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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: Remodista



We learned from successful female leaders in the Remodista Community: Estee Lauder, Oscar de la Renta, C. Wonder, Victoria's Secret, Pepsi, Sears Holding, LinkedIn and Winston Brands. They shared the challenges, obstacles, and cross road decisions that led these women to careers they are passionate about.

Are you currently working to get to the next level…or thinking about it? Great careers don’t find you, you create them! This panel got us moving in the right direction! We are inspired by their stories, successes, and roadblocks they experienced, in order to, reach their goals.

A professional photographer gave us tips and took our headshots to help us set the stage for getting to the next level at any level. Does your current “go-to” photo have the right pixels and sizing for digital marketing materials? First things first, get the right jpeg into your portfolio!

Remodista’s  Breaking  Glass  Series  

Remodista  is  a  power  broker  in  connec8ng  the  most   influen8al  and  solu8on  oriented  execu8ves  working   in   digital,   social,   and   mobile   commerce.   It   is   a   collabora8ve   forum   that   brings   together   thought   leaders,   educates   brands,   and   nurtures   a   global   community.   Cul8va8ng   diverse   leadership   and   defining  the  consumer  with  mobility,  are  cri8cal  for   US  Retail  growth,  as  we  enter  the  next  genera8on  of   human  interac8on.     Remodista  Mission  

Eleva8ng  women  globally  is  a  core  mission  of  Remodista.    

Women  Leaders   Mentor  Youth   Nurture  Globally         Collabora8on   Inclusion   Content  Cura8on   Sophis8cated     Commerce   Educa8on   Community  is  Our  Differen8ator   Cul8va8ng   Technology   Think  Tank  

Ways  to  Get  the  Next  Level  at  ANY  Level   1.  Understand  your  personal  brand  from  a  360  degree  view   2.  Become  a  voice  in  the  community  where  you  have  exper8se     3.  Contribute  wri8ng  in  your  community  when  possible       4.  Look  for  opportuni8es  to  publish  your  thoughts       5.  When  you  get  into  the  mid  and  senior  level  roles,  consider   nego8a8ng  wri8ng  and  speaking  privileges  into  your  offers   6.  Be  prepared  and  look  for  opportuni8es  to  speak  in  front  of   your  peers.    You  don’t  want  your  first  8me  to  be  in  front  of  an   audience  of  300-­‐3000  people     7.  Seek  mentors  and  professional  coaches  to  take  it  to  the   execu8ve  level  à  coaching  absolutely  helps   8.  Create  your  own  opportuni8es  and  then  shine  a  light  on  it   9.  There’s  no  8me  for  modesty,  especially  if  no  one  is  looking  

Dan  Millman  on  The  Idea  of  Success   Know  your  advisaries,  then  apply  your  will.  Will  is  a  faithful  friend,   at   your   side,   in   both   sunlit   days   and   dark   nights   of   the   soul,   speaking  quietly  about  what  is  important  and  good.    Mo8va8on  is   a   welcome   wind   at   your   back   that   comes   when   you   are   more   child-­‐like.         Many  smart  people  fall  by  the  wayside  because  they  strive  ONLY   when   they   feel   mo8vated.   Successful   people   strive   no   ma^er   what  they  feel  by  applying  their  will  to  overcome  apathy,  doubt   and  fear.      

Tips  on  Taking  the  PERFECT  Headshot   Wikipedia  defines  a  headshot  as:  “A   headshot   is   a   photographic   technique   where   the   focus   of   the   photograph   is   a   person’s   face”.     Headshots   are   a   cri8cal   piece   of   many  professionals  PR  packets,  and   you  want  to  be  prepared  when  you   are   offered   opportuni8es   to   speak   and  publish.         Relax  a  li^le,  don’t  force  your  smile   or   it   will   come   through   in   the   photo;   leaving   a   li^le   space   between   your   top   and   bo^om   teeth   (a   pinky   width)   will   help   the   smile  look  more  genuine.    Squin8ng   your  eyes  a  li^le  will  also  help  you   come   through   more   confident   and   natural  in  the  photo.       Rose  Hamilton,  EVP,  Pet360  

Melissa  Lefere-­‐Cobb   Oscar  de  la  Renta   Have  you  go8en  where  you  are  with  strategy,  or  did  your  career  just  happen?       “When  I  was  16  years  old  I  came  to  NYC,  fell  in  love  with  the  city  and  vowed  I  would   make  my  way  in  the  fashion  industry.  My  mom  met  someone  in  the  supermarket  that   had  a  daughter  in  the  fashion  industry  and  she  became  a  mentor  to  me  and  told  me   about  a  one  year  program  at  FIT  that  I  ended  up  a^ending.  From  there  I  aggressively   pursued  internships  and  con8nued  to  network  and  meet  as  many  as  possible.  I  can’t   stress   enough   the   importance   of   networking   and   keeping   in   contact   with   your   mentors.”         What  would  you  tell  your  25  year  old  self  about  your  career  path?       “I  would  tell  myself  to  listen  more  carefully,  to  be  pa8ent,  and  to  realize  that  you  need   to   embrace   every   opportunity—even   if   it   doesn’t   seem   like   you   are   learning   at   the   8me,  you  probably  are!”   Photo Source: Valerie Keast

Catherine  Brodie   C.  Wonder   What  is/was  your  most  challenging  career  obstacle?     ‘The   most   challenging   8mes   in   my   career   have   been   when   we   are   launching   websites.  I  launched  6  websites  in  3  years  and  it  was  wild.  Each  launch  has  new   obstacles   that   you   need   to   overcome   and   the   clock   is   always   racing   toward   launch  date.  Trying  to  take  a  deep  breath  and  priori8ze  the  long  list  of  launch   items  while  being  exhausted  has  definitely  been  the  most  challenging  part  of  my   career   to-­‐date.   But,   the   end   result   has   always   made   the   long   hours   and   hard   work  worth  it!’     What  was  your  most  saGsfying  achievement  to  date?     ‘Gelng  promoted  to  Director  before  the  age  of  30.’  

Kim  Leugers       LinkedIn       What  is  your  view  on  taking  risk?    Any  advice?         “Take  on  the  hard  projects,  fail  fast  &  fail  ooen.    You  learn   not  only  from  your  successes,  but  also  from  your  missteps.”     What  would  you  tell  your  25-­‐year-­‐old  self  about  your   career  path?         “There  is  nothing  you  can’t  learn,  don’t  be  afraid  of  the   unknown.”  

JaKenna  Gilbert   Estee  Lauder   What  was  the  most  challenging  obstacle  in  your  career  to  date?       “I  was.  I’ve  always  had  a  natural  intui8on  with  my  work  and  I  allowed  this  to   guide  myself  through  my  career.  However,  as  I’ve  grown  as  a  person  in  my   career  and  in  my  industry,  I’ve  realized  that  a  natural  ability  is  not  going  to   take   me   to   the   next   level.   Over   the   last   few   years,   I’ve   started   constantly   looking  for  ways  to  improve  my  skills  and  build  upon  my  knowledge.  Whether   it  be  a^ending  industry  seminars,  taking  classes  offered  through  Lauder  or   learning   a   language   to   try   to   understand   another   culture   and   market   (currently  studying  Spanish!),  I'm  always  looking  for  ways  to  both  broaden   and  hone  my  skills.”   Photo Source: Raydene Salinas, Photo Editor, Huffington Post

Jennifer  Shonauer   PEPSI       What  is  your  view  on  taking  risk?    Any  advice?        “I  am  definitely  risk  averse  in  my  job,  but  you  need  to  take   risks  to  get  where  you  want  in  your  career.”     What  would  you  tell  your  25-­‐year-­‐old  self  about  your   career  path?         “Be  introspec8ve  à  Keep  going,  you’ll  be  just  fine!”  

Catherine  Brodie   C.  Wonder   What  is  your  view  on  taking  risk?    Any  advice?     ‘You  never  learn  or  get  be^er  at  anything  without  taking  risks.  The  first  few  8mes  I   spoke   on   a   panel   I   was   terrified.   But,   I   realized   the   risk   of   pulng   myself   in   the   spotlight  helped  me  improve  my  skills.  Presen8ng  to  our  brand  president  was  much   easier  aoer  speaking  in  front  of  300  people!  My  experiences  speaking  publicly  have   helped   me   become   a   be^er   public   speaker   at   work   and   life....   I   knocked   my   last   wedding  speech  out  of  the  park.  My  advice  is  to  go  for  it  -­‐-­‐  being  pushed  out  of  your   comfort  zone  is  generally  good.”         What  would  you  like  to  tell  your  25  year  old  self?     “The  grass  always  seems  greener!  Take  your  8me  in  evalua8ng  your  current  posi8on   and   carefully   vet   new   opportuni8es   before   transi8oning.   Don't   make   knee   jerk   decisions.  In  jobs,  partnerships  and  life!”    

Kim  Leugers       LinkedIn   What  is  the  most  saGsfying  goal  that  you  have  reached  in  your  career  to   date?         “Being   given   the   opportunity   to   enact   change   in   the   industry,   and   being   respected  for  my  professional  opinion  on  the  industry.”     Have  you  go8en  where  you  are  with  strategy  or  did  it  just  happen  for  you?         “My  path  is  part  by  design  (recognizing  trends  and  taking  the  risk  to  invest  in   what  I  believe  will  be  an  important  avenue)  and  part  by  opportunis8c  luck.”  

JaKenna  Gilbert   Estee  Lauder   What  is  the  most  saGsfying  goal  that  you  have  reached  in  your  career  to  date?     “Hands   down,   working   on   ELC’s   largest   philanthropic   program,   the   Breast   Cancer   Awareness  Campaign.  Breast  cancer  is  so  personal  for  every  person  and  there  are  so   many  people  who  have  been  touched  by  breast  cancer  in  some  way.  For  the  2013   campaign,   I   was   part   of   a   small   team   that   led   the   digital   project   from   strategy   to   execu8on  and  it  was  some  of  the  most  grueling,  yet  rewarding  work  I've  ever  done.   We   produced   a   video   that   followed   the   lives   of   3   breast   cancer   survivors,   through   diagnosis,  to  treatment,  to  spending  8me  with  their  families,  all  along  their  journey.   Standing  side  by  side  these  woman,  who  have  suffered  through  so  much  pain  and  are   living  embodiments  of  strength,  completely  changed  my  understanding  of  what  true   courage  is.  And  knowing  that  the  work  I  did  touched  thousands  of  people  in  such  a   posi8ve   and   encouraging   way   has   certainly   been   the   highlight   of   my   career.   Truly   inspiring.”   Photo Source: Raydene Salinas, Photo Editor, Huffington Post

Alana  Widdess     Sears   What  is  your  view  on  taking  risk?    Any  advice?       “As  the  saying  goes,  "no  risk,  no  reward".  Ha  ha....  I  wish  I  truly  felt  this  way.  On   the  spectrum  of  risk  aversion,  I  am  probably  more  on  the  averse  side  of  things   than  not.    However,  I  challenge  myself  daily  to  do  something  that  "scares"  me.     And  it  doesn't  have  to  be  monumental  or  earth  sha^ering  either!    For  example,   in  order  to  grow  as  a  leader  in  a  company  it  is  increasingly  important  to  trust   your  gut  and  have  convic8on  in  all  of  your  ac8ons,  even  when  you  are  not  100%   sure.  So  I  might  start  with  sending  out  a  communica8on  or  leading  a  mee8ng   without  gelng  input  or  running  something  past  my  boss  or  peers  first.    I  guess  in   someways,   I   am   equa8ng   risk   with   self-­‐confidence....both   of   which   are   super   important!”     What  would  you  tell  your  25-­‐year-­‐old  self  about  your  career  path?     “Remind  myself,  whenever  I  am  feeling  anxious  about  my  career  that  when  the   8ming  is  right,  everything  will  work  out  the  way  it's  supposed  to.”        

JaKenna  Gilbert   Estee  Lauder   What  is  your  view  on  taking  risk?    Any  advice?       “I  absolutely  believe  in  taking  risk.  But  I  also  believe  that  taking   risk   doesn’t   necessarily   mean   being   reckless   and/or   naive.   There’s   no   reason   why   we   can’t   live   for   today   and   plan   for   tomorrow.       My  advice  is  to  stay  open  to  opportuni8es  (as  you’ll  never  know   when  a  door  might  open)  and  when  one  comes  along,  try  to  be   as  prepared  as  possible  to  jump  in  full  force.”   Photo Source: Raydene Salinas, Photo Editor, Huffington Post

Melissa  Lefere-­‐Cobb   Oscar  de  la  Renta   What  is  the  most  saGsfying  goal  that  you  have  reached  in  your  career  to  date?       “Working  alongside  one  of  the  industry's  greats-­‐-­‐  Oscar  de  la  Renta!  I  pinched  myself   the  first  8me  he  asked  my  opinion  on  something  and  knew  how  hard  I  had  to  work  to   gain  his  trust  and  validate  the  new  merchandising  department  that  I  founded.”       Are  you  a  risk  taker?    What  is  your  advice  on  taking  risk?       “My  advice  is  go  for  it!  I  moved  to  NYC  from  a  small  town  in  Michigan  two  weeks   aoer  I  graduated  from  college.  I  didn't  even  have  an  apartment  but  knew  I  needed  to   take  a  leap  of  faith  and  everything  else  would  sort  itself  out..and  it  did!”   Photo Source: Valerie Keast

Alana  Widdess     Sears   What  was  the  most  challenging  obstacle  in  your  career  to  date?         “Right   now!   Earlier   in   my   career,   although   I   moved   through   different   roles/ companies,  I  was  within  the  same  industry,  making  it  rela8vely  easy  to  crao  my   "story"   and   career   progression.   I   then   went   back   to   business   school,   which   proved  to  be  the  impetus  for  my  move    into  a  new  industry  -­‐  retail.  Even  though  I   was  both  a  career  and  industry  "switcher",  I  was  fortunate  enough  to  be  at  a  top   business  school  where  I  could  leverage  my  network  and  career  resources  as  a   catalyst  for  my  transi8on.    Interes8ngly,  I  now  find  myself  at  a  juncture  where   I've  been  in  a  new  industry  AND  func8on  (which  I  love)  for  about  3  years....but  at   this  point  in  my  career,  3  years  does  not  necessarily  scream  "tenure".    So  I  am   spending  a  lot  of  8me  networking,  journaling  -­‐  looking  inward  -­‐    to  figure  out  not   only  how  to  re-­‐brand  myself,  but  also  connect  the  dots  in  what  on  paper  might   look  like  a  somewhat  disjointed  career  path.”  

Kim  Hansen     Remington  Brands   What  is  your  view  on  taking  risk?    Any  advice?         “I'm  a  bit  risk  averse.    I  have  backed  away  from  some  projects  because  I  valued   the  security  of  a  steady  paycheck.    However,  my  family  did  start  a  restaurant,   which  is  one  of  the  riskiest  businesses  there  is.    My  advice  is  too  take  risk,  but  do   your  homework.    I  started  a  restaurant  years  ago,  without  restaurant  experience,   but   I   made   sure   that   before   going   in,   I   fully   understood   the   restaurant   profit   model.     It   was   invaluable   to   have   planning   tools   at   my   disposal   for   my   new   venture.”       What  would  you  tell  your  25-­‐year-­‐old  self  about  your  career  path?       The  things  I  would  tell  my  self  are:   "Relax,  you've  got  this"   "Seek  feedback  from  your  co-­‐workers  on  all  levels"            

JaKenna  Gilbert   Estee  Lauder   Have  you  go8en  where  you  are  with  strategy  or  did  it  just  happen  for  you?         My  career  journey  has  been  a  combina8on  of  strategy  and  being  open  to  opportuni8es.   I  started  my  career  in  digital  as  a  community  manager  for  Volkswagen  (and  that  was   before  social  media  was  taken  that  seriously  by  any  brand)  and  having  that  execu8onal   and  community  building  experience  was  important  as  a  base,  but  I  knew  that  my  true   skills  would  be  sharpened  on  a  strategy  level.  So,  when  I  made  the  move  to  the  Audi   team   and   eventually,   to   another   agency,   I   made   sure   my   experience   was   centered   around  digital  strategy.  And  as  I  navigated  the  agency  lifestyle,  I  understood  that  my   next  move  would  need  to  be  at  a  brand,  where  I  could  make  a  difference  in  house.  And   sure  enough,  as  soon  as  I  realized  this,  Estee  Lauder  contacted  me  about  a  posi8on  that   my  background  was  absolutely  perfect  for.  They  needed  someone  who  could  work  with   mul8ple  brands,  understand  social  from  the  ground  up  and  who  could  communicate   and  understand  the  higher  level  marke8ng  objec8ves  needed  to  build  successful  digital   presences.    It  was  a  perfect  fit.   Photo Source: Raydene Salinas, Photo Editor, Huffington Post

Kim  Hansen     Remington  Brands           Have  you  go8en  where  you  are  with  strategy  or  did  it  just  happen  for  you?       “I   would   say   that   the   strategy   was   all   about   understanding   what   I   enjoy   and   what  I  am  good  at.  As  I  gained  work  experience,  I  set  goals  for  the  future,  and  so   was   able   to   choose   to   take   advantage   of   opportuni8es   that   would   lead   to   a^aining  those  goals.    I  always  looked  for  opportuni8es  that  would  enable  me  to   learn  and  grow.    For  example,  I  leo  the  independence  of  my  own  company,  to   head  up  an  e-­‐commerce  business  because  I  wanted  to  have  those  experiences.     My   success   came   from   being   an   on-­‐going   orienta8on   towards   learning   and   understanding,  as  well  as  being  results  oriented,  focused  and  credible.”  

Thanks  to  Our  Community  Partners!  

ELEVATE,  EDUCATE,  +  MENTOR   Kelly  S8ckel     President  +  Global  Community  Builder     Remodista   312-­‐371-­‐9302  I  Skype:  kelly.s8ckel          

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Shards (Breaking Glass Prequel) and Breaking Glass. Home; ... Breaking Glass series . 2 works, 2 primary works Shards by Lisa Amowitz (Goodreads Author) ...
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Breaking Glass (TV Series 1994– ) - Episodes - IMDb

Breaking Glass (TV Series) TV. Episode List; Episode Cast; Rated Episodes (by date / vote) TV Schedule; Details. Full Cast and Crew; Release Dates ...
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Breaking Glass (TV Series 1994– ) - IMDb

Breaking Glass . Documentary ... TV Series (1994– ) Episode Guide. 0 episodes. Add a Plot » Stars: John Harvey-Jones, Carol Vorderman "Flash" Cast ...
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Once Upon a Time - Season 4, Episode 5: Breaking Glass ...

... Breaking Glass: ... OUAT is breaking. 8.5. ... Referencing the title character in author J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.
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Sapphire Magic: Breaking Glass (The Magic Series Book 2 ...

Sapphire Magic: Breaking Glass (The Magic Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by John Booth, ... Breaking Glass - Glass has always wanted to be human.
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"Breaking Glass" Series: Digital Photography Review ...

"Breaking Glass" Challenge ... this series is all about thinking outside the box and "Breaking Class". ... you can do as much PP in this series as you want ...
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Review Once upon a Time 4x05: Breaking Glass - Ein ...

Review Once Upon a Time Breaking Glass ... Mehr Informationen Alles über die Serie Once upon a Time Informationen über die Episode Breaking ...
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Waking the Dead: Breaking Glass, Part Two -

... Breaking Glass, Part Two: ln their attempts to prevent another murder, the team desperately tries to establish the identity of the care home paedo ...
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