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Published on August 18, 2009

Author: fathima_sy


QUESTIONS What time did you wake up this morning? Did you wake up in Allah’s terms or in your own terms? Did you start your day with the morning prayer on time and in the way shown by the Prophet (sas)? Do you know what you are supposed to do?

When you got up this morning, Allah observed you, and it was expected of you to talk to Him. Even if they were only a few words, thanking Him for another day or just giving thanks for something that happened to you yesterday. But you were very busy looking for the appropriate clothes to wear and to go to work.

However, while you were doing things in a hurry, there were still some minutes for you to stop for a moment and remember Allah!”, But you were too busy. Even after this ungratefulness, Allah lit the sky for you. He filled it with colors and beautiful songs of birds, to see if you would still remember Him. But you did not notice this.

While you were coming back, you were tired and Allah wanted to shower upon you some water to take away your stress. He wanted to do you a favor so that you would think of Him. But you got angry and offended by the rain. With all your activities, I suppose you were too busy to remember Him. Allah wished that you would talk to Him… there was still enough time. While going to work, and during the whole day you never bothered to say thanks to Him.

While you were watching the TV and having your supper, you never bothered to remember why and how you are here… But He really did not leave you in darkness, He just changed it with a more comforting light for you. Later on you turned on the television, and yes, you did have time for TV but not for Allah! Did you notice that you were tired and silent, so Allah darkened the clarity of the sky for your comfort? It was really beautiful, but you were not interested in seeing it or showing any appreciation for it.

At the time of sleeping, you were already exhausted. After saying good night to your family, you lay on your bed and fell asleep almost instantly. Allah made you sleep with a cool breeze and the sound of the night animals. If He wanted, He could punish you by not letting you sleep. You still did not realize this and show your appreciation to Him although He is always there for you.

Allah has more patience than you can imagine. He would also like to teach you how to be patient with others. HE LOVES YOU so much that He is doing all these to you everyday even with all your ungratefulness to Him. The landscape that He made is only for you, He does not need it … Well, you are getting up again … And just out of His love for you, He might give you another nice day !!!! Or, will He?

Do you ever expect to wear the above attire? But where are your expensive clothings, the jewelry, the luxurious house, the car and everything else for which you worked so hard? Do you still need to know what you are supposed to do? P.S. Will you have time to send this to another person ?

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