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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: VolkodavKO



How they remind it in movies or secret signs used in cinematography.

Reminder of Hell (Last update 03/12/2014) Examples in movies "Гений Дзюдо" (00:50:25). For a second, the lying movie's hero in black clothes is displayed two times. Stick and hand down, leg is seen too. On the hero with closed eyes there is a piece of red. Outside is getting dark. Steam or smoke, two faces of Hellish people or a figure within figure, demons, hoarse sound, as if two in one, the pouring of water down and a coming night (in addition, after daybreak there is a fire, two times, and then some emphasis on eyes). By the way, the movie has got red title and the other main hero is blind, which emphasizes eyes. TV Series "Kung Fu", episode "The Cenotaph". Sample 1: Dragon, old woman looks to the ground and even knocks by the stick on it. Then she falls down (with as-if raised hand) and the soldiers bend down to her (also looks down and up). Sample 2: The man says "I challenge Heaven and Hell!" and then we see looks downwards and upwards (and raised hand + piece of red). In the end there are two pictures: The hero pictured as if he was two times and his beloved master who was blind. "Легенда острова ДВИД". And what we see? Projection in a mirror in order to be "two times", emphasis on eyes (by the glasses above the man's eyes and by the closing of the boy's eyes when he cries), megaphone down, finger pointing toward the Hell and the boy's legs, and fingers from one to three and back to the one: "Закон для всех один." (= law is one for all). But should I add what law is it that the man in fact speaks about? Additional questionable information Single elements, which today's "reminder of Hell" consists from, are very old. The following sample originates from "Monkey Fist, Floating Snake" before the end of the movie. Repeatedly there are seen legs that are wiggling or skipping (and also their owner). Further we see a fall to the ground and then the picture skips several times. Then there is a "skyfall" (attack from above), alternating with a look at the quickly-moving legs, hits with knee while bending forward and then "the showing of hand". In some movies we can see not only one "reminder of Hell" and/or some other graphical elements reminding the hidden essence of Hellish people, but even several at once. Perhaps it is valid mainly for movies, which story is about evil things. As an example I will use "The Expendables" starting with a "Hellish" combination of colors: (00:42:10) the word "Hell", "cut eye" and hairs in the eye (somewhat later also attack downwards); (00:51:25) actor displayed in a mirror and he looks downwards, there is seen smoke, there are heard Hellish words ("a very black place", "goddamn Dracula", "looking in eyes"), there are seen tears in eyes and in the end he covers his face with his hand; (00:56:00) several reminders next each other or one big: hairs over eyes, hand and bottle downwards, looks downwards and upwards, piece of red, pointing upwards, covered face, water downwards, water upwards, picture of a woman with "bloody eye" (= red color) and a look downwards, then movements of fingers on the picture emphasizing the meaning of the finger and eye; (01:27:35) man in fire, one eye, a slow look and strike aslant downwards, and a look downwards behind flames. ******

Well, let us mention some movies with Jean-Claude Van Damme and "Hellish scenes" occurring in them: "Hard Target" (00:15:09) red clothes, look and hands downwards, flame of a candle, closed eyes and smoke; (01:01:30) (woman in red clothes closes eyes, somewhat bows her head and raises hand) talking about eyes, emphasis on eyes, snake, looks downwards with raised eyebrows, red clothes, a wink, then the snake again (attacking from above downwards), looks downwards and upwards and red color of blood (on the face of the bitten man). "In Hell" (00:53:55) "two faces" of Hellish people - "figure in a figure" (+ looks downwards and upwards, stepping down and raised hands); (01:01:40) young man repeatedly looks down, squats and reaches down, and when he is "lifted up" and kept by a prison officer there are looks downwards and upwards and a raised finger of the prison officer as he touches that young man's lips and then there is a fall on the ground and a forward bend; (01:17:10) emphasis on legs and direction downwards, candles, looks down and up, flashes of lighting with smoke and raised hands. Shortly Hell. "KickBoxer" (00:38:35) raised finger, looks downwards and upwards, and a predator; (01:27:50) statue of snake, red color of blood and looks downwards and upwards; (01:32:10) falling downwards, statue of snake, looks downwards, blood and fire present, too. "Legionnaire" (01:25:50) one eye, flames, smoke and squatting (patron upwards instead of a raised finger), then a hole in the earth, kneeling and hands downwards into it, and in the end a walking actor and fire and smoke around him. "Lionheart" (00:01:50) a knee bend, looks downwards and upwards (and to the sides), a spit and pouring of gasoline downwards, a burning match in the hand and a man in fire; (00:44:30) emphasis on eyes, a forward bend, closed eyes with a bowed head, raised finger and looks upwards (and also to the sides); (01:40:30) all the squatting & kneeling together with a little emphasis on eyes in the end of the movie can perhaps be a micro-reminder. "Nowhere to Run" (00:30:35) one eye of the hero, looks downwards and upwards, something falls on the ground and the woman picks up, and then the hero, bent, is seen two times as he is displayed in a mirror; (00:39:05) night and moon, closed eyes and then looks downwards and upwards, walking down the hill, flames, looks downwards and upwards by means of a horse (with pointing downwards and upwards), and the fall of a man with face to the ground; (01:14:15) eyes in glasses from a close distance, and then the boy "knocks the table" and everybody looks downwards, which in given case can be a sort of a small "herald" of the movie's violent climax (in its very end there is a dust instead of a smoke, a very small emphasis on ene eye and a somewhat-raised hand). "Timecop": The entire movie is one big "Hellish indication". The hero is "doubled", since he exists in two different worlds, parallel to each other by time; (01:23:00) during this scene we can see "two in one" like "two faces of Hellish people" (there is also darkness, emphasis on two and one finger, flashes of lighting etc.) "Universal Soldier: The Return" (00:49:50) this long scene begins, when the hero in a car slightly emphasizes eyes and then he points by a finger, after it in the restaurant he points his finger at the waiter, the woman raises her hand, the waiter gives a blink and points his finger at the woman, then the hero goes up the stairs and shows one finger, he knocks someone down with his head, puts his hand on his forehead and then in the room, where one woman raises hand with a dumb and another holds a bar by a raised hand, he raises his finger again (the "raised component" means the one law & "victory" of Hellish people). The movie ends by an extremely big fire and squatting with closed eyes. **********

Talking about "Alien" and "Avatar": As it was written, "Avatar" joins two minds: that of human being and that of demonical humanoid creature, which expresses the body of mind of Hellish people. Such a person looks like a human being, but it has both his conscience and the conscience of the demonical humanoid creature at the same time. After death the entire conscience goes over to the demonical creature that is in fact that person's soul hidden in the human body (the "figure [with]in a figure"). And as for "Alien" (who reminds a dragon a bit), we have him, figuratively speaking, linked with Hell, since before we see "deadly eggs" ("Alien" - 00:31:35) the astronaut is looking down (with a piece of red in his helm) and we can see a pit, through which he later descends into the room with the eggs, covered by blue-white light (having a piece of green color in the transition between the two). Just like the "Avatar" also the "Alien" reminds Hellish people. He comes into the world from the body of women as well as Hellish humanoid souls. Please pay your attention to two movies related to this intruder. The first is "Alien: Resurrection" that has an "Alien & human mix" and a robot as the main heroes. In the end they come to Earth and the half-human hero says the following sentence that represents the last words that have sounded in the movie: "I am a stranger here myself." Yes, correct. The Earth is not the main home of Hellish people, more precisely of their demonical humanoid souls. The second movie is "Prometheus", in which the heroes wake up a sleeping giant humanoid being that (similarly like "Dr. Shaw") repeatedly bends and looks down toward the Hell that he gives the people within the next moments. It is said that this giant humanoid being is "a superior species, no doubt". However, in the end of the movie the "Alien" gets out of his body as well as the souls of Hellish people were perhaps born to the female human(oid)s of the ancient (super)human civilizations that they have firstly developed, but later probably also spoilt and/or brought to ruins somehow. _____________________________________________________________________ In different movies and videos that were not mentioned above there are another "reminders of Hell" and I will mention some of them here: "The Ten Commandments" The beginning of movie contains the indications of Hell, but interesting is its reminder after the first half-hour. God appears to Moses in flames, Moses kneels and bends down, and his pastoral staff changes into a snake. "Open Ranch" (01:08:30) Flashes of lighting, closed eyes, stranger in a mask, "two in one" and "figure within a figure", one hand and looks downwards; (00:52:35) Storm with flashes of lighting, looks downwards and upwards, word "Hell", raised hand with one and then with two fingers (perhaps darkness, flashes and emphasis on direction downwards make the scene complete). "Wolverine" (01:47:10) Down and up, raised hands, on knees, emphasis on eyes, sentence: "Your mistake was to believe that a life without end can have no meaning. It is the only life that can." Yes, only the eternal life can have a meaning. TV Series "Rozpaky kuchare Svatopluka". It has got thirteen episodes as well as "Arabela" (1 = the first face, that is as if human being, and 3 = either all the three shapes [= the first face + the second face + demonical humanoid soul] or demonical humanoid soul only that will be left after the death of Hellish person; by the way, the continuation of "Arabela" was "Arabela se vraci" with twenty six episodes [2 = the second face, which is the Hellish one, and 6, which is 2 x 3 = a sort of a reminder of Hell]). It is interesting that the viewer is guided through it by the same actor that plays the main hero about who he often speaks as if it was somebody else than he. So in fact he is two times. And when the picture uses to stop in the movie, the actor usually looks at the viewers in the way that emphasizes eyes (instead of letting the picture stop every time at a different grimace or position of the actor's head). I am sure it did not escape your attention, that the main hero's surename was "Kuratko" (= Chicken) and at the same time he did make a real career in the kitchen. It reminds the successes of Hellish people

who belong to national minorities, who have a ridiculous name or who had a hard life and despite it they got to the top, which gives the impression of freedom. But because we talk here about the "reminders of Hell", I will mention some. The eight episode (00:39:45) two forward bends and then a raised finger (and looks down and up), little later slow looks downwards and to the right with the hand pointing down. In the following scene there is a small emphasis on eyes by the boards (that the main hero had been pointing at and that he had been looking down at) that cover the under part of the face and the eyes are looking somewhat upwards during it, whereas the picture stops (by the way, in 00:30:50 we may see, how the main hero unlocks a locker in a locker room that has number 66 and purely personally, the main hero's wife "Hedvika" seems to me to be prettier than in-this-eight-episode so-much praised "Andela"). Before we leave this episode, I would have one query. There is one small thing in it that little reminds Hellish people in a way: (00:34:15) One finger, two fingers and emphasis on mouth and eyes. Should such small things be considered a Hellish indication? There are five small reminders from the last episode (out of which the first two maybe are not any reminders, but on the other hand they are placed into the thirteenth episode, so that): (00:08:10) Words "Takovejch třista jídel denně" (= "About three hundred meals a day") and a repeated scratching the nose by one finger. Let us remember movie "300" (number 3 has a Hellish meaning and zero is not taken into account, so that 3, 30, 300, we understand each other guys :-); (00:18:00) Conversation about three meals ending by raised hands and looks upwards (maybe the mentioning of a pepper in the third meal that is red had its meaning); (00:36:00) The fork to the ground and a bend forward for it, word "dobytek" (= livestock, which are horned animals) and then sentences "I kdyz vim, ze tak, jak se vari prvni den, se nevari druhej a tricatej" (= "Even though I know that how cooking does in the first day it does not in the second, in the thirtieth") and "Jak to, my takhle chceme varit i po jednatricatem" (= "How come, this way we want to cook also after the thirtieth one") and the raising of hand; (00:40:25) Before the praise of three female cooks there is heard "Devcatka, kuzlatka.." (= "little girls, baby goats..." = horny animal) and then there is emphasis on direction downwards, during which the picture gets stopped, and after it in the continuation of the scene there is also the raising of hand and another "lowering down"; (00:45:00) During the conversation there is emphasis on direction down (a bend down to the sensor in the elevator's door and words "Prchat kanalama" [= "To run through the sewers"]), after which a raised hand follows. The whole TV Series, that is the thirteenth episode, ends by how the main hero chooses a red wine, which he says, too. He raises left hand, then he raises the right one with the red wine and gives a blink. "Тѐмный мир: Равновесие" This movie has many Hell-reminding elements (= many "reminders of Hell"). But to say something interesting, I will mention scene (00:03:30) where the female hero has number 13 on her t-shirt. Shortly after it there is a boy talking to her who raises one finger and then there we see another girl with number 3 on her t-shirt who also raises one finger. "Prisoners of the Lost Universe" On the beginning there is a snake and a woman in close-to-red clothes looking at each other. She then bends down reaching for the snake and she catches it in the way to have (little hand and mainly) one finger raised (then there is she again holding a cigarette pointing upwards). This movie is about two parallel worlds and there are a few reminders from it, for instance (00:13:00) Going down, looks down and up, the female hero is seen two times, sitting on the stone with hands down and words "damned" and "Hell". After this one, there is another reminder with a "human-like beast" trapped in a little swamp, after it another with word "Hell", a fall down, piece of red color and similarly. "The Eye" This movie is full of the "reminders of Hell" and it has a Hellish subtext (the female hero is two in one, because she has got the eyes of some other woman who had died, whose memories became alive in her) and I will mention only this one: (00:22:00) Legs, hand down, the female hero gets squatting and she looks into the darkness, suddenly there is a fire and she wakes up, then there is a little emphasis on eyes, during few moments she sees some changes around her in her room that disappear.

On the display of her electronic clock there is 1:06 (other crazy experience will happen after some time at the same time). "The Illusionist" Before the film starts there are titles that end by eyes and then there is the hero in black clothes (with white complement) who is looking downwards toward several little fires. The movie ends by the look at a butterfly's picture on a medallion and then there are two butterflies flying. Apart from the other, this film shows us "two faces" & "blurred figures" of Hellish people, too. By the way, we will learn that our life can be an illusion. "Into the Wild" (00:24:25) Pictured two times by means of mirror, (some) forward bend(s) including reaching into the trash, close-to-red writings on the mirror, reaching into the dustbin, one raised finger, legs and raised finger again (during one moment the finger is completed by a violent scene); (00:38:25) Picking up the bag, going down the hill (the dust looks like a smoke) and "step on the ground" (then sitting low almost on the ground), red apple, skipped frames (= picture that "jumps"), repeated word "Super", emphasis on eyes and direction toward the Hell (= down :-) and raised finger (= "Hell is super and it wins"); (01:19:00) Digging in the pit, then one eye, some close-to-red color, word "bullshit" (bull is a horny creature) and emphasis on eyes & direction down. I won't speak about several little possible reminders (like e.g. 00:49:30 several pictures on one screen and smoke from a cigar with two raised fingers or about 01:17:00 there is a "quick writing" [such things can sometimes remind "the flicking of Hellish people"] with emphases on direction down), because these scenes can also be normal. "Замок" This movie starts with the hero going through Nature in snow. Suddenly, he falls down, there is the red title of the movie and then the hero is on his knees reaching for water into the brook. The end of the movie is a view on many little flames on the chandelier. Before it, the hero exchanges his role with another man and so he is like two different people. Interesting is, that firstly the two had to ask some lord of a permission to be allowed to be somebody else. In a similar way the management of Hellish people does some partial correction of their members regarding how they will live. "Волкодав" (01:30:05) Fire, memory of an old story that is going on down in a diamond mine in the mountain, emphasis on direction downwards and on eyes, bat, wolf's head, red blood, looks down and up, raised hand (with red sleeve and) with two fingers and similarly. The entire scene perfectly distinguishes from the rest of what is in the movie. "You Only Live Twice" James Bond had officially died, but in fact he lives and travels to Japan, where his appearance is changed to look like a Japanese and they even marry him, which little reminds "being two times". His enemy, Blofeld with malformed skin at the right eye (during the conversation with him Bond says, that this is his second life and Blofeld answers, that he only lives twice) who has a secret base inside of an extinct volcano, where he launches his illegal spaceship from. In any case the movie starts with a song about that that we live twice, and one life we have for ourselves and one for our dreams. Accompaniment is a view of burning lava, eyes, silhouettes of women, and white titles with red, blue and black picture in background (the songs ends with a look at the sun on the horizon). "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1956) belongs among those movies about duplicates, clones or copies of people, which often has a "Hellish subtext", since it reminds the nature of Hellish people. And I will mention several examples of sentences that I have heard in the mentioned movie and that suits Hellish people (if the text has some errors, please understand it, because I do not understand English language too well): One woman is describing her changed uncle who externally looks like before, but, how she says it about him: "There is no emotion. None. Just the pretence of it. The words, gestures, the tone of voice, everything else is the same, but not the feeling." And here is an interesting conversation between the duplicates of people and the hero, which describes the lower intensity of love, typical of Hellish people. Hero asks them: "I love Pegi. Tomorrow, will I feel the same?" They answer: "There is no need for love."

Hero asks again: "No emotion? Then you have no feelings! Only the instinct to survive. You cannot love or be loved, am I right?" And they explain: "You say as if it was terrible. Believe me, it is not. You have been in love before, it did not last. It never does. Love, desire, ambition, faith, without them life is so simple, believe me." In conclusion, let me mention one "reminder of Hell" (01:14:50): Hero and his girlfriend fall down on the ground. Then there are looks down and up, horror music, emphasis on eyes and the girlfriend is changed into her duplicate that already does not love the hero any more and that wants to destroy him. (There are many such movies about "being two times", for instance "It Came from Outer Space II" [1996], where the original people are taken captives, whilst their copies live among people instead of them. Indicative is also the shades-of-blue color [completed by white] of their "stones" and "spacecraft".) "Bear's Kiss" also known as "Медвежий поцелуй". This movie is about being a bear and a man at the same time (there is also said that he is a shapeshifter, changing between two worlds). And, frankly, I do not know how I should exactly judge the beginning of the movie that contains several "indicative elements" (like beasts, close-to-red color on clothes, views down to the water and extremely up from underneath, and other). But I will mention here several "indicative scenes", although not all of them belong among straight "reminders of Hell": (00:15:00) Piece of red (on the lips), bear, flames and moon in the night sky; (00:25:38) Female hero fondles with the bear. Then trees are seen from bellow in darkness, there is a voice of a sorcerer who is dancing by the fire and bent forward (during a moment, he is seen two times). After it there is a figure of a beast & human cross, and then there is the female hero lying with closed eyes. She opens them and she sees how her bear is changed into a human being, which is for the first time in the movie. There is also red color; (00:34:35) Emphasized eyes (in darkness) and then there are seen flames (perhaps one man who eats is little emphasizing direction downwards and he says that they are freaks); (00:44:40) In the middle of various circus scenes the female hero in clothes with Hellish colors is dancing with the bear and flames are in background (her crown has a close to yellow or orange color, there is also emphasis on one hand and closed eyes). She goes for a walk with the bear, he changes into human being and their shadows are seen two times, little later the bear-man takes off his red shoes and the two are sitting on the ground (little later there is a bloody fight); (01:04:30) Dancing by the fire in clothes with Hellish colors (= shades of blue completed by white, red and grey-to-black or close-to-black color), there is emphasized one hand and then sexual intercourse with flames in background (after it there is a salt cellar tapping on the table and salting a red tomato, perhaps it complements the previous scene); (01:08:55) (Mirror and) Animal sound, a bent-forward sorcerer dancing beside the fire, little bear and moon in the night sky; (01:14:35) There is a guy who wants to rape the female hero. There is a quarrel between the two and he knocks her down. She crawls on all four and calls her bear. He changes into a man and he kills that guy who lies in blood on the ground and there are words "Hell" and "burn" (by the way, little later the girl is seen two times, she also gets "two faces", falls down on the ground and then there is the dust as a replacement of smoke); (01:26:35) The female hero took the bear into his native Siberia. We see a little figure of bear, piece of red, standing car, the bear and lying female hero. After some moments the bear is sent into the forest and she follows him. As they run, there are heard "magic sounds" and the two are seen two times by means of a big puddle. Suddenly, the female hero is a bear, too (they had looked like people and what has remained of them is a beast like in Hellish people after their death). The both disappear in the forest (perhaps the fog is there instead of smoke). TV Series "Highlander", episode "The Wrath of Kali" (00:01:55) Word "murderers", glass with drink down, emphasized eyes, and the statue of unlikeable creature with bigger eyes; (00:28:15) Moon, fire, squatting, drumming down, raised hand during playing, demonical face of Kali, emphasized eyes by the headscarf over the face, fire, smoke and Kali; (00:45:00) White title with shades of blue and black complement, flashes of lightning in the darkness, falling on the ground, blurred Duncan's face reminding "two faces", short bend forward, flashes, he is seen two times, raised hands, look down and forward bend, squatting in red background, and Kali.

TV Series "Highlander", episode "Methuselah's Gift" (Just one interesting reminder) (00:14:05) Some looks down at workbook with pen pointing down, gazing with eyes (different sound and slower movement distinguish this scene from all the other), Amanda pulling Duncan down and the two squatting, looks to the side and down and up, and hand upwards (what follows it perhaps completes this scene). TV Series "Highlander", episode "Epitaph for Tommy" (00:35:00) There is a young beautiful woman that will "shoot down" one immortal. Before he falls by the face down, he says to her: "You may be surprised." After a while he becomes alive again and tells to her: "Surprise!". Then we see many pictures of blurred memories that include "two faces of Hellish people" & "figure within figure". There are words "die", "death" and "kill". The scene ends by kneeling Duncan who has hand down, there is heard word "Hell" and there is a car in flames and then Duncan with head downwards; (00:42:00) There is a fight between Duncan and the immortal that was "shot down" by the beautiful woman. During the fight there are "blinking lights". After Duncan takes that immortal's head and his sword with red or violet hilt falls down, machines in the circus start to work and there will be lightnings. From closer distance we see the figure of dragon with smoke from its mouth. In the end Duncan touches the ground with one knee and one hand, and he also raises one hand. Then he looks down and goes down (and he also leans forward). "Species" (00:13:40) dream about monsters, eyes, looks downwards (and fingers downwards and upwards) during eating and a change into a monster; (01:27:30) the persecution of demonical humanoid being down under the ground, fire and similarly. The head of the being is, similarly like in the Alien, elongated in the direction backwards. "The Arrival" (01:05:45) descending in the lift under the ground, red clothes, (raised hand and look upwards), the downfall of helmet, look downwards and a demonical humanoid (its head has a cover that periodically moves in a way that it optically prolongs the head in the direction backwards) that changes its appearance into a human one. "Dark Star" (00:18:35) knife up, knife down, smoke together with special glasses from which eyes "fall down", and looks downwards. "Outlander" (00:01:10) look upwards and Heaven of flame, horned creature, its eye from a close distance and flames in it. "Predator" (00:04:05) red clothes, looks and pointing downwards, red color down, eye blink and smoke; (00:20:20) fingers up and looks aslant upwards, creeping downwards, looking with binoculars, and a hostage (with red blood on himself) bended over who falls down by his face turned to the ground after he was shot (00:32:05) look to the side and looks upwards, scorpion, knife down, up and down, and leg down; (01:39:20) word "Hell", looks downwards and upwards, red color, demonical creature and fire. "The Trap" (00:17:48) There is a scene that starts with a bang into the piano and ends when the movie hero leaving the house, but I do not know if it has a special meaning or not; (00:33:55) Man kicks one of the two bags that the woman wears (and he says word "fire"). She then puts the bags down and enters the cabin, where there are little animals and emphasized eyes; (01:28:15) We can see eyes and flames. Little later there is a fall down from a little hill, and shortly after it the man calls the woman and both bend their heads down. There is a flying predator and a slower & sad music. The woman then bends down fully. "Отель для Золушки" (00:02:20) a working young woman, tools, a violet small cloth and looks downwards (she is also seen two times), then a look and finger upwards and the tusks of a boar that is "looking" downwards.

"Star Trek: Voyager" - "Year of Hell" (00:03:40) "reminder of Hell" in the scene, in which the captain says: "How the Hell does it work?"; (00:10:00) the word "Hell" again and then looks downwards, a forward bend and a fiery missile downwards. By the way, in the TV Series there are seen many species that strongly remind Hellish humanoid creatures. Perhaps it is the dream of Hellish people to occupy & rule every possible civilization in the universe. No wonder that they call themselves "The Princes of the Universe". Fortunately, this dream of theirs won’t come true. Please learn and look at the Borg: "One eye", the combination of human being and robot. They symbolize Hellish people, too. Watch "Scorpion 1 & 2" where the Borg, after they have gained what they needed, unexpectedly broken the alliance with people and so betrayed those who have helped them so much. There is a wise lesson in the TV Series about a scorpion and its internal meaning is much the same as that of song "Змея" by Руслан Набиев. For a change, in our country we use to say: "Cin certu dobre, Peklem se ti odmeni." (= do the Devil good and he will reward you with Hell). This TV Series ends by Season 7 and episode "Endgame", in which the Borg occur, too. Apart from several "reminders of Hell" you will see the crew members of the spaceship exist in two worlds parallel to each other by time and the future version of the captain will meet her previous one, so she is two times. "Skyfall" (00:00:35) blurred figure in gloom, emphasized eyes and then the blood of corpses on the ground; (00:12:45) waterfall downwards and downwards into a deep water, fall downwards through the hole in bed, piece of red, guns pointing upwards and knives pointing downwards at a graveyard, red color, horny creature, eyes, several dark shadows, red and grey, flames and dragons, down into the grave and hero having many copies, red color and eyes again; (01:03:40) a fall down, sculptures of beasts, flames, being thrown on the ground and Dragon of Comodo. "Cert na koze jel" (Kabat): Goat is a horny creature and in the video's beginning and end there are emphasized legs a bit. But the end is definitely interesting. If we take the sitting on the toilet as an emphasis on "direction downwards" and the turning of the head as something what reminds a whirl, then this together with the little devil that raises hand during drinking and that has his legs with visible outsoles on the table, it really reminds Hell :-) "Quantum Tarantuli" (which means "Quantum of Tarantulas", singer Daniel Landa): a forward bend, face and bottles downwards, a look to the side, plates and man downwards, food of a close-to-red color, a look aslant upwards, one finger, hand upwards, "one eye" and twirling raised fingers. The text of this song includes words "krkavci" (= ravens), "hadi" (= snakes) and "Cerny Petr" (= Black Peter). By the way, this singer has also made a song "Zlaty drak" which means "Golden dragon". "Mam rada" (Holki): Apart from the "running down and up" (00:55) Looks "downwards and upwards" with emphasis on a leg pointing down and with a piece of red color on the female singer's head; (02:35) "Melting" (it indicates "a figure within figure") with a piece of red and subsequent looks downwards. _____________________________________________________________________ In conclusion, I only know a low number of movies and therefore I do not know in which other the "reminder of Hell" occurs. And it is possible that it deals with a regularly-used thing. Some scenes can remind the Hell coincidentally, but others are a deliberate signature of Hellish people who have created the movies. (In a lot of "Hellish scenes" we can see "emphasized eyes". But why is it so? You should know that when Hellish people see emphasized eyes, it has a different meaning for them than for us. They have a different soul that is connected to the body and eyes in a different manner than that of ours. Besides, Hellish people are able to release negative energy by the look of their eyes. Therefore the sight of emphasized eyes makes Hellish people remember their different demonical humanoid soul and their ability to release negative energy by means of their eyes.)

There is a so-far insufficient try to give the "reminder of Hell" some definition: "Reminders of Hell" can be divided into three main groups: 1. Those that remind Hell without emphasis on (and looks toward) directions downwards (and upwards), which usually means several Hellish circumstances at once. 2. Those that remind Hell by emphasis on "direction downwards" (which is a direction toward it) and that are completed by some Hellish circumstance(s). 3. Those that remind Hell by emphasis both on direction downwards and upwards. It usually deals with looks toward the both directions (and possibly also with a pointing to these directions). At least one of those looks is aslant and often they are completed also by looks to the sides. Often component is a raised finger(s) or hand and, of course, necessarily there are some Hellish circumstance(s), too. This group of reminders reminds not only Hell (= down), but also Heaven (= up), whereas the "raised component" perhaps indicates things like "one law", "victory", "number one", "all for one", "to get to the top" and similarly. It all together means the dominion of Hellish people over the normal, but probably also that that out of Hellish and Heavenly beings, the Hellish want to be the dominating (for example, these reminders we can find in "To Be" of "Highlander" or "Endgame" of "Star Trek: Voyager"). However, the "reminder of Hell" must be easily distinguishable from all the other what occurs in (the given scene of) the story. Only then we can recognize the reminder among the rest of what we see in the movie. And one more thing. Sometimes already the story of the movie itself can function like a "Hellish indication" that reminds Hellish people of their nature and their Hell. Above all, it deals with two parallel worlds (either by space or by time), with the combination of humanity and bestiality (for instance vampire, werewolf, terminator), with the combination of humanity and superhumanity (for instance demigod), with heroes having several versions (for instance dual role) and similarly. Oh, I have almost forgot to say, that under the term of "Hellish circumstance" I have in mind things like fire, emphasized eye(s), flashes (of lightning), Hellish word, red color, Hellish combination of colors, Hellish animal (dragon, snake, raven, black cat or "something horned"), (black night and) moon and similarly (maybe also raised finger belongs among Hellish circumstances in a way, similarly like negatived, dark, quickly-moving, flicking or blurred figures). Source of this writing: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Apology: Dear Reader, please accept my apology for the lower quality of the language. I have written the text myself, although I do not speak English very well. Thank you for understanding. Legal disclaimer: This writing is educational and its text only represents the private opinion, fantastic imaginations and subjective feelings of an individual. The author disclaims any responsibility for the damage caused to anyone by the use of and/or manipulation with this text and he does not warrant the correctness, trueness, completeness, safety or usefulness of any information stated in it.

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