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Published on April 28, 2008

Author: sandeepraj001



Watch really remarkable Ads. I wanted to share this with a huge mass so chose slideshare to publish this.Hope you will like it.If yes, comment it and visit my eHorizon - onestop destination for all your needs at internet. The Link to eHorizon are:

eHorizon hosts so many types of stuffs and info a common internet user and surfer need.Its a common Horizon for eWorld.


Tooth paste ad! So much glaring tooth yu cant sleep without covering teeth..!!

Sugarless candy!

Butter soooo soft that a paper knife can cut…!

fevicol ad!

Car stereo ad!

shampoo ad! Hair becomes sooooo strong…!

Soooo quick money transfer ad..!

Save trees! They save you…!!!

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