Remote agile testing webinar slides.

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Information about Remote agile testing webinar slides.

Published on July 24, 2014

Author: xbosoft


XBOSoft Presents Remote Agile Testing

XBOSoft Info Founded in 2006 Dedicated to software quality Software QA Consulting Software Testing Offices in San Francisco, Beijing, Oslo, and Amsterdam

Housekeeping • Everyone except the speakers are muted • Questions via the gotowebinar control on the right side of your screen • Questions can be asked throughout the webinar, we’ll try to fit them in when appropriate • General Q & A at the end of the webinar • You will receive info on recording and slides after the webinar

Speakers Jan Princen, Board member XBOSoft, Founder of Grip QA. Pim Smeets, Project manager XBOSoft manages remotes agile test teams in China. Sabrina Gasson, Marketing at XBOSoft.

Why agile?

Agile Manifesto: • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools • Working software over comprehensive documentation • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation • Responding to change over following a plan Many Flavors What is agile?

Pim’s Project • Financial Software • Dutch UI • 6 teams • Located in 4 locations – 3 countries – 2 times zones – 3 mother tongues

Hard to work with teams in different locations? ‘A day in the life of a tester in China’ • Review tasks on TFS • 09:30 Internal standup: What will you do? How long do you need? Need help from colleagues? • 13:00: pre-grooming, if neeeded • 14:00-15:00 NL starts • 15:00-16:00 Groomings / retrospectives / standup meetings • Discuss with developers in Europe / wrap up. China and the Netherlands have a 6 hour time difference

English is hard for everyone Certain personality type does well Commitment of both sides Dutch specs: • Dutch Lessons • Translation software • Pre groomings Cultural / language differences

Communication Important in agile – Especially with distributed teams Daily stand ups Weekly grooming Continuous - email, IM, video

Agile Tools


Keeping Remote Teams Involved • How to keep remote teams involved? • Visit once a year • Involve everyone in all meetings (even if that can proof hard in practice) • Make jokes, build personal relationships • Two locations, one team

Increase Velocity

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