forum USA 2004 Team San Francisco, CA Boston, MA Chicago, IL Washington, DC Eve Benoit (MS&T) Elodie Sagot (MS&T) Emilie Sauvee (MS&T) Raegen Salais (MS&T) Frederic SUQUET (MS&T) Michael NIQUE (MS&T) Madjid Ahbab (Forum USA) Soumia Zeroual (Forum USA) Adile Quennarouch (MS&T) All of these team members have been key players in the organization of the Forum And … The Counselor for Science and Technology and all of the attachés at the Office of Science and Technology at the French Embassy Guillaume Grasset (OST), Emmanuel Le Perru (ANVAR), Ludovic Verger (OST), Thibaud Girard (OST). Jean Sarrazin, Counselor for Science and Technology at the French Embassy in Ottawa Slide8:  2 –Forum USA 2004: Evaluation Forum USA 2004: A Few Statistics:  A team of one full-time and one part-time employee assisted by a dozen colleagues from OST offices throughout the US and Canada A budget of over 250,000 US dollars 18 companies, including 4 small businesses; 7 research organizations/universities; 5 regions, technopoles and incubators; 9 partners and other interlocutors; 36 companies and organizations represented by ANVAR and APEC 110 company representatives on site, including a dozen participants in daily conferences Approximately 1100 candidates, including 33% from countries other than France (90% of these candidates are proficient in French) Forum USA 2004: A Few Statistics Post Doctoral Research Day: Boston, April 4 :  Post Doctoral Research Day: Boston, April 4 This year, we had the great honor of welcoming, Bernard LARROUTUROU, Director of the CNRS, and Christian BRECHOT, Director of INSERM, for a special conference on publicly funded research Other participants included: Hélène Pollard, Genopole Two post-doctoral researchers : Stéphane Basmaciogullari and Stéphanie Kervestin. Two young researchers recently returned to France, several entrepreneurs in the field of research (B Rudkin, JF Alfano, C Lachuer, JL Escary), and representatives of CNRS and INSERM. During the opening conference, Bernard LARROUTUROU and Christian BRECHOT discussed a range of career possibilities open to young researchers and opened a debate among participants on this subject. Information and Communication Technologies Day: San Francisco April 9:  Information and Communication Technologies Day: San Francisco April 9 This year, Antoine PETIT, Director of the Information and Communications Technologies Department at CNRS, and Georges NAHON, President of France TELECOM R&D-San Francisco, participated in a conference on the Science et Technology of Information and Communication Antoine Petit, provided an overview of new developments in Information and Communication Technologies Georges Nahon shared his vision of the latest research in the field of telecommunications Conferences 2004:  Conferences 2004 Participants in Forum USA 2004 were invited to a series of conferences : Panel discussion of young entrepreneurs’ success stories upon returning to France Brian RUDKIN, Founder, APTANOMICS Jean-Pierre ALFANO, President, IDEAMECH Catherine LACHUER, Director, NEUROMICS Jean-Louis ESCARY, President, GENODYSSEE Presentation of success stories from young researchers who have returned to France Bertrand SERAPHIN, PhD, CNRS Fellow Sebastien JAULIAC, PhD, INSERM Fellow Opportunities in Europe Dominique MARTIN - ROVET, Science Policy Adviser, in charge of the “Young Investigators” program at the European Science Foundation Science-Odyssee Frédéric SUQUET & Guillaume GRASSET: The French Portal for the Scientific Community in North America: Science-Odyssée : The French Portal for the Scientific Community in North America:  Science-Odyssée : The French Portal for the Scientific Community in North America Developed and maintained by the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Office of Science and Technology at the French Embassy to the United States) Partnership with a range of research organizations and institutions ( Research Ministry, CNRS, INSERM,Genopole), businesses participating in Forum USA,  and French associations (Association Bernard Gregory, France-Biotech) Dual Objectives : Keep the French expatriate community in the US informed of the latest developments in the fields of science and technology in France and increase access to job offers and other information to facilitate a return to France or elsewhere in Europe. Increase the development of local contacts : this site is designed to increase communication among French scientists and their North American counterparts and to allow French scientists to build relationships with scientific groups and associations in the US. A Range of Notable Exhibitors:  A Range of Notable Exhibitors Large Corporations (14) Altran, Areva, Aventis Pharma, Biomerieux, EADS / Airbus, EDF, France Telecom, Groupe Renault, McKinsey, Sagem, Saint-Gobain, Snecma, Total Innovative Small Businesses (4) Genset, Genfit, Novasic (at the ANVAR stand) Novae Developpement, Mentor Graphics (at the APEC stand) Research Organizations and Universities (7) CEA, CNRS,INRA, INRIA, INSERM, INT, Supelec (at the APEC stand) Agencies, Incubators, Regions and Technopoles (5) Ile de France, Crealys, FTEI, Genopole, Telecom Valley Partners and Other Interlocutors (8) ABG, ANVAR, APEC, Biodocs, ESF, FACC, Consular Services, UIMM Businesses and Organizations Represented by Other Groups (36) By ANVAR : 28 Small Businesses By APEC : Motorola, Association des Centraliens By Telecom Valley: Accenture, Amadeus, Coframi, Elan IT Resource, Philips, Texas Instruments Participation by Businesses:  Participation by Businesses In 2004, 14 companies were present at their own stands Science and technology fields (electronics, computer science, energy, aeronautics, automobile, chemistry) were heavily represented. We are looking to increase participation in the environmental, agricultural and consulting fields. In addition to providing strategic counseling services to candidates at their stand, APEC represented three companies, two universities and an association which were unable to attend the Forum. ANVAR, represented 29 small businesses, among which 2 companies sent representatives to the ANVAR stand. The international and regional directorates of ANVAR will conduct a study of the number of interviews and job offers obtained on behalf of participating small businesses. Participation by Research Organizations:  Participation by Research Organizations A number of organizations have participated in Forum USA from the beginning(Both CNRS and INSERM have participated every year since the launch in 1990, 12 participations for INRIA, 11 participations for CEA). Others were new to the Forum (INRA). Their presence illustrates a continued interest in the Forum, an indication of the job fair’s effectiveness and success rate. Participating research organizations were looking to promote their activities and also to: CNRS, INRIA and INSERM : explain how, where and when to sign up for their recruitment exams CEA: conduct interviews for job openings INRA: present job opportunities and entrance requirements Every year, our candidates look forward to the opportunity to meet with representatives of these prestigious institutions before returning to France. Participation of Agencies, Regions, Incubators and Technopoles:  Participation of Agencies, Regions, Incubators and Technopoles The presence of French regions at Forum USA, particularly via regional development agencies and technopoles, has become a key element of Forum USA. These organizations are increasingly looking to have an international presence, with an eye toward attracting foreign investment. International recruitment has therefore become a priority for these groups, and they are playing a greater role in Forum USA. Each of these organizations attends the Forum with the goal of promoting its activities, but each has other very important goals as well: Créalys (Incubator for the Rhone Alpes region): find candidates looking to start businesses in Rhone Alpes FTEI : distribute information on the network of CEEI (European Centers for Business Innovation), incubators and technopoles Genopole : distribute information on its member companies/biotechnology laboratories, and positions available Telecom Valley : represent telecommunications companies in the Sofia-Antipolis region in southern France, as well as interview candidates for job offers The feedback from exhibitors was very positive and many candidates showed interest in the opportunities available Other Interlocutors:  Other Interlocutors During this year’s event, a number of French and European organizations and associations participated with the goal of targeting qualified candidates and developing their local networks Biodocs : association of young biology researchers, member of Bio Techno en France network, which assists young researchers while abroad ESF (European Science Foundation) : presentation of European scholarships, with the goal of promoting high level scientific research in the European Community French American Chamber of Commerce : help develop commercial relations between French and American companies Consular Services : offer assistance and information for French citizens in the United States Due to the large amount of non-French candidates participating in Forum USA 2003, an “international booth” has been created to assist with their inquiries. It’s goal is to provide candidates with information about the Forum, offer general assistance regarding the French job market (French University systems, visas, assistance organizations for working in France etc.), and gaining a better understanding of the future needs of candidates in the years come Distribution of Representatives in Boston (75), Chicago (44) et San Francisco (61):  Distribution of Representatives in Boston (75), Chicago (44) et San Francisco (61) Companies BO Altran 3 Areva 4 Aventis 2 EADS / Airbus 4 EDF 2 France Télécom 2 Groupe Renault 3 McKinsey 1 Sagem 3 Saint-Gobain 3 Snecma 2 Total Fina Elf 4 CH 4 3 SF 3 4 1 3 1 4 Agencies, Regions, Technopoles and Incubators BO ARD / Ile de France Telecom Valley CH SF 2 2 Partners and other Interlocutors APEC 5 5 5 ANVAR 3 2 2 UIMM 1 1 1 Association Bernard Grégory 2 2 2 Small Businesses Genfit 1 Novasic 1 Research Organizations and Universities CEA 2 2 2 CNRS 3 2 2 INRIA 3 3 4 INSERM 2 2 2 INT 1 SUPELEC 1 1 BO CH SF BO CH SF BO CH SF 2 Total 36 15 25 Total 7 8 Total 13 12 13 Total 16 11 14 Total 3 1 2 4 Créalys 1 1 1 FTEI 1 1 Genopole 2 3 2 2 6 1 Biodocs 3 2 ESF 1 1 1 FACC, Services Consulaires 1 1 INRA 1 1 1 3 1 4 1 2 Biomérieux 3 1 1 1 Novae Developpement 2 Distribution of Candidates by City:  Distribution of Candidates by City Geographic Locations of Candidates:  Geographic Locations of Candidates These statistics represent 88% of participating candidates. The majority of participants in Boston came from Massachusetts and Canada. Candidates from the Mid-West (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana et Michigan) went to Chicago. Roughly 80% of candidates in San Francisco were from California. NB: 1 Candidates Representing a Range of Universities and Schools These figures represent 88% of participating candidates:  Candidates Representing a Range of Universities and Schools These figures represent 88% of participating candidates Principal Universities in the USA MIT (MA) 34 Stanford University (MA) 23 Berkeley (CA) 19 Georgia Institute of Technology (GA) 16 Illinois Institute of Technology (IL) 13 Harvard Medical School (MA) 2 and Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Harvard Business School, National Institutes of Health, California Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Indiana at Notre Dame, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Purdue University, Virginia Tech, Northwestern University and the Universities of Texas, California, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Florida Principal Universities in Canada École Polytechnique de Montréal 19 Université de Laval 4 HEC Montréal 8 and McGill University, Sherbrooke University et and the Universities of Montréal, New Brunswick, Toronto, British Columbia, and Ottawa French Universities of Origin Engineering Schools > 240 Polytechnique 34 SUPELEC 28 Mines 23 Écoles Centrales 22 (including 10 from Paris) ENSEA 11 ENSAM 10 ENSIC Nancy 10 SUPAERO 10 CPE Lyon 8 INP Grenoble 7 INSA 6 ENST 6 ESTP 4 ENSTA 2 Ponts et Chaussées 2 And a number of other engineering schools Universities > 230 Business Schools 48 HEC 6 ESSEC 4 ESC 15 Audencia Nantes 1 The most prestigious American and French universities and schools were represented at Forum USA Breakdown of Candidates by Specialization These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. :  Breakdown of Candidates by Specialization These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. Breakdown of backgrounds for candidates in the field of Engineering:  Breakdown of backgrounds for candidates in the field of Engineering Breakdown of Candidates Profiles These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. :  Breakdown of Candidates Profiles These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. 54% of candidates came from universities and research labs 34% of candidates were working in companies Note : the remaining 12% of candidates were: -working for the French government, -self-employed, -unemployed (3%). 72% of Candidates were available in the 6 Months Following the Forum These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. :  72% of Candidates were available in the 6 Months Following the Forum These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. 72% of non-American candidates have been in the US for at least one year These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. :  72% of non-American candidates have been in the US for at least one year These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. 68% are between 20 and 30 years old - 28% are women These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. :  68% are between 20 and 30 years old - 28% are women These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. Candidate ages Breakdown: Men and Women This year we saw an increase of 4 percentage points in the number of candidates older than 30 as compared with Forum USA 2003 The percentage of women decreased from 32 to 28% between 2003 and 2004 Length of work experience and internships These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. :  Length of work experience and internships These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. Length of Work Experience Internships Many candidates have had long term internships 37% of candidates have been working for more than 3 years Nationalities of candidates : 33% are non-French These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. :  Non-native speakers bilingual in French 9% Low level of French 10% Native French Speakers 81% Nationalities of candidates : 33% are non-French These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. Nationalities of non-French Candidates Total Others 121 India 38 Morocco 13 China 11 Algeria, Barbados, Benin, Egypt, Haïti, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mali, Philippines, El Salvador, Senegal, Singapore, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela 1 per country Others 12% Europe 8% France 68% Chile 3 Australia, Congo, Ivory Coast, South Korea, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Niger, Nigeria, Tunisia 2 per country Peru 6 Argentina 5 Cameroon, Colombia 4 per country Spain, Belgium, Romania, Switzerland 5 per country Bulgaria, Czech Republic 4 per country Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine 1 per country Greece 3 Ex-Yugoslavia,Norway 2 per country Italy 9 Russia 7 Europe 73 Total North America 118 USA 92 Canada 20 6 Mexico North America 12% Analysis of International Profiles These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. :  Analysis of International Profiles These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. Reasons for Attending Forum USA : Other observations : The international students’ areas of study are largely the same as their French counterparts The percentage of Bachelor’s degrees is greater among the international candidates According to the candidates, a sufficient level of French is a requisite in order to participate in the Forum Recent changes in nationalities of Forum USA candidates : 73% of candidates attend the Forum to look for a job These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. :  73% of candidates attend the Forum to look for a job These figures represent 88% of participating candidates. All of our candidates are looking for information, but a large majority are actively looking for a job at the same time Why do candidates attend Forum USA ? Where are candidates looking to work ? France 47% Rest of Europe 6% North America31% Note : Africa, South America 0% Asia 1% No preference 15% Nearly 80% of candidates indicate France or North America as their first choice (only first choices are indicated in the accompanying chart). Forum USA 2004 : A Great Success:  Forum USA 2004 : A Great Success The quality of candidates profiles in all three cities Real recruitment opportunities An excellent dialogue on research in France, thanks to participating agencies Excellent organization Satisfaction of participants However, candidates would like to see a greater presence from the following sectors (agriculture, banks, consulting) Launch of the Science-Odyssee website Slide34:  ANNEXES A – Responses to Exhibitors Survey B – Responses to Candidates Survey C – Comments from Participants D – Previous Participants in Forum USA A – Exhibitor Survey:  A – Exhibitor Survey A questionnaire was mailed May 5, 2004 to each exhibitor by the Forum USA team. The response rate was 20%. Companies responding to the survey were: Novae Developpement, CEA, Genopole, France Telecom, Aventis Pharma, EADS, EDF, McKinsey, Renault Preliminary results : Exhibitors emphasized the quality of candidates in every city A substantial majority require proficiency in French. Exhibitors would like to see the percentage of non-French candidates around 25% Backgrounds sought by exhibitors at Forum USA 2004 (companies responding by May 18, 2004):  Backgrounds sought by exhibitors at Forum USA 2004 (companies responding by May 18, 2004) International experience greater than one year was the most in demand…:  International experience greater than one year was the most in demand… Length of stay in North America sought by companies : Most jobs available are in France (88%) 8% 20% 65% 82% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 0-6 Months 6-12 Months 1-2 years > 2 years Services offered by Forum USA receive high marks from exhibitors:  Services offered by Forum USA receive high marks from exhibitors 3.5 3.8 3.5 3.2 3.0 3.0 3.2 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 Hotel-Service Forum USA Team Signage etc. Hotel Meals Booth + Equipment Presentation B – Candidates Survey:  B – Candidates Survey As in 2003, we asked candidates to fill out an online survey about their experience at Forum USA. The questionnaire was sent out May 3, 2004. The response rate as of May 18, 2004 was 17%. Result: 62% of candidates indicated that Forum USA met their expectations. Advantages of participating in Forum USA (besides job interviews) Information on the job market in France and Europe Information on research opportunities in France and Europe Develop a network of contacts Information on starting a company Preparation for job interviews Forum USA’s role in providing the tools necessary for a return to France/Europe : Development of a network of contacts in France Forum USA Specialized websites Methods of Promoting the Forum Among Candidates:  Methods of Promoting the Forum Among Candidates Word of mouth remains by far the most important means of promoting Forum USA among candidates. How did candidates find out about Forum USA? Forum USA Candidates recognize the effectiveness of our online services…:  Forum USA Candidates recognize the effectiveness of our online services… 3.9 3.6 4.1 3.8 3.9 3.8 0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 Quality of information provided Accessibility/ Response time Online registration form Online interview scheduling Information on Exhibitors List sharing for candidates Note (de 1 à 5) … as well as services offered during the Forum:  … as well as services offered during the Forum 3.8 3.4 3.5 4.1 4.1 4.3 3.3 0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 Exhibitor Presentations Conferences Interviews Documentation Organization Reception Organization of Interviews Note (de 1 à 5) Slide43:  C – Testimonials Testimonials:  Testimonials The following testimonials were submitted by former Forum USA candidates. Tarik – Renault Elodie - Total (Dakar, Senegal) Laurent Gallois – Saint-Gobain (USA) Emilie Herny –CNRS/Airbus Rémi Anthome – Total (Italy) Philippe Marc – Aventis Nicolas Renard – Peugeot SA Testimonials:  Testimonials After completing my preparatory studies at the Lycée du Parc in Lyon, I studied at the Ecole Polytechnique from 1996 to 1999. I then studied at the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées for two years and decided to spend my final year (2000-2001) on an exchange program at the University of Michigan in the Industrial and Operations Engineering program. I became aware of significant differences in the training offered at French and American engineering schools. The American way of teaching is much more hands on, than engineering schools in France : we spent most of our time on case studies and group projects. My year in the US also taught me a great deal on a personal level : being around different types of people and situations helped open my mind. The experience has been a great help to me in my professional life.   I participated in Forum USA 2001 in Chicago. I found the communication efforts related to the Forum to be excellent. All of my French contacts in the US were aware of Forum USA, many of us having learned about the Forum in different ways. I learned about the Forum thanks to a report prepared by a former student at my engineering school in France who had done an internship in the US and found Forum USA useful in launching his job search. The Forum USA website was helpful and easy to use, a good source of information on exhibitors, travel arrangements, etc. When I signed up to participate in Forum USA, I was already aware of the type of job I was looking for : a production or logistics position with an industrial company. I also knew in advance which companies I wanted to meet with and was able to schedule interviews with all of them.   At the Forum, I met a recruiter from Renault who offered me an internship. This was a chance to get to know the company before making a final decision. After 2 or 3 months, I realized that I had found a great fit at Renault and decided to accept their offer of full time employment. I was hired as a Transportation Project Manager in the Parts and Accessories division,a Business Unit of Renault. I was assigned to a 10-member team, dedicated to reducing transportation costs between central warehouses and Renault franchises and subsidiaries around the world. Because of the large budget dedicated to transportation, our mission is of particular importance to the company. Among my responsibilities is making sure that all trucks are loaded as efficiently as possible, and organizing request for proposals for suppliers in order to achieve the lowest possible prices. The work is largely technical, but also requires strong management skills. My job depends in large part on relationship building. For this reason, I believe it’s essential for young workers to develop good « people skills » before entering the job market. Diplomatic skills and an openness to the ideas of others are key in my position. Fortunately, these are exactly the type of skills I acquired during my time in the US.   My VI position at Renault lasted from June 2001-December 2003. I have since become deputy manager of the Parts and Replacements Distribution Center in Cergy (part of the Parts and Accessories Division) one of the three central warehouses in France. My mission is to meet our objectives at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the most efficient workforce for the job. I chose Renault because their management policy seemed particularly innovative, and their business development strategy very much focused on the international, in short, a company of the future. I now live this dynamism on a daily basis. Tarik - Renault Testimonials:  Testimonials As a student at INSA in Rouen in the field of Chemistry and Engineering from 1998 to 2003, I spent my last year at the Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal. Because I had always wanted to add international experience to my career, I was eager to spend an academic year abroad. In addition, the Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal offers a specialization in « Mastering chemical risks and their impact on the environment ». I had found the perfect program ! My experience in Canada was extremely productive. The classes are more concrete and less theoretical than in France; we focused on hands-on projects, with an emphasis on real-life situations. From the time I arrived in Montreal, I decided that my next professional goal was to do a Volontariat International, which would allow me to work for a French company abroad. I heard about Forum USA from an INSA alumna. I visited the Forum USA website and signed up in October 2002 for the 2003 Forum. I was originally interested in the pharmaceutical industry, but when I attended the Forum in April 2003, I was somewhat discouraged by the results of my prescheduled interviews. The companies I met with did not seem to be interested in my background. During the Forum, I visited a number of other companies at their stands and was able to obtain some unscheduled interviews. While speaking with a representative of TOTAL, I discovered that they offered environmental security positions in Africa and Southeast Asia. My discussion with this contact during the Forum was crucial as it caused me to re-orient my job search. My contact advised me to submit my resume via the TOTAL website, specifying that I had attended Forum USA . After overcoming a few obstacles, I was selected as a VI in October of 2003. The first VI position offered (in Dubai in April of 2003) was too early as I was completing an internship through September. I applied for a second VI position in Abu Dhabi and went through several interviews, but another candidate was selected. At that time, I was told about another opening is Dakar, Senegal. After another round of three interviews, I received confirmation that I was accepted on October 2, 2003. The following week, I started a two-month training in France.   I arrived in Dakar in January and am currently assisting the Hygiene, Security, Environment and Quality coordinator of Total’s subsidiary in Senegal. Our mission is to implement a new system of security management. My role focuses primarily on the environmental aspects of this mission. My position as a VI is exactly what I was looking for and meets my expectations in every way. I am experiencing the kind of culture shock I was looking for. I am learning a great deal, in particular about the extraction and use of natural gas. In addition, my exchanges with colleagues have been productive, notably my contacts with project operators, an excellent opportunity for information sharing. I wanted to work in the field—I got what I was looking for. Elodie – Total-Dakar Testimonials:  Testimonials Following my first two years at the ESC business school in Grenoble, where I specialized in Finance and Strategy, I enrolled in an intensive one-year MBA program at Salisbury University (Maryland). Following my academic year abroad, I graduated with two diplomas: one from ESC Grenoble and an American MBA. My experience in the US was positive at every level. Professionally, I felt, for the first time, that I was getting hands-on, concrete knowledge. I was particularly struck by the efficiency of the American system and the directness of the people I met in the US. On a personal level, I was at the same time pleasantly surprised and disappointed in the Americans I met. People are more accessible in the US, and it’s easier to meet people. However, I found it difficult to establish long term friendships. I heard about Forum USA from an e-mail sent by my school in France. Despite living in the Washington, DC area, my roommate and I decided to travel to Boston. My goal was to stay in the US, while my roommate wanted to return to France. Given the companies that had signed up for the Forum, we were very much interested in the event : even if the Forum didn’t directly lead to a job, we knew we’d be able to meet people from companies we were interested in and get a dialogue started with them.The Forum was very well organized, a great chance for students to meet with representatives of France’s most important companies. I’d recommend the Forum USA to any French student living in the US. I had pre-scheduled interviews with Altran and Saint Gobain, but I met a number of other companies at their booths, including some that were not of great interest. It was good for me to talk with them, to understand what types of candidates they were looking for and what types of jobs they had to offer. This was helpful in preparing for my interviews with Altran and Saint Gobain. The people I met were very open. It was a great experience.   My main objective was to stay in the US in any type of position : internship, volontariat international, or a job… I had always dreamed of living in the US, and after my academic year, I wanted to find a job here to apply what I had learned. I had not yet defined exactly the type of job I was looking for. I was looking for a job that involved business strategy and analysis, a job that would give me a global perspective on the operations of the company that hired me. I was looking for a position that gave me a range of career opportunities.   When I interviewed with Saint Gobain, I found the HR representative very open and very understanding of my appreciation for the US. She gave me a presentation of the Saint Gobain group and its activities, as well as the Saint Gobain philosophy, which is very dynamic but also proud of its rich history, and which tries to develop the entrepreneurial spirit in every employee. I explained what I was looking for and asked the recruiter to circulate my resume in different branches of the company, to see if there were any positions for which I’d be a good fit. I was scheduled to finish my MBA in July or August of 2003. In July, I was contacted by Saint-Gobain. The recruiter I had met at the Forum informed me that the abrasives division at Saint-Gobain, located in Worcester (MA), was very interested in my resume, and that I should contact the logistics director for Saint-Gobain Abrasive North America. I contacted him and explained the type of work I was looking for and was offered a VI position.   Since October 2003, I have been working in the logistics office of the abrasives division of Saint-Gobain USA, I am responsible for finding ways to reduce costs, in transportation, inventory management, and supply chain management.   I am delighted to be working in a dynamic company, with lots of challenges, in an interesting field. I love my work, I appreciate the independence and responsibilities I have been given, as well as the team of which I am a member. Laurent Gallois - Saint-Gobain USA Témoignages:  Témoignages Since the beginning of my educational career, I have always had a great interest in materials. This passion led me to study engineering at INSA in Lyon. I love to see new places, so I took advantage of my school’s exchange program with the Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal for my last academic year. I obtained a Master of Science in metallurgy in 2003. I found the experience of living abroad to be very enriching. One discovers different ways of working and develops critical thinking skills, especially concerning one’s own work methods. I liked the « à la carte » university system in Montreal, where students choose each course separately to accumulate a certain number of credits. I was fortunate enough to teach in Montreal when the director of my master’s program assigned me to one of his classes. I loved working with students, and the experience made me think about becoming a research professor. Since this type of work requires a doctorate, I began looking into preparing my thesis. I heard about Forum USA through a friend and visited the event website. The presence of the CNRS and the IRD (Institute for Research and Development) was of particular interest. I scheduled an interview with each of these organizations in April, 2003. Along with these pre-scheduled meetings, I also saw the Forum as a way to learn more about the other companies present at the Forum. My interview with the CNRS representative in Washington went very well. We discussed the CIRIMAT laboratory which was of great interest to me. The CNRS representative agreed to send my resume to this lab, and also put me in contact with the director. I was then contacted by a professor at CIRIMAT who offered me a chance to complete my thesis at that insititution. I accepted the offer, and after finishing my masters in December, 2003, I returned to France to begin my thesis in January, 2004. My thesis involves the analysis of rust-resistant martensitic steels in the CIRIMAT lab, in cooperation with Airbus. The objective is to study the materials that Airbus uses for its engine pylons. Thanks to Airbus, we have significant funding, which allows us to expand the scope of our research . Emilie Herny - Currently writing a thesis at the CNRS in collaboration with Airbus Testimonials:  Testimonials After completing my studies at the Ecole Polytechnique in France, I was looking to earn a Master’s Degree abroad. I traveled to the US in 2002 to begin a master’s in Engineering at the University of Michigan. During my time in the US, I appreciated the freedom given to students and the personal contact with professors. This also gave me a greater appeciation of Americans and their way of thinking. It was a very interesting experience. However, I was disappointed by some of my courses, which I found superficial, and by the high cost of living in the US. In any case, it was a very enriching experience and allowed me to meet a wide range of people. It was also a chance to improve my English. I heard about Forum USA through friends and visited the website which I found clear and easy to use. The event was very well organized. I attended the Chicago event where fewer companies are present, but I was agreeably surprised by the opprtunities available : informal but serious interviews, interesting conferences, and a pleasant ambiance. I was able to meet with representatives of Renault, Total and EADS, as well as an interesting small business represented by ANVAR. Only my meeting with Renault had been pre-scheduled, but it was fairly easy to obtain other interviews. I returned to France shortly after the Forum and contacted the representative of Total that I had met at the Forum. I met her again in Paris and went through a series of interviews : recruting agency, human resources specialist, employees in my field and finally an internship coordinator. I was offered an internship at Total which led to a CDI. I am currently a computer engineer/project manager for Total’s subsidiaries in Italy. I appreciate the independence I have been given and the working conditions, as well as the opportunity to travel. I found the type of work I was looking for on a large scale project. Forum USA allowed me to find an internship and a job. The main suggestion I have would be to put more focus on jobs in the US. Otherwise, keep up the good work! Remi Anthome - Total Italie Testimonials:  Testimonials After getting my master’s in cellular biology, with a specialization in genetics in 1998, I decided to focus on bioinformatics, an emerging field which seemed to offer a wide range of opportunities. This specialization was created in response to one of the questions of modern biology : How to understand and classify data generated in mass ? How to observe a phenomenon while excluding the errors inherent in any biological data ? What is the impact on the functions of cells and organisms ? The application of computer science to biology allows us to store information, to make estimates using statistical methods and to complete analyses using mathematics and data mining. In 2002, after having completed my thesis, I decided to pursue post-doctoral research in the US in order to familiarize myself with other methods of working as well as to improve my English, which has become a key element in the scientific milieu. I was able to develop my skills at the « Lipper Center for Computational Genetics » at Harvard Medical School. My post-doctoral experience was somewhat unusual in that it only lasted one year. This was largely due to the fact that, unlike traditional research in biology, results in bioinformatics are quicker to obtain. During my post-doc, I discovered the strength and dynamism of American scientific research. American researchers are under incredible pressure. They are asked to submit manuscripts every three to five years and their funding is determined by their progress. They are constantly challenged. There is enormous pressure to produce and publish but this brings significant funding. American research is also dynamic thanks to the presence of numerous international researchers, Asians, Indians and Europeans, who have come to complete post-doctoral research, during which they will produce and publish as much as possible in hopes of obtaining a secure position. I appreciate the efforts of Forum USA to counter the « brain-drain ». I had heard about Forum USA during a conference organized by the Office for Science and Technology at French Embassy in Washington in November 2002, inviting French post-docs to meet with the major French research institutions. Forum USA provides a unique opportunity to meet a range of HR specialists and leaders from pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Participating in the Forum is much better than simply sending out resumes because of the direct contact with company representatives. I was particularly fortunate in that the Forum I attended was focused on biology. I was able to preschedule ten interviews because at that point candidates with a background in bioinformatics were very much in demand. At Forum USA 2003, I had my first contact with a human resources manager at Aventis. This meeting was followed by a telephone interview with the computer science director in the weeks following the Forum. After that I traveled to France where I met a number of people, including my future partners in the area of therapeutic research. I also met the manager of the « Aventis Cambridge Genomics Center » in Boston (MA). I finished my post-doc at the end of October and started with Aventis November 12, 2003.   This job is exactly what I was looking for on many levels. First because I’m able to use my skills as part of a team. In addition, my position involves a great deal of interaction with colleagues in France and abroad (in particular, the Aventis Cambridge Genomics Center). My team supports the local operation in France but also has a global outlook. Our objective is to share the resources and experience of all team members. Because bioinformatics is a relatively new field, there are numerous challenges, but I am very enthusiastic about the philosophy of applied research and the feeling of being part of a team which creating new medicines. Fundamental research as I was practicing before was fascinating, but at Aventis, I feel very much in my element. Philippe Marc - Aventis Testimonials:  Testimonials After finishing my preparatory studies, I decided to study electronical engineering. The opportunities seemed vast and the classes exciting. As a Parisian, I was looking to experience a different environment and decided to attend the ENSEEIHT in Toulouse. In my third year, I took advantage of an exchange program and attended the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. The North American educational approach is much more practical than in France. In electronics, for example, the emphasis is on manipulation of components and electronic systems. Autonomy, the ability to complete independent research projects and efficiency in managing concrete projects are key. My experience abroad was also a chance to expand my personal horizons. On a professional level, I was exposed to fields of study that I had not touched on in my engineering school. I took hands on classes on remote sensing and robotics, as well as management courses at Concordia University, etc. On a personal level : I discovered a new culture and met a wide range of interesting people. To describe my academic year in Canada in a few words, I would say personal fulfillment and enrichment. I attended Forum USA with friends in 2003. We were not expecting such excellent organization. We arrived at the hotel in the middle of the night after driving through a snowstorm. The reception we got from the Forum USA team was fantastic. I had scheduled three interviews for the following day, including one with Peugeot SA. I was also able to attend a series of conferences organized by the Forum USA team and visit other companies for informal interviews at their booths. However, it was at the Forum USA lunch that I was really able to make contact with recruiters : it was great to see how much interest they showed in getting to know the candidates. Having always been attracted by the automobile industry, I was looking forward to my meeting with Peugeot. They liked my profile which was strengthened by the fact that I was scheduled to do an internship with one of their suppliers. We set up an interview with a recruitment agency on my return to France in May of 2003. I met the technical director of the electronics division, a human resources specialist and my future manager. On August 1, I received an offer for a job starting October 20. I started at Peugeot with a very full training program including one month on the assembly line in Flins and two weeks at a dealership in Marseille. I am currently a project manager in electronic systems engineering. I make suggestions to electronic systems developers on tools for improving reliability and quality methods. I am currently working on developing a system allowing everyone involved with a particular project to access the same electronic information (logic controllers, cables and components). We are interested in traceability, but also in managing the accounting of these different elements. My work also involves projects at the front end of the process, including improving methods of developing electronic architecture. The project management aspect of my job is of particular interest for me. I have a range of contact people to manage. My courses in project management have been useful, but I am also discovering the disconnect between theory and practice. Running a project in its entirety is very gratifying and allows me to measure the added value we generate. When I got positive feedback from colleagues who thanked me for saving them time, I understood that what I was doing was truly worthwhile. Nicolas Renard - Peugeot SA D – Companies participating in past Forum USA:  D – Companies participating in past Forum USA D – Companies participating in past Forum USA:  D – Companies participating in past Forum USA Aventis Pharma Aventis Pasteur D – Other exhibitors participating in past Forum USA:  D – Other exhibitors participating in past Forum USA Research Organizations and Universities Regions, Agencies, Technopoles, Incubators, Networks and other Interlocutors

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