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Published on May 8, 2009

Author: ciaffaroni


Renewable, clean energy : Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Renewable, clean energy We must pollute less and we can Photovoltaic energy : Photovoltaic energy A photovoltaic panel is a solar panel that can generate electricity from solar radiation through photovoltaic cells usually made of silicon Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Advantages ….. Disadvantages : Advantages ….. Disadvantages Absence of polluting emissions Saving of fossil fuels High reliability - life cycle of over 20 years Reduction of operating and maintenance costs Modularity (size increases with modules) Each panel produces the energy used to manufacture it and up to 10-12 more Solar irradiation isn’t always available Costs of plants are high due to a not completely mature market Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Slide 4: MS panels have a poorer performance but are cheap produce energy even with clouds or lack of sun PP am A panels are more productive and more durable but are very expensive need 3 to 6 years to return the energy used to build them hade reduces performance The most common types of solar panels are made of amorphous, monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon. 2-Monocrystalline panel 3-Polycrystalline panel 1-Amorphous panel Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Slide 5: Our sun doesn’t give us only light and heat, but it is also an endless and durable source of energy. Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Slide 6: Photovoltaic panels absorb sunlight and retain heat that is released to produce electricity even in cloudy weather. Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Slide 7: Every moment the sun transmits 1367 watts per square meters onto the Earth orbit. Why not replace polluting energy sources with renewable and clean ones? Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Slide 8: In our area there’s a solar street lighting system Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Slide 9: Since 2008, our region, Lazio, has simplified and liberalized small thermal photovoltaic plants, so companies do not need Council permission when starting their activity. Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Solar plants in Italy : Solar plants in Italy When people install photovoltaic panels power companies provide a counter energy produced is fed into electricity grid a meter calculates energy produced and consumed if the latter is greater than the first, you pay the difference otherwise you are paid back by the company Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Solar energy in figures : Solar energy in figures About 27,860 plants Over one million square meters panels Annual turnover of about EUR 400 million About 10,000 jobs BUT There is still a gap between the North (Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia) and the rest of the country Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Other renewable energies : Other renewable energies Renewable energies are the future of the planet They create a balance between the cycle of nature and the needs of man So far men have used almost exclusively non-renewable resources, with major negative effects for the planet Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Which ones? :  Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Which ones? Hydroelectric power uses water fall and transforms it into hydropower. exploit the waters of lakes, rivers and seas through dams and pipes. energy is completely clean Geothermal energy uses energy from geological sources of heat the channeled steam moves turbines to produce energy Wind Energy harnesses energy from wind through wind blades. produces lots of energy depends on proximity to grid Italy’s case : Italy’s case Aprili Rebecca, Corradi Chiara, Davide Scancarello Italy has profitably invested in renewable energies Hydropower is the main alternative to fossil fuels covers 15% of national energy needs . Wind power is about 5,000 megawatts per year. installed equipment reduces 2,600,000 ton of CO2 a year Geothermal energy Larderello and Montieri plant in tuscany produces over 4 billions kilowatts of electricity per year

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