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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: JetliYang


Religious Knowledge: Tristian R. Sou S. Sergio Dula Jetli Y. Religious Knowledge What is this area of knowledge about?: Religion provides us with the opportunity to learn about different ways of thinking . What is this area of knowledge about? What practical problems can be solved by applying this knowledge?: Drug abuse can be solved with religion by finding something to believe in and a reason to change your life around. Committing violence can be solved by understanding the consequences after life. Sex before marriage can be solved because in some religions it’s a sin to have sex with random people. What practical problems can be solved by applying this knowledge? What makes this Area of Knowledge important?: Those who believe in religion, but who deny parts of science (like the seven-day creationists), also hold an opinion about the nature of knowledge. They believe that faith, or religious revelation is a more dependable source of knowledge than is science. What makes this Area of Knowledge important? Connections to the Ways of Knowing: Perception : The way religion is viewed and percieved. Language : The way religion is communicated and understood. Reason : Gives certainty and a source of confidence to whatever the logic may be. Connections to the Ways of Knowing

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