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Published on March 31, 2014

Author: paula_bolivar



Are you confused about Well, this is a browser hijacker and trusting it is not a good idea. In fact, you should remove ASAP!

Where does come from? Bundled downloads Social engineering scams You downloaded it yourself?


Quick Start is a browser extension which travels bundled with the clandestine browser hijacker.

Even though Quick Start may display links to fun looking websites and provide the latest weather forecast, the main task for this plugin is to show search results… does not present malicious search results; however, this search provider may collect information regarding your virtual activity and then share it with third party affiliates. This type of activity is not safe! removal In order to delete from the browsers and take control over the home page and the search provider of your Chrome, IE and Firefox browsers, you firstly need to change the browser shortcut TARGET.

Once the Target of the infected browsers is fixed, you will be able to change the undesirable search options. Click the link below to find more information about the browser hijacker and to find the manual removal guide which will help you remove in no time.

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anonymous | 14/06/17

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