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Published on November 18, 2019

Author: cervmar


1. FullyIntegratedMobilityServices ©REMOBS2017

2. Aworry-freetransitions inpeople’slives Withourfully-ownedandintegratedservices throughSwitzerland, skilledteam membersandsupported byourworldwide networkofprofessionals, wewill surpass yourexpectations. ©REMOBS2017

3. REMOBSIntegratedMobilitySolutions OrientationTour TemporaryAccommodation Housing Schooling Settle-in Leavingassistance Ongoingservices. Transport Visa - Migration EntranceInspection&Settle-in Furniturerental Petssupport MovingCoordination OfficeMoveCoordination Internationalcoordination Customsservices Supplychain ©REMOBS2017

4. ExperiencemakesusUnique  20Years’experience  Expatriationexperiencedcollaborators  Polyglotandmulticultural staff  Corporates ©REMOBS2017

5. RelocationSolutions Is the result of the growing movement of people inter/countryand expatriates  Companies  Individuals  Families coming to live in Switzerland, allowing them to have a quick and successful adaptation to the new environment..  Support  Accompaniment  Optimization of resources Willing to bethe Relocation Solution for HumanResources We make the assignee feel like home©REMOBS2017

6. WhyweareYourBestOption 1. INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE 2. SPECIFIC ACKNOWLEDGE METHODOLOGY 3. AVAILABILITY ON LINE 24/7 90%  Realistic Expectations  Resource Optimization (monetary, time, others)  Productivity  Fall of climate of uncertainty©REMOBS2017 One-One Contact: 10% Questionnaires: 59% NA Call + Confirmation: 31%

7. ©REMOBS2017 Our Packages PACKAGE SCOPE I. MANAGEMENT / EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – no children Orientation Tour, Housing, Entrance Inspection, Settle-In II. EXECUTIVE / TECHNICIEN– no children Orientation Tour, Housing, Entrance Inspection III. MANAGEMENT / EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – 2 children Orientation Tour, Housing, Entrance Inspection, Settle-In, School Search IV. EXECUTIVE / TECHNICIEN – 2 children Orientation Tour, Housing, Entrance Inspection, School Search

8. ©REMOBS2017 Our commitment ENTREPRISE ASSIGNEE FAMILY COMMITMENT Cost reductions COMMITMENT Overcome Uncertainty COMMITMENT Overcoming Uncertainty with realistic expectations RESULTS Increased HR Productivity RESULTS Quick and efficient personal and professional adaptation RESULTS Quick and efficient personal and professional adaptation CONCLUSION Reduction in workforce turnover CONCLUSION An efficient and work-oriented employee CONCLUSION: A Well adapted family to its new framework

9. ©REMOBS2017 PhD. Martha Cervantes Moving people… Moving lives A company with global standards General Manager +351 913 699 367

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