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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: aspirewomen

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Join The Aspire Foundation in remembering the wonderful women who made us who we are today.

The Remembering Ordinary Extraordinary Women Campaign

This is our campaign to remember the amazing woman lost in our lives and give them the fame they truly deserve!

Mary Cecilia de Birch Passed away 2004 An inspired and inspiring woman, a creative warrior, a fierce friend, an accomplished arguer and had the best talent I knew for remembering song lyrics. She was very funny, she fought for what she believed in and never gave up the first time. I know we were all lucky to love her. I miss you Meg, thanks for reminding me every day of life's beauty and brevity. Remembered by Monica Dingwall, Sister

The loveliest, most beautiful lady, inside and out. She had a wicked sense of humour and could inject some fun into the most tedious of meetings. A complete enigma, she managed to be ‘one of the lads’ when challenging friends to the steepest mountain biking tracks or the highest bungee jumping. She was a gorgeous, glamorous lady who oozed style. Remembered by Nicola Summers, Friend Tammy ‘Rockstar’ Rockley Passed away 2013

Inspired us by what great leadership looks like, an incredible sense of confidence making the impossible seem achievable, and a great sense of humour making each day a pleasure. Her legacy lives on. In difficult moments, we ask what Caroline would do! We thank her for everything she encouraged us to do. Remembered by Helen Lamb and Friends at Fujitsu Caroline Swain Passed away 2010

Having a mother like 'Dodie' was the greatest gift and biggest advantage anyone could ever have given me. Thank you for shaping me into a person who I like and am proud to be. Thank you for letting me believe that I could be whoever I wanted to be. Remembered by Lisa Attenburough, Daughter Dorothy May Davies (Hunt) Passed away 2008

Compassionate, loyal, caring, nurturing, warm, wise and hilarious, she filled a room with noise and laughter. Nobody who met Lynn ever forgot her, or her skyscraper high heels. We miss her. Remembered by Jill De Nardo, Friend Lynn Marik Passed away 2010

In her short life, she touched many people with her sense of humour, her kindness, her sweetness, her strength and courage. I have always been (and always will) be proud to call her my sister and I continue to be inspired by the amazing girl she was and the incredible woman she would have become. I love you always. Remembered by Luciana Cousin, Sister Robbie Zammit Cordina Passed away 1993

There was never a dull moment with ‘Trish’ around, funny and witty, she had a sparkling sense of humour and constantly made me laugh with her madcap antics and take on life. Always there for a chat and always delighted to see me. Her unfailing support never failed to put things into perspective. Trish, my sister, I miss you every day. Remembered by Mary Dowling, Sister Patricia Dowling-Tomes Passed away 2008

Deborah Sue Davis Passed away 2013 A beautiful, intelligent; successful entrepreneur and charismatic woman who worked and played hard, loved her husband, her cats, Starbucks, and her friends and family and she was as they say “A Damn Fine Cyclist”. She left us too early; she is greatly missed and we are all better for knowing and loving her. Remembered by Diana McKenzie, Sister

Compassionate, caring, full of tough love and life lessons. Mum taught me that you can choose your friends and to surround yourself with positivity and fun. I miss her because she was the person I shared my greatest fears with as well as the happy and fun stuff, And she gave great hugs, cups of tea and advice sitting on the porch watching the sun set. Remembered by Kirsty Lewis, Daughter Marika Lewis Passed away 2011

She never stopped laughing, an inspirational woman, artist, friend, sister, mother, grandmother and lady who was content with her life and family and didn't know her own talents. Luckily, her paintings are now in people's homes all over the world. Love you Mum and miss you more and more. Remembered by Caroline Wagstaff, Daughter Rosemary Wagstaff Passed away 2012

A true inspiration and a strong woman, who achieved so much and cared a great deal. She always had time for people and was always quick to help, encourage, coach and inspire women around her. She was hugely generous and touched many lives, especially with her benevolent fund work. I will miss her a great deal. Remembered by Julia Feuell, Friend Bella Rangel Callen Passed away at age 78

Thank you for the warm and loving welcomes to your home, walks along the beach, hand- knitted frilly baby knickers, long natters on the phone and your mackerel pate recipe. Most of all thank you for your unconditional and unquestioning love for me, Danny and Agatha. We miss you. Remembered by Lucy Yank, Friend Patricia Irisarri Passed away 2013

Both were inspirational and made me feel special and skilled and valued in a male dominated sport. They both had smiles that light up a room. Without them I would not have achieved the levels I did in my chosen sport. Remembered by Shirley Cowcher, Friend Nicole Hannan Passed away 2011 Fiona McEachern Passed away 2010

The warmest hearted woman I had the joy of calling a close friend for many years, and whom I miss every day. Fabulous fun, always there when needed, irreplaceable. Remembered by Pauline Jennings, Friend Helen Fearman Passed away 2012

Taken too soon but remains within our hearts. Her laughter rang out, she saw the best in everyone and she inspired me to be the best I can be. If only I can be half as good as she thought I was! Miss you mate. Remembered by Vikki Chapman, Friend Laura Louise Miller Passed away 2013

Her joy for life and compassion for others stayed with her always. A strong, positive and courageous lady who helped me to believe in myself. We shared a birthday, a love of red wine and a lot of laughter and tears alongside the hard work (not the red wine, obviously we saved that for out of work!). My boss and friend, I think of her often. Remembered by Karen Whitworth, Friend Marilyn Moran Passed away 2009

Thanks to the sacrifices you made, from top class mannequin to scrubbing school floors, your comical storytelling, musical talents, rebelliousness and forward thinking, I am the person I am today. What a Role Model! Thank you Mum. Remembered by Barbara Hankins, Daughter Annie Watkins Passed away 1977

Elisa Sevilla Passed away 2012 Our biggest support. Always be grateful for her teaching us the real value of hard work. We are proud of her and we love her. We will always remember those summer trips with her, driving and listening to Julio Iglesias and Paul McCartney, while admiring the Spanish landscape. Remembered by Almudena Haras, Daughter

My grandmothers, pictured here on Ada's 100th birthday, both lived to 101! They were strong, hard working women who lived through two wars and just 'got on with things' and made the best of everything. I am so proud to be their granddaughter! Remembered by Jill Saville, Granddaughter Nellie Tansley Passed away 2011 Ada Alice Ward Passed away 2007

Peggy Fearon Passed away 2011 Raised six children and then when she had some time to herself went to University aged 71 and achieved her BA. Such an inspiration to us all Mum, miss you so much. xxx Remembered by Helena Fearon, Daughter

Sue Andrews Passed away 2011 Never one to seek the limelight or attention but she was my dearest friend for over forty years and the kindest, most caring and faithful companion anyone could wish for. The most cheerful, honest and brave person I have ever met, an inspiration to me. She deserved more from life. I miss her terribly and thank her for the many happy times we had. Remembered by Gill Roberts, Friend

One of the first women to study medicine at Barts Hospital, London, UK after the war, and became a brilliant diagnostician whose passion was working with children. Compassionate and courageous, she was often outspoken - and I loved her all the more for that! Remembered by Fiona Anderson, Daughter Maggie Anderson Passed away at age 82

Mary Hammond Passed away 2012 Thank you mum for being a strong, resourceful and determined woman. We will never forget all that you sacrificed for your beloved children. We are who we are today because of you. Missing you always. Xxx Remembered by Rebecca Wakelin, Daughter

A mentor, a friend and guide; without her I wouldn’t be the strong, independent and God fearing woman I am today. Miss you mum. Forever in our hearts. Remembered by Jacqueline Hinds, Daughter Blossom Carol Wilson (Palmer) Passed away 2009

Her spirit and legacy continues to live on and is making a positive difference even today. The inspiration of the cookbook, Share: The Cookbook That Celebrates Our Common Humanity…100% of the profits of the book go to Women for Women International. Even though I never met Mrs. Jones, she's made a difference in my life. Remembered by Bette Anne Berg Mrs. Jones Passed away 2004

Rachel Plow Passed away 2014 She gave the best book recommendations, always managed to help me put my problems in perspective and was always looked on the bright side. She was a really great friend. See you Rach. xx Remembered by Kate Davies, Friend

Blanche Prince Passed away 2001 I carry her presence with me always as she taught me the meaning of unconditional love and acceptance. She embodied what more famous Saints are known for: wisdom, calm and unending patience and love. I celebrate her life and her legacy by trying to emulate it. Remembered by Danielle Prince, Granddaughter

Dorothy Wilson Passed away 2012 The most amazing women I have known who’s strength and belief gave me the freedom to be the real me and follow my dreams. Knowing that nothing is impossible. You held my hand as I brought my son into this world and I felt safe. I love you Nanna Dot keep dancing you crazy diamond. Remembered by Layla Whiting, Granddaughter

May Green Passed away 1999 Dad always said you were the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Thanks, mum, for making the effort to be unfailingly beautiful and caring and for teaching me that these quintessentially feminine things have inestimable value too. Remembered by Val Green, Daughter

Doreen Jones Passed away 2014 A wonderful lady. I knew her through Cub Scouting, she was a very patient person. She was always kind and thoughtful to the children. We had lots of fun when we went camping. God Bless you. X Remembered by Veronica Bailey, Friend

Amina ‘Maa’ Atcha Passed away 2013 An ever present smile, an unconditional love and a thirst for knowledge and learning that she gave readily to all. Her wisdom continues to inspire me even though she is no longer in my life. She was fun, creative and never let her tough life get her down. I am proud to be part of her legacy. Remembered by Zakyeya Atcha, Granddaughter

Joy Jones Passed away 2006 A beautiful woman inside and out, a wonderful mother to her three young daughters, a loving wife, a doting daughter and above all an inspiration to her three older siblings. A painter, singer, songwriter, yoga teacher, an entrepreneur and so much more, a woman who loved and lived life to the fullest. Without Joy I would not be the person I am today and I hope she is proud of me. xx Remembered by Susan Benjamin, Sister

Doris Sugden Passed away 2014 She was Mum, Nan and Great-Grandma. She is missed beyond belief for her strength, advice, encouragement, love, saucy humour and cheesecake. Remembered by Karen McDonagh Reynolds, Granddaughter

Jane Lee Ritts Passed away 2008 She always told me, “Remember, no one is better than you” and that always stayed with me. She was an amazing artist…people often comment on the lifelike, ceramic cheetah she made that guards my front door. We were able to connect and help each other at two different transitions in our lives. I love you Grandma. Remembered by Liesl Ritts, Granddaughter

Strength, courage, and her dedication to helping others will always be an inspiration to me. I can still hear her laugh now, and really hope I can make her proud of me. Remembered by Nisha Kotecha, Granddaughter Matubai Haridas Kotecha Passed away 1998

Stefania Dorosz Passed away 1988 Brave yet humble and always had a smile on her face. She is my superwoman, my idol, the most beautiful woman in my eyes who inspires me to be better and to get off my knees in trying times and to keep going. Remembered by Joanna Czechowska, Great-Granddaughter

Eileen Tillotson Passed away 2005 Raised a family of four (three of whom were born during the second world war), delivered at home on the kitchen table (one of whom had me). Without her preparedness, and others like her to lead on this front and take the abuse that went with it, education for women today that we take so much for granted would not be a reality. Without her I wouldn't have my PhD. Remembered by Joanna Fitzgerald, Granddaughter

Without my great-aunt I wouldn't own my own property and without women like her just doing this when it was considered wrong, none of us would have the right to financial independence that we take so much for granted. Remembered by Joanna Fitzgerald, Great-Niece Phyllis Cotton Passed away 1995

Nahid Javanshir Passed away 2011 She didn't have luck, but her calmness, generosity and positivity made her a happy and grateful person. I still hear her voice, "Don't judge quickly. Give it time! Things might change!” OR “Don’t expect people to have your back. Remember that you did it for your own happiness!” Love her for ever. Remembered by Taraneh Javanshir, Sister

Passionate in life and adored by all that knew her, since she died I have yet to meet such a confident person. Capable of lifting any spirit and in my opinion the world’s best hugger. I miss her voice every day, I can still hear her singing Josef Locke’s, ‘Hear My Song’. But most of all she influenced the woman I have become, thanks Mum – I love you. x Remembered by Elley Petrie, Daughter Ruth Scott (Beattie) Passed away 1999

Susan Kearney Passed away 2011 She was the most loving person you could meet. Utterly devoted and ridiculously soppy. We were so lucky to have her. She was an amazing cook, a lover of tea by the pot and red wine. We love you and miss you mum. Remembered by Claire Kearney, Daughter

One of this World's un-sung heroes, hard-working and resilient, yet compassionate and kind. Her heart understood when we needed a friend. The days of our childhood slipped quickly by, life's sun rose higher in the sky, adults we became, yet ever near to coach, love and guide us was our dear mother. Remembered by Valerie Todd and Siblings Gertrude Hyacinth Todd Passed away 2010

Eva Mauger Passed away 1996 My Meme, a wonderful light all my childhood. A constant reader and someone able to make everyone feel good. Her smile, patience, optimism, brightness and humour have always been a rescue for me and an example of what means to be a great woman, wife, mother and grandmother that is always happy to go the extra mile for everyone's happiness. Remembered by Soledad Muniz, Granddaughter

Audrey Doris Belcher Passed away 1989 A brilliantly clever woman, full of grace, dignity and loved me with all her heart. She taught me to see the world differently, lift myself up, seek knowledge and to love culture and the arts. I celebrate her precious life, for all that she stood for and for all that beautiful love that I was so fortunate to receive, and for the same qualities that I can pass on to my gorgeous children. Remembered by Joanne Surman, Daughter

Lesley Nelly Wheeler Passed away 1999 My mum was not always my friend but she was always on my side; she was proud of me; she was an inspiration to many. She taught me to have self belief and that being a bigger girl should never affect my confidence. She was woman that would have loved the internet had she had the opportunity to live longer. I miss her everyday. Remembered by Ellen McGonigal, Daughter

Ulrike Kuenstner Passed away 2003 She showed me what love and success look and feel like: at the heart of a large, extended family, contributing to the community, running her own thriving business whilst making time for and supporting those that needed it. A great sense of humour and was the most 'stylish dancer' on the floor. So much fun! Missing you! Thank you, Mum! Remembered by Nadja Dias, Daughter

Inspires, protects and loves me every day. I will always remember her great sense of fun. Loved life and taught me not to take a single day for granted. A truly bright and beautiful person. You will forever live within the warmth of our hearts. Be at peace our beautiful butterfly. Remembered by Lindsay Ferry, Sister Madeleine Rebecca Ferry Passed away 2012

Virginia Meldrum Passed away 2012 Embraced life fully, with courage, determination, intellect and wit she made the most of every situation. She raised my brother and I to love, laugh, read and travel the world, all while caring for my father and taking care of business. She is lovingly missed and her sassy attitude, and adventurous and worldly spirit continues to inspire - love you mummy! Remember by Heather Gibson, Daughter

Mildred Newsam Passed away 2010 You planted the garden that nurtured our dreams and the seeds of our self-esteem. Protected us enough to make us tough and strong, showing us right from wrong, lasting a lifetime long. We are your garden, Mommy, your legacy, your daughters, your grand and great- grand children, living love, joy, and peace. Remembered by Shelly Knapp and Valerie Newsam, Daughters

Wendy Stanford Passed away 1996 Warm-hearted and inspirational mum, a hard-working nurse, businesswoman, then student biologist, and Dr Wendy Stanford just before she died. She taught me kindness, ambition, generosity in love, respect for the natural world, the comfort of a good book and the joy of dancing at parties. A true friend and loving mum who touched many people's lives. Remembered by Anna Stanford, Daughter

Francesca Cellai Passed away 1997 Seventeen years have passed but you are still with us. You were larger than life, surely by far stronger than death. We can still hear your contagious laughter. And we still miss you immensely, even though you are walking alongside all of us. Remembered by Alessandra Alonso, Friend

Ann Staheyeff Passed away 2012 My dear friend, who shared with me, and my family, her lifetime of wisdom and experience with humour and love, without whom my life would be less rich, less fun and my troubles harder to bear. You are an inspiration and a role model. Remembered by Helen Bull, Friend

Cleo Richardson Smith Passed away 1997 A phenomenal woman- loving, caring, smart, wise and so funny! Always in motion and helping others fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals. A woman who could have achieved anything she set her sights on was my mother, my heart, a phenomenal woman in every sense of the word. I celebrate you as a person! Remembered by Roz Smith, Daughter

Dorothy Violet Stenning Passed away 2006 I give thanks to her daily for giving me strength and confidence to forge my own career. She worked hard and was much loved by many especially those that attended the Selsey Youth Wing where she was a Youth Worker for forty years helping many young people find their way in life. She was working right up to the week she died. Remembered by Pauline Brooksbank, Daughter

Kay Pamplin (Booker) Passed away 2009 Inspired many people with her immense zest for life and her sheer determination to fight for it- unfortunately there were too many battles. She taught me to appreciate every day. Remembered by Vikki Bingham, Friend

Connie Farnell Passed away 2013 I want to celebrate her strength, infinite wisdom and her attitude to life, which when added to my mothers wonderful parenting, taught me my values and so much of what I appreciate today. Auntie Connie was a great female role model and her spirit will be carried forward by many of us who knew and loved her. Thank you so much! Remembered by Marie Smith, Niece

Miriam Ann Wade Passed away 2013 The centre of our family, the life and soul. Always smiling and laughing, yet had great feeling and empathy to the needs of others. Mum used her time to volunteer in local organisations, travel the world and support the rest of the family. A doting wife, mother and grandmother, we miss her every day but she is forever in our hearts. Remembered by Natalie Phillips, Daughter

May Stickland Passed away 2013 Through her words and actions, she inspired me to be kind, loving and strong. I became a Christian because of her. She taught me how to have faith and belief in your prayers being answered. She was beautiful and will always be the sparkle in my 'glittering power’. Remembered by Sarah Higgins, Granddaughter

Rose Margaret Sereni Passed away 1997 Mother, Aunt & virtual big sister. Strong, resourceful, irreverent, resilient, mischievous and fiery. Mum, you were fearless. You loved vino and chats. Your heart, home and humour were always full of love. Sorely missed, never forgotten. Xxx Remembered by Anna Sereni, Daughter

Ilaria Lotufo Alisha Passed away 2009 Beauty, wit and a brilliance that is difficult to put into words. You were unique in everything you did....which means you and I often disagreed about life! You left us five years ago and I miss you ever so much. I will always remember you as a talented young woman, for whom life was never enough. Love you always xxx Remembered by Alessandra Alonso, Sister

Winsome Hermitt Passed away 2010 My beautiful sister. I miss her wisdom, care and knowledge as she was our family unofficial doctor! Our lives are blessed by the women around us, who love, care and support us every day in so many ways. Remembered by Marcia Samuels, Sister

Judy Martin Passed away 2014 A passion and mission to help people deal with stress & work life resilience in a 24/7 always on world. All with a sense of humour and more unconditional love and compassion than I’ve ever seen. I love you and miss you my dear friend. Remembered by Pam MacIntyre, Friend

Eileen Cook Passed away 2014 My sister and I had the privilege to call her Mum and the same determination she showed in overcoming setbacks in her early life, she called upon in her final years, facing the challenge of every day with a smile and huge courage. She was always kind, generous, always held her arms open and was always up for a laugh - her love made me feel invincible. We miss you Mum. Xxx Remembered by Victoria Cook, Daughter

Without her brilliant sense of humour, role model of being a working woman (with great 1980's shoulder pads) and her love of listening to radio heaven songs while smoking and driving, I would not be here today! Thanks mum. Remembered by Dr Sam Collins, Daughter Gillian Collins Passed away 1992

Please pass on our ‘Ordinary, Extraordinary Women’ Campaign to remember the amazing woman lost and give them the fame they truly deserve!

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