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Published on September 17, 2008

Author: headlessprofessor


Religious “proof” : Religious “proof” headlessprofessor Religious “proof” : Religious “proof” not the empirical verification used in science. Religious “proof” : Religious “proof” is more of a vindication than a verification. Religion is a system of : Religion is a system of Doctrines Ethics Rituals Myths Symbols Religion is a system of : Religion is a system of doctrines, ethics, rituals, myths & symbols for the expression of ultimate relevance Doctrinal issue : Doctrinal issue Does God exist in the form of three persons? Doctrinal issue : Doctrinal issue Do we go to purgatory before being admitted to heaven? Ethical issue : Ethical issue Is it wrong to eat pork? Ritual issue : Ritual issue Can we baptise infants by sprinkling? Vindication by : Vindication by Tradition Vindication by : Vindication by Tradition Authority Vindication by : Vindication by Tradition Authority Scripture Vindication by : Vindication by Tradition Authority Scripture Reason Vindication by : Vindication by Tradition Authority Scripture Reason Consensus Vindication by : Vindication by Tradition Authority Scripture Reason Consensus Individual experience Religious “proof” : Religious “proof” headlessprofessor

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